Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's All About Me!!!

Are you a day to day scrapbooker, where you create your scrapbooks based on events every day (such as Project Life) - or are you an event scrapbooker where you document birthdays, holidays and things like that?  Or are you a bit of both?    
Yet, through all of your pages, where are YOU at in all of this?  Are you behind the camera, fixing the meals, taking care of the event - than to be INSIDE the pictures too?  What about your thoughts, your memories, your feelings - really documenting who you are and what you are all about?  Our ancestors didn't have this type of thing, where you could create beautiful scrapbook pages and pass down to our loved ones when we die about what we are about in life.  We have to research their lives, and even then, you have no idea other than what is on paper!  
So, next year - we are going to work on US....  With technology today, you can easily take pictures with your phone, and send them to a computer to use digitally, or to a printing facility if you want to have a paper album!  I have a paper album done - which you will see some of the pages here!  Lets get started in planning your own album ALL ABOUT YOU - this weeks challenges listed here: 
  • Look at different style albums - do you want a traditional paper album, or do you want to do it digitally?  Challenge yourself to do something DIFFERENT this time!  
  • Decide what size album you want to do - if you are doing a digital album, look at options to print them out in a book style through Shutterfly or something like that.
  • For paper albums, look at supplies - what do you want to use for this project?  Start to pick out the papers and things to begin with!  
  • For digital albums, look at what kits you can purchase, or that you can find within your budget!
  • Start to look at baby pictures, or pictures you really want to scrapbook that has YOU in them, put aside what you want to use!     
We will start to have more challenges between now and the end of the year - to get you ready to complete your own album next year!  Get a design sheet ready, and get to work!  I will update my design sheet this next week with a new set of challenges and posts!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Handmade Bookmarks

When you guys create something, what do you do with the leftover papers and things you have from that first project?  For me, it all starts after I have finished up a project - I then take the papers left over, and create until I can't create anymore!!!  The papers are then put in my bin for use later on when I need them for paper piecing patterns, die cut shapes, punch shapes, stamped images or just little details on tags or cards!  I save even the smallest of pieces, because they do come in handy!  If - after I have created just about everything I can out of the scraps, I can't use the smaller pieces anymore, I simply throw them away.  
Today's idea, is using up the papers I had from another project - a file folder mini album which will be shared another day!  The papers I used from the cards on this post, were also from that same album!  I created 2 different sets of corner bookmarks, and 3 different long bookmarks (all for sale if you are interested by the way) - and absolutely LOVE how they turned out!  

Supplies needed:
Scrap paper
Corner rounder or corner punches
Paper trimmer
Fine tip scissors
Various punches and die cuts
Basic adhesive
Hot glue gun

Corner style directions:
Step one:  Trim 2 2" squares for the bases.  Trim 1 2" square - cut in half corner to corner, creating the 2 pieces you need to put on the tops of the squares.
Step two:  Using your glue gun, place a small strip of hot glue around the 2 edges to put on top of the bases.  You will leave the long edge free - this is where the corner of the page goes on the book you are reading.  
Step three:  Add the embellishments for each of the 2 bookmarks - they can be alike, or (like the pink set) each with different embellishments!  
Long style directions:
Step one:  Cut your bases 2 x 6" for
each of the bookmarks you want to do - bases can be any color you want! 
Step two:  Using either a corner rounder - or a decorative edge corner rounder, round all 4 corners of the bookmark.  
Step three:  Using your scraps of paper, add your background paper to the back of the bookmark.
Step four:  Add the embellishments to each of the bookmarks you are creating! 

When it comes to gifts, whether it is for something specific or just because - how fun would it be to add a bookmark to a page in a book, picked out just for that person!  Make a few up ahead of time, and give them out when you want to just give a little something special!
If you decide one of these handmade creations have to be in YOUR home, let me know!  The corner style bookmarks are $2.50 for 2 of them, and the long style bookmarks are $1.75 each!  Email me at and we can get the process started!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Monthly Calendar Challenge

For me personally, November has always been a month of giving thanks for what you have!  It is also a time to spend as a family on Thanksgiving - eating way too much turkey, and dealing with too many family members' attitudes (LOL)!!!  I have been gone for 8 years this December, I can't believe it has been that long, let me tell you!  On one hand, it is nice to be gone - on the other hand, I hate not having the interactivity between friends and family that I really want, especially on Thanksgiving!  
So, grab your favorite items for keeping track of your life - your phone, a notebook, pen/pencil, and lets get started in YOUR calendar!  Now, if you have been following me long enough, you know I try to do this as consistently as possible - though it is more for me than you!  Also, keep in mind this challenge is not just for holiday's - it is for you to look at your calendar for things you need to get done, or get made!  Let's get started!

  • Look at your calendar until the end of the year - what events, holiday's, parties do you have going on that you need to plan for?  
  • Then look at your calendar until the end of February - same thing, what things do you have that you need to plan for, in order to get things done?
  • Last look at your calendar until the end of May - look at anything you know of and even potential ideas you need to clarify!  
For me - I have a hard enough time in getting things done...between working, a business of my own on the side, blogging, my website - I am all over the place!  By taking a look at my calendar - and planning things out, I am getting more done (now just to work on the mailing things out on time)!  I am also working on a design sheet I will be sharing with you - that I am starting to use with each project.  It is helping me keep track of everything, and in one place, such as the title - who it is for - and when it needs to be mailed out!!!!  
Make sure you scroll down - we have another post from earlier today, and I don't want you to miss it!  Easy Creative Paperclay design team projects - one on the blog here, and one more on the blog there, so 2 projects today!  I am off to check my calendar for the next few months - and start to plan out the wonderful projects I need to get done!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Creative Paperclay Design Team Post

I really love using the Delight product and molds - because each time I use the mold, the item created is different each and every time!  Today up on the design team blog (link below) - is an awesome, one of a kind key chain made out of Delight product, a flower mold and paints to match!  Go check that project out for sure - great for any beginner just starting out for sure!  Before you go there, let me show you another quick project I made, using molds and the same Delight product!

I made a mini album to sell the other day, using the same papers as what I am using here!  I take what is left over, and create cards, bookmarks, tags, embellishments - anything that I can to go use up all the supplies of the project!  Since I have a few flowers that are already molded, it made this project go a lot quicker from beginning to end!  

Supplies used:
Scraps of paper from another project
Die cuts in coordinating papers
Card bases w/envelopes
Delight molded flowers


I have enjoyed bringing you fun projects from my term on the Creative Paperclay Design Team - and can't wait to bring you even more fun projects this next year that is in the works now!  I am all for "cheap" crafts - this is one thing you can use over and over again - just differently every time!
Thanks for stopping by!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cards for the Holiday's

I remember being a little girl, and waiting for my grandma and grandpa to show up on Christmas Day - they had 4 kids and each family received a visit that special day!  They lived in a small town down south in Utah about an hour from us, so it was a treat to see them!  After a few years (I am the 4th youngest grandchild) we would spend Christmas Eve with the whole family at the Senior Citizens Center by grandpa and grandma's house in Santaquin!!!  I miss those times in my life when family meant everything to me, and people actually spent the time giving gifts and cards that were from the heart.   

Times have changed - and really so did I!  There came a time in my life where Christmas was more of a chore and a hassle, than fun and exciting!  Gifts didn't mean as much as they did before, because you always had the next year, or the next gift giving event to deal with.  Making things for people was even worse!  Then even more changes in my personal life, which caused it so I didn't want a thing to do with ANY holiday's! 

This year, I want things to be different, I want to take the time deciding on presents that they look at and love instantly, whether I make them, or purchase them!  Now, I will say this, I will always say Merry Christmas - not to offend anyone, but that is how I have always said and done things.  If you are a "Happy Holidays" kind of person, awesome - I wish you the same thing - that peace, love, happiness and spending time with those you love during this entire holiday season!    

My cards can be tweaked for any holiday or theme, if you like the basic idea, then sketch it out - using your own supplies to finish it all up!   Plus, you can switch colors easily - along with the embellishments used - and the card is completely different!  With the Seasons Greetings card, you can easily switch the saying, along with the colors to match what you have, and make this one your own!  I embossed the saying in white, added a silver bow, with a glue dot embossed in red powder to finish up the look! 
With the card you can see to the left, I used the same greeting as above, only embossed in the same red I used in the card above in the glue dot!  The photo does not do it justice - and hopefully can get better photos soonI will be adding this card, with directions on how to finish it up in a few days, so make sure to check back for sure!  This is the kind of saying that I have used year after year, different colors, different ways - just the same stamp!      

The bear card here has been one of my favorite cards finishedThe stamp is by Close to My Heart, I am sure retired by now - as well as the saying in the corner "Beary Christmas Joy" - a simple ribbon bow with the button in the middle finished this card perfectly!  The bear was painted with Radiant Pearls paint, and embossed in clear powder...   One thing about me, I haven't bought a lot of supplies for years, I am using the same stuff I have at least 10+ years ago!  

With this last card example, it is a fun, yet easy technique you can do right at home, with little supplies!  Using vellum paper, emboss an image in white powder.  Turn the piece over, and using a light box or window, color in the image using regular markers!  When you flip the image back over, you will see the colored image coming through!  This card was finished up with a silver bow, and embossed glue dot in the middle of the bow, with a bit of red checkered paper on top of a red card!  It all just came together perfectly, especially the stained glass effect!  
I hope this gives you a few card examples for the upcoming holiday's!  I am working on some fun cards now, and can't wait to share with you what I am getting done!  This year will be different, spending a bit of time right now in creating the perfect cards for my friends and family!  Make sure you stop by, or you are signed up to get our posts, there will be a lot of fun things posted in the next little while you can recreate for gifts!  
See you soon,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Birthday in Heaven

Today is one of those kind of days - where I am not sure if the words coming out will express all I need to.  Be patient with me...and kind - I am sure there will be a reason and a challenge by then end!
When you see this picture, you see two women...I see my world being ripped away from me - with the death of my niece Stephanie.  We had a bond nobody else understood or got.  She let me be an aunt to her...and before she died, told me she would always be my guardian angel no matter what.  She left behind 2 kids...and people who loved her more than anything.  She left a void in my life that only she can fill!  
So, today would have been her 35th birthday and today I celebrate her!!!  Funny how you never think life is THAT short - until someone you love dies.... someone who has been in your life since you were 16!  You look at things in a whole different manor when someone dies that you were close to.  
In true fashion - we have a few challenges:
  • Do a birthday project of some sort - such as a birthday layout,  card, mini album, or invitations for a birthday party!  
  • Do a project about someone that has been influential to you in your life - and journal why you chose them.
  • Do a project about someone you loved that has passed on, and why it is so hard they are gone.
  • Create a few birthday cards to put away for use later on, using Steph's favorite color - PURPLE!!!  
  • Get started in creating a gift for someone whose birthday is coming up!  
Steph's death taught me a short life is, and how you can loose someone you love at the drop of a hat.  It is that I hated to learn - and even today, I miss her more than I can ever explain.  
I hope you enjoy your day
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme   

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Getting More Done - With A Challenge (Or Two)

I really had a lot of fun creating my Halloween scene with my husband, and can't wait to start the holiday scene I have now in my head!  I have a few tips up on my Creative Paperclay Design Team blog that will help you to start to create your own holiday scene!  Check out the link above and join me this month in creating a fun holiday scene for your family to enjoy!  

As far as creating handmade paper-craft's for people, I don't just make them for everyone in my life...I am very picky about who gets a handmade creation from me!  In order to get things done when they should be done, I have found it is easier to keep track of the ideas I want to make for the people I want to make them for - with a bit more information as well!  It is what I have learned so far I share with you here, in hopes it will help even a few of you!
I will tell you (and my kids will as well) that I procrastinate with the best of them - and creatively, I do my best work creatively when on a time crunch!  I do not create the things I should , when I should create them...  With my hand being hurt, I also can't write like I used to, or craft like I used to - without being in pain that is!  So, I have learned during this process to get a bit more organized - it is that in which I am learning, I share with you here:
  • For the upcoming holiday season, have a notebook - such as the one above, where you can keep track of things you need to get done before then!  In mine, I have started a basic list of people who are getting cards, sketch ideas for my cards, gift list, things that need to be made and bought...ornaments I want to make, and lists galore!   
  • I also use Microsoft Office OneNote to keep track of more detailed information for the project I am working on.  This can be used with the notebook above, for more thoughts and information, just on a digital format!  (See below for the form - also can be printed out):
    Project title:                                                                                       Due date:
    Gift  y/n      For whom:                                                                     Mail by date:
    Description of project:

    Pictures of ideas:

    Supplies to use:


    Anything to purchase:

    Anything to get done:

  • Use a calendar to keep track of all events both business and personal.  This way, you are able to get things done before you get busy with other things!  
  • Have things in one area for the project you are working on - such as in a file folder, or a Ziploc style bag even....  That way, everything is in one place and you don't have to search for things when you have the time to work on them.
  • Make sure to look at pictures online - and keep the link or picture documented or sketched out.  This way, when you end up with inspiration, you can document it and work on it later!  
  • As you are working on the project at hand - make a few cards, bookmarks, or other small things with the supplies you have out!  This way, you don't have to pull the supplies back out, and you aren't stuck on that theme you were just working on! 
  • Shop at home first, look at everything you have before you go shopping at a store!  
This year, I am getting more done - because I actually have a list of things to do!!!  I cross things off my list as I get them done, and I look at my schedule for upcoming time periods so I can figure out what needs to be done NOW!!!  I also have a date on each project sheet to be finished by - and mailed by!  I look at my OneNote each day, and know what needs to be done - for the most part anyway!!!
For your challenges...join me in getting more done!
  1. Get your gift list going for any birthdays or holiday events between now and the end of the year.
  2. Using a design sheet to keep track of what you need to make, start to write down any details for things you are making.
  3. Start to shop at home for anything you can use for things you want to create.  Make a list of what needs to be purchased after all of that!  
  4. Decide how you are going to keep track of the things you need to get done - notebook, computer, smart phone, tablet, or whatever. 
Thanks for stopping by, make sure to check back often for gift ideas, challenges, shopping, and more!!!!  This is going to be a season full of posts!!!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and
Creative Paperclay Design Team 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Creative Paperclay and Gina's Designs Halloween Blog Hop

This entire project has been a lot of fun to do, especially because of the person I created the whole thing with, my husband!  This was a team effort, and honestly - I really learned a lot from him which was strange since I am the one on the team!!!  However, I scrapbook - I don't do large projects that involve molding faces and creating scenes, LOL!  But together with Del - we were able to create a one of a kind Halloween scene for our house - and fell in love with it all I did! 
I will start by saying I love Gina's Designs - they were a ton of fun to work with, especially for this whole scene!  It is the littlest of details that their designs helped me to achieve, along with the Creative Paperclay product!  For the whole scene - we used the following products and supplies - feel free to substitute where you need to!  

Supplies used:
Creative Paperclay - 2 packages total
Gina's Designs Lasercuts - 
     Bewitched Shape Set (cauldron)
     Spider Web 
     Mini Coffin Fold Ups
     Tombstone Standups
     Spooky Shape Set
Acrylic paint - black, white, orange, green, silver

Green felt
Sandpaper or Sandit's
Leaves, acorns, or whatever from outside

For some of the individual pieces of the scene - for the cauldron, I reused a fruit cup, one of the individual bowls!  I thought they would be perfect for smaller embellishments I am working on at the time, water, paint - anything where I need to contain smaller pieces of things!  

This is what the finished fruit cup looks like - the witches legs sticking out of the cauldron, with eyeballs randomly placed on the top of the water!  We used Creative Paperclay for the entire piece, minus the legs and eyeballs!  

The tombstones were created a few weeks ago, check back for directions for that and the ghost you will see below!  The only thing I did different - was add another coat of silver paint, and then embossed it in silver powder!  It really made them pop and look like stone!  Simply add the RIP and other sayings with a black marker (not fine tip, you really need a fatter tip here)! 
With the skeleton, you have directions a few weeks back, make sure to check it out!  The ghosts were done by taking pieces of the Creative Paperclay product and twisting and creating each piece with fingers!  

Out of all of the pieces, the house was my favorite piece to finish up for sure!  I started with the roof - and created 1" strips to go up both sides, meeting up at the top!  Behind the roof is the moon and a witch flying - from the items we received from Gina's designs!  I painted the outside black, and the inside orange for a bit of color!  

For the inside of the piece, at the very top, we added the spider web, inside - the ghosts and eyeballs, at the bottom - a pumpkin and cat...all from Gina's designs!  On the front of the house, is a cauldron and a pumpkin made out of Creative Paperclay!  

This was the funnest thing I have made to date, and can't wait to get started on my Christmas scene!!!  We are having a link up party - so click the link for all of the amazing projects from the Creative Paperclay and Gina's Designs design teams!!!  Thanks for stopping by!    

Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team
and Memories in| Tyme


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Monthly Challenge Post

Can we just say I am a bit behind the times!  I just recently got my first smartphone, and am learning all the fun things you can do with these fun devices, both business wise AND personal!  The fun little games to keep you occupied, the money saving apps, reading apps, and time saving apps too!  Yet I am old school too you might say, where a good ole' pen and paper helps me just fine when it comes to keeping track of things that needs to get done!  Today's post - is all about getting things planned out for the upcoming events and things in your life!  
Now - as you look at this post, please do not think it is all about getting ready for the holiday's - it's not!  If you don't celebrate them, then great, your list will be a bit different than other people's will be (and less stressful when it comes to making things)!!!   Okay - grab your favorite items to organize yourself with - your smartphone, calendar, pen and pencil, notebook, sticky notes - and let's get started!  

  • Look at your calendar until the end of November - what type of events do you have in your life that needs your attention?  Do you have cards that need to be done, birthdays to purchase gifts for, any holiday or special events, family events, anniversaries, school events, etc. that needs to be addressed?
  • Next look at your calendar up until the end of January - using the same information as above, take a look at what you have going on!  If things are not set in stone, this is where a pencil and a sticky note comes in handy!
  • Now look at your calendar until the end of April - also using the same information as above!  Even if you do not have dates or specific information, at least get things on a calendar so you do not overbook things that need to get done with other important things!  
I am starting to get more and more done - in the time I need to get it done!  I already have 2 presents ready to go for things this year, and working on a few other special gifts for birthdays coming up!  Since I get people more gift certificates than anything, this year - they are getting them presented in a more "special" fashion!  I realize I only have so many weeks to get things done so I best get them done early!  I hope you join me in getting more done creatively!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Crafting When You Are Incapacitated

This whole "hand thing" - has just been a nightmare, let me tell you!  I will be really glad when this is off and I can type and craft like normal!  We won't even discuss the simple fact my husband has had to wash and condition my hair since the beginning of September!!!  Plus we are working on a design team project, and to say how cute it is turning out - is an understatement!  Make sure you check back the week of Halloween for some cute projects AND a blog hop too!  
So, how do you craft - when you can't?  I have learned a few things during the past few weeks - the second time around only different hand!  

  • Look at the tools you do have, and get back to the basics!  A paper trimmer does a great job for squares and basic shapes!
  • Make notes for things that needs to get done when you are not incapacitated!  This way, you have a lot of the details worked out, which is half the battle!
  • Look at blogs, Pinterest, websites, and books to get ideas of things you are wanting to make when you can!  
  • Do what you can - ask for help from someone who can be an extra hand!  Plus spending time creating with a trusted friend or family member is worth it!
  • Shop and get supplies ready to go for when you are ready to create!  This way, you have the notes ready for what you want to create and you have shopped for it too!
  • If you have a die cut machine, get die cuts ready to go, shapes punched out, or anything else for the projects you are going to do!
  • Get everything ready for your projects and in one place - notes for the project, supplies, etc.  
I can't wait to get this cast off my hand - and back to work!  I have a whole list of things to finish up, create, purchase, and get out of my head, let me tell you!  I hope when you are incapacitated, or simply busy - these tips will help you create a bit more - when you are done healing!  See you later for another fun post, sure to help you get more done especially if you aren't incapacitated!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Creative Paperclay Design Team Post - Halloween Idea

I am not a Halloween freak - you can read more of the story on the blog post... This year - I am actually having a wonderful time creating with my amazing husband Del!  The team is having a blog hop on 10/31 - and you are more than welcome to link up your Creative Paperclay project up on the blog for the chance to get a free gift!  For directions to this first piece of the blog hop, you can go to the Creative Paperclay Design Team blog to get pictures and how to's! Now, you can check back through the month - I will be having a few other posts this month showing you the whole piece - I can't wait to get the whole thing done by the time the blog hop is here!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Paper Craft Organizational Tips -

When Del and I moved from Colorado to California, almost half of the trailer we used to move was my crafting supplies, and I had already sold a lot!  To say my husband was mad - would be an understatement!  Yet the alternative - was giving me the money needed to repurchase it all - ya, that wasn't going to happen LOL, so move what we could we did!!!  
2 years later, I now have a very small studio...okay, it's my dining space in my very small apartment, but it's mine all the same!  My space has evolved over the course of time, with different supplies to keep things in, and spaces to create on!  I ended up with a desk almost a year ago...and I love it!  I have plans to repaint it after I find the perfect wardrobe for all of my creative supplies to go in!  This way, I can customize the 2 pieces to my personal taste and needs!
Now, do I hate having to be in space in which is shared with other people and needs - YES!!!  I wish I had my own room in order to create and organize my creative things and business with... Until then - well, what I have is working for me!!!
If you didn't get to check out the previous post - scroll down for the post and link I have for my design team blog!  I had found these blue totes at the dollar store, and used one of them for all of the Creative Paperclay supplies I have.  In the other 3 blue totes - I ended up being able to put a bunch of other paper craft supplies in each of them, therefore saving me space - and time from having to find all of the supplies I need for the projects I make!

As I started organizing my things - I thought I would write a post with my thoughts and discoveries as I started the process!   

  • Find products to help organize yourself that does not cost an arm and a leg.  I found totes at my local dollar store that is perfect for being able to store my supplies in!  
  • If you don't need it, don't keep it. Don't keep it unless you have a plan for it!  
  • Use small boxes you normally would throw away to help organize yourself. I eat a lot of Yoplait yogurt in the boxes...I then keep the boxes and use them for storage in my 7 drawer chest.
  • Keep products in one place that you use a lot, such as the photo here.  I have all of the things I use a lot of - my rulers, scissors, my brayer, and other things like that!  Things that I wouldn't use unless it was out and easier for me to get to!  
  • If you have a lot of supplies, go through them...keep what you truly will use!  Do not buy everything you see - make sure you have a need for it!
  • If your space is small - your totes can be used with what craft you work on...  Put all card making stuff in one tote, supplies in another, stamps in another, cardstock...  That way, you pull out what you need to work on versus everything.  It also helps with space - with everything in one place!  
I can't wait to get my wardrobe, get it painted and my space looking better!  I also can't wait to just throw everything in it and shut the doors after I a long day of creating or if company is coming!  Until then, I have a great space - plenty of room to create, and cheap organizing items to get all my stuff in one place!  What I have will move with me - and more things added as I have the budget!  Have fun organizing your supplies, and getting them with other like items to make it easier to create!  I know I am getting more done - just by organizing my things!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme  

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Creative Paperclay Design Team Post

One thing I love - is a great organized crafting space!  Today's idea on the Creative Paperclay Design Team blog - will give you some organizational tips and ideas!  The team is also working on a Halloween Blog Hop and link party - so check the blog for all the details and ideas!  Also, check back on this blog - for great tips on organizing your craft stuff in small spaces!  I am in a very small space for creating - so check back if you are as well, or you need a good organizational system that is CHEAP!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Altered Composition Notebook

Now that my hand has healed a bit, I can start to type and get a few posts ready to go with some of these fun things I had been creating prior to the "injury"!!!  However, the hand I always use was the one injured, so it has taken a few weeks to be able to use it AND type while I am at it, without being in tons of pain that is!  Posts will start back up, but not on an exact time or date!  Just bear with me as I work through my injury and getting it back to normal after that.  
I made a really fun altered composition notebook and bookmarks right before my hand got broke.  I wanted to share how cute they all turned out, with photos and directions on how to complete the entire project!!!  I am in love with the colors and everything turned out!!!  This is the type of thing that can make an excellent gift for just about anyone, customizing   

Supplies used:

Colorbok Sweet Bloom 2 sided paper (2 sheets plus accent papers)
White cardstock - 3 sheets
White, pink ribbon
Heart, flower Sizzix die cuts
Flower, sun punch
Hot glue gun/adhesive
Paper trimmer
Corner rounder
Composition notebook

Step one:  Pick out the papers you want to use for your project - 2 sheets of paper for the front and back cover, as well as accent papers for the die cuts.  Cut the 2 sheets in half, you will need 3 6 x 12 sheets of paper total for the front and back cover.  
Step two:  Lightly fold the piece of paper you are using for the spine.  Add this piece making sure to put the fold of the paper on the side of the notebook.  Also, make sure to leave the same amount of paper on the top and bottom in order to fold over, cutting a small notch at the top and bottom where the paper is, to get around both sides.       

Step three:  Add the front cover, making sure to line the papers up perfectly, leaving extra paper on the side to fold over as well.  Repeat for the back cover.  Fold the edges up to the inside covers.  Where the top and bottom corners meet, as you unfold the paper, - cut the paper in the corners so you can lay the top fold down, glue down the edges.  

Step four:  Wrap the ribbon around the cover of the album creating your bow where the two colors of paper meet.  (See above photo for placement)       
Step five:  Die cut 2 pink, 1 white heart and 4 white, 10 pink flowers.  Punch 3 white, 2 brown, 2 pink suns and 2 brown, 2 white small flowers.  Create the flowers first, and start to place the embellishments on the front of the cover where you want them, adding buttons to the middle of the flowers last.

Step six:  Trim 2 white 8.5 x 11 sheets of cardstock to fit the inside covers of the notebook.  Glue down the front cover - using your favorite adhesive.  Repeat for the back cover.  Turn your book over, and stamp your "designed by" stamp (or your own personal made by stamp) on the back outside cover!  

Step seven:  Create your bookmarks using the leftover supplies!  Bookmark base - 2" x 6" (you can make it a bit bigger if you want...) - square bookmarks - 2" squares, cut 3 - cutting on at a diagonal from one corner to another, adding each piece on one of the squares.  
  Step eight:  Add your own special mark on the back of the creations (including the notebook) to let people know who made them!!!

I hope you enjoy this fun project, as much as I enjoyed making it, and sharing it with you! I love the paper pack I purchased from Colorbok, and have done 2 projects now with it! One tip - before you purchase a pack of paper, make sure you can see yourself using the papers included, or most of it anyway!!!  Have fun creating your own altered notebook!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme