Thursday, July 2, 2015

What To Do With Scraps - Day 5

There are so many things you can do with scraps, we've been talking about them the past few days!  I love how the things I end up making is one of a kind - since I won't have the scraps I am using again!  The best part about using scraps - is how things ARE one of a kind, because newer papers are always coming out every season or so!  So make sure you save your scraps for use later on, you will be glad you did!  
After I pick out the papers I want to use for each project, I start to get the die cuts, embellishments, punches, stamps and whatever out that I am wanting to use, and simply have fun creating.  This can be the funnest part of the whole process - since I get to just grab things and play, with no rhyme or reason as to WHAT I am making! Some of the funnest things I have made, have been because I have been able to just create!  When you allow yourself to create and just have fun - you can truly make some of the neatest things!  

After I get all the bases with papers I want to work with - I start with the set of papers that has given me the most inspiration as I have been putting papers together!  At times, the papers that are the most unlikely to go together, ends up creating the best looking creation - or at least for me that is!!!  This last set of things I have done, have been fun to do - because of the papers I have been working with and the things I have ready to simply add the adhesive to - and they are done!  
Now for me - it works really well if I take a few days and create a bunch of things... I normally cut everything, punch everything - decide placement of the items...and then move on to the next thing!  This just works well for me - after a few days of creating like this - I pull out my heat gun, and glue everything down!  By creating a bit at a time, allows me to still get things done, and lets me do things when I have a lot of creativity!  
Scraps saves you money, so save your scraps!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Monday, June 29, 2015

What To Do With Scraps - Day 4

The past few days I have posted things you can do with scraps - today's more in depth as to how I take the bases, add the background papers, and create "things" with them!  I go through my scraps a few different times in order to create my bookmarks, cards and tags - you will get your own system down, but this is what works well for me! So, lets get started in today's post!    

With some pieces of paper, I wouldn't use a whole sheet on a project - but to use a small bit would be fine!  This is why using scraps for the most part - is great on smaller pieces, as well as economical!   Plus you can put things together and play with the colors a bit more too, to see what works well with each other, to use on larger projects you end up doing!  You might be asking yourself why I don't just create the bases as I finish things up.  Well - my reasons behind not doing it - if I need to use a larger sheet of cardstock or paper, and I have already cut it up - I have limited myself with creating.    

After I have spent the time creating my card bases, tags, and both styles of bookmarks -they go in a square box (shown in the photo above) in a drawer by my desk!  I have learned after much trial and error, to pick out the background papers of the items I am creating, and then decide what the accent piece is going to be!  This process is a bit time consuming, but also works well for me for a few reasons!  It saves me time from pulling everything I own out just TO create - and allows me to be a bit more creative by using products and papers that normally wouldn't go together!  


When I am ready to create, I will pull out the box that has the bases in, as well as the drawer with the scraps of paper I have!  I start to look for papers that I want to use - and then start to look at the colors of bases I have...  Some pieces I end up picking out just doesn't go well with what I, I just keep plugging along until I have enough of what I want TO create!  By the time I am done, I have stacks of one of a kind items to make, made out of my scraps!  The only thing left to do, is the fun stuff - creating both styles of the bookmarks, tags and card bases!  Next up I find all the stuff I want to use with the bookmarks, and have fun!  Normally I use my die cuts and my punches - lately I have been playing with a few stamps and techniques there!  Check back tomorrow for more pictures, more stuff made out of scraps!
Square bookmarks

Card bases
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Thanks for stopping by,
             Lynda Jeffs
                                                     Memories in Tyme 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

What To Do With Scraps - Day 3

The scraps I started with 
I love using scraps - as you can tell!  I've shown you a few ideas that you can do with scraps the past couple days, with more ideas to's post, is all about my process in creating things, and using scraps!  So - lets get started!!!  

What I wanted to make
I create in parts - this is all about my system of creating, and how I get things done when I am using scraps!  However, to get the scraps, you must first work on a project!!!  If you look back on these posts - (1, 2, and 3) you will see the idea I started with (idea's are 1 and 2), and what I created with some of the supplies left over (3)!  This is where the fun begin's - after I am done creating with the papers the first time!  

**Tip** - by creating smaller things such as bookmarks, tags, card bases - out of the scraps you have left over from a project you are working on, while things are out - will save you time and money in the long run!
After I have created my project, made a few things out of the scraps - the rest goes in my drawer!  For me - the drawer works - I just look through and see if something strikes me to use versus grabbing a big sheet of paper and wasting money.  I keep adding things to the drawer as I am done with a project and making something else with what is left over. 
What I ended up making out of the scraps above

Once in a while, I will pull out a bunch of scraps (shown above) that are large enough to create things out of...and I will end up making the bases for my cards, bookmarks, tags, and corner bookmarks! With all of the scraps I pulled out, I ended up with quite a few things to create with! Next step - pulling out the stamps, punches, die cuts, and accessories to create the rest of the cards, bookmarks and tags!

After I end up with a bunch of bases, I will then pull out all of my scraps, my stamps, and go to town on creating more cards, more bookmarks, and more tags! But that will be for tomorrow's post, so check back for that and even more ideas this week using scraps!!     
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
         Memories in Tyme        


Saturday, June 27, 2015

What To Do With Scraps - Day 2

Today's post is all about using up the scraps from when I created this project - and this project!  I love the papers I used - all from Stampin' Up - and love the projects completed based on the papers I used!  

Supplies I used:
Stampin' Up papers - 
Stampin Up stamps - Four You sayings set
Paper trimmer & scissors
Sizzix die cuts - tags, presents, flowers (3 various styles)
Punches - sun, flower (2 various styles), circle, heart 
White and black ink pads

One of the first things I created was a set of 4 cards, using all papers from Stampin' Up to assure they matched!  By using papers from the same paper pack when you are creating things, helps to make sure everything you create matches and is in the same color family!  This was fun to create the various styles of cards, with 4 different sayings from the Four You stamp set from Stampin' Up!  I am sad to see this set leaving our catalog - but love the new sets they have brought out for sure!  

The next set of things I created was my bookmarks!  I create long style as well as corner bookmarks - picture shown here!  The corner bookmarks are placed on the page you are reading, in the corner of the book to make it easier to find the page!  Plus the bookmark doesn't slip down in the book or falls out all together!  The long style bookmark shown here - is great for books, for journals, to attach with a card, or as a unique gift for anyone who loves to read!  Great to personalize too! 

My latest creations - the corner bookmarks are almost my favorite by far!  I recently made a set for my best friend, and then some for my mom and sister!  Can be created with a 2" square - one cut in half, with punch pieces for the corners!  The long style bookmarks, can be made with larger die cuts - as well as the cards!  Great way to use up extra die cuts, or to create fun projects on what you have available!  

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you are having a fun time using up your scraps!  I am spending the weekend actually using up some of the scraps I already have - and can't wait to see what I come up with creative wise!   Make sure you show me some of the fun things you are doing with scraps!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


Friday, June 26, 2015

What To Do With Scraps - Day 1

Do you throw away your scraps - or do you save them for use later on down the line?  I save mine, and have made some wonderful one of a kind items, made with the scraps of paper I have saved from other projects.  Saving scraps helps you save money - by using just a small piece of something versus a whole sheet.  Using scraps helps make your project one of a kind, especially if you only have a small piece of paper you are using!   You can use scraps with so many different products and projects, you won't throw anything away anymore!    

The next few days will be about projects you can make to use up some of those scraps you have!  There are tons of things you can do with scraps - including:

    Card bases - not the card itself, but the base part that goes on top of the card, as well as the embellishments used on the card.

    Bookmarks made out of various colors of scraps, also using the scraps for the embellishments.

    For embellishments, alphabet letters, smaller items - like squares.  Combine with punches, stamps, paper piecing patterns...  Using scraps makes the piece be more one of a kind and personalized!  

    Over the next few days we will be going over more things you can do with scraps - so make sure you check back over the next week for more ideas!  Today's post comes with a challenge (of course):
    • Find a place for all of your scraps that you can put them all together, such as a basket, drawer, file folders sorted by color - whatever you have.  The key is to organize them in a way that is easy for you to be able to use them!  
    • Look at the scraps you have right now and look for things you can create with them! Check out ideas on Pinterest, the internet, or this blog for things you can do!  
    • Make one project...doesn't matter what it is, just make something out of the scraps you have saved.  
    I have been having fun using up the scraps I have...tomorrow's post is all about using up the scraps from when I created this project - and this project, make sure you check back for some of the things I finished up recently!  
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Thursday, June 25, 2015

    Monthly Planning Challenge

    Okay - I have really had a lot of stuff on my mind...this post is a bit late...of which I apologize for!  I just have had a bit going on in my personal life...of which I had to take a break from everything because of!  Well...I am back, after a few shutting of doors so to speak - and ready to rock and roll with fun projects and ideas!  
    So, lets get started in the next 6 weeks of your calendar, until the end of July!  Grab your smartphone/tablet/computer, your calendar, a notebook with a pen/pencil...or whatever your favorite organizing tools are....and lets get started!
    • Check out the next 6 weeks - at least until the end of July or early August.  Do you have any events that you need to make something for, purchase something for, or plan out?  
    • Next take a look at the next 3 months - until the end of September.  Do you have any events during this time period that you need to start planning, purchasing things for, or make?  
    • Also take a look at your calendar until the end of the year.  What types of events or things do you have during this time period you need to start planning out, purchasing, or making things for?  
    For me personally, one of my worst habits is putting things off to the last minute, I just can't seem to get better with it.  Add to that having to put things in the mail, well - I have a huge problem!  So - my goal until the end of the year is to get things done earlier, and in the mail sooner!  The next few weeks I have a few special projects to get done and in the mail!  Here's to lists - crossing off those items on that list - creativity - and getting stuff done!  Check back tomorrow where we are going to work on projects made out of scraps!!!    
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme  


    Wednesday, June 24, 2015

    A Quote Challenge

    As I was doing my morning routine today, I stumbled upon this quote and simply loved it for many reasons.  Both personally and business wise - this quote really hit home for me, especially today!  So, a challenge or two we must do!!!  

    • Take your favorite quote, song, poem or whatever - and scrapbook it!!!!  
    • Use a part of a quote, song, poem or whatever in a title, with the rest of it in the journaling.  
    • Create a wall hanging with your favorite quote on it.
    • Create a mini album with all of your favorite quotes...if you have done one, create another one!  
    I will be sharing my creation in a week or so, and would love you to share your creation as well!  I love the quote above...I gave up on things, now I realize how some things I just can't give up on!  There will be a bit of changing coming to Memories in Tyme - watch for it!  I have been happy to bring you fun projects up until ones in the process! Farmers Markets soon, if you are in the area, we will keep you updated on when and where we will be - mailing list added soon!  Can't wait to see what you come up with - make sure to link your photo back to the comments when you are done!  I am trying to figure out how to get an Instagram going for Memories, to be able to share one of a kind photos while I am creating!  More to follow as I can!  Thanks for stopping by!
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Saturday, June 20, 2015

    Creative Paperclay Design Team Post -

    I have so much fun being on the Creative Paperclay Design Team, especially when I get to bring you fun ideas you can recreate using your scrapbook supplies!  Today's project - done using basic supplies, some paper, Twinkling H2O's paint, and my imagination!  Recreate this same idea using your favorite supplies, simply add some Creative Paperclay product!!!  Directions can be found on the Creative Paperclay Design Team blog - as well as a lot of other AWESOME ideas you can recreate! 
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme and 

    Monday, June 1, 2015

    12 x 12 Page out of 4 6 x 6 Pages, Day 3

    If you have missed the past two days posts which started this whole project, you can start here first, and then for day two you can either scroll down from this post if you came directly to the blog, or go here for day two!  This has by far been one of the funnest projects I have done in a long time!  Different than some of the albums I have done, and more special because of the pictures I used!  So, lets get started in today's idea!  

    Supplies used:
    Stampin' Up papers - 2 sided for background and plain for matting 
    Sizzix die cuts - circle, flower, 2 different styles of hearts , daisy
    Punches - flower, small sun
    Stamps - 8 various sayings
    Black ink pad
    Black detail embossing powder

    Top left
    Top right

    **Note - created the same way you created day 2's layout!
    Step one:  Taking one of the 6 x 6 sheets with your photo matted on it, start to decide the various hearts and flowers you want to put on the pages.  Randomly place them where they look best for you, overlapping each of the die cut shapes.  For my creation, I put the flowers and hearts on the tops of both squares, and on the on the bottom of both squares.
    Step two:  Take the sayings or words you stamped, and add them to each of your squares where it looks best for you. 
    Step three:  Add the finishing touches to the flowers - such as buttons or punch pieces. This step is almost last because of the overlapping - sometimes you won't need the middles of the flowers!  
    Step four:  Start to tape the back of the squares so they connect to each other.  Pick one square - either the top or bottom - and start to connect all of the squares to each other until all 4 squares are connected together!  

    Bottom left
    Bottom right

    I hope you have enjoyed this fun project as much as I have enjoyed creating it!  I have some supplies left over, I can't wait to see what I end up making (and sharing) with the leftovers!  Stampin' Up paper is going out of stock, if you love the paper as much as I do, make sure you see me (or your own representative) to order this awesome paper!   Through the end of June (only) - order directly through me and you will get 20% off your will get invoiced through Paypal for the total - and shipping to you is free (with a small gift too)!    
    See you next time,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Sunday, May 31, 2015

    12 x 12 Page out of 4 6 x 6 Pages - Page 2

    Today is day two in a series of posts using the supplies listed below!  We started yesterday by getting the papers selected, the die cuts done, and the stamped images done - to prepare for today's and tomorrow's post!  The finished project is located at my desk - I love to see pictures of my family as I am getting things done!  Today's post is all about finishing up this project!  

    Supplies used:
    Stampin' Up papers - 2 sided for background and plain for matting 
    Sizzix die cuts - circle, flower, 2 different styles of hearts , daisy
    Punches - flower, small sun
    Stamps - 8 various sayings
    Black ink pad
    Black detail embossing powder

    Top Left
    Top Right

    Step one:  Taking one of the 6 x 6 sheets with your photo matted on it, start to decide the various hearts and flowers you want to put on the pages.  Randomly place them where they look best for you, overlapping each of the die cut shapes.  For my creation, I put the flowers and hearts on the top left corner of the top left square, on the top right corner of the top right square, on the bottom left corner of the bottom left square, and on the bottom right corner of the bottom right square.
    Step two:  Take the sayings or words you stamped, and add them to each of your squares where it looks best for you. 
    Step three:  Add the finishing touches to the flowers - such as buttons or punch pieces. This step is almost last because of the overlapping - sometimes you won't need the middles of the flowers!  
    Step four:  Start to tape the back of the squares so they connect to each other.  Pick one square - either the top or bottom - and start to connect all of the squares to each other until all 4 squares are connected together.  

    Bottom Left
    Bottom Right

    This is one of my favorite projects, full of pictures of special people in my life!  I can't wait to share with you the other page created just like this, check back tomorrow for a different color scheme (the other side of the papers shown here), with the brown tying it all together!  
    Until next time,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme 

    Saturday, May 30, 2015

    12 x 12 Page out of 4 6 x 6 Pages

    The next few days will be a series of posts - using the supplies listed below - with the finished designs shared in the next 2 days, so make sure to check back!  

    Supplies used:
    Stampin' Up papers - 2 sided for background and plain for matting 
    Sizzix die cuts - circle, flower, 2 different styles of hearts , daisy
    Punches - flower, small sun
    Stamps - 8 various sayings
    Black ink pad
    Black detail embossing powder

    Today we are going to prep for the projects we will do for the next 2 days!  This way you can pick out the perfect supplies and stamps to go with your project!  For me personally, I love the papers I selected from Stampin' Up - as well as the cardstock to match!  For me personally, it truly takes the guess work out of everything, and allows me to create - and not worry about the items I am using together.

    Today's directions:
    Step one:  Pick out your papers you are planning on using, making sure everything matches!  As you are selecting your colors - find one color that can go between the two sets of colors to tie them together.  

    Step two:  Cut your papers so you have 4 6 x 6 papers in coordinating colors.  Match each paper you choose with matting colors and photos.  Matt photos and add to the papers selected.  

    Step three:  Using the leftover colors from matting and the background colors, start to die cut various hearts and flowers for each of the pages. 

    Step four:  Stamp each of the sayings in black ink using black detail embossing powder with.  Cut each of the sayings down to size in order to fit on the page.  

    As you are done with each of the items such as die cut shapes, stamped images, and matted pages - put them in one place for use the next two days!  I am happy with how the pages turned out - and can't wait to get them in the space they were intended for!  See you tomorrow for one of the first two finished projects with directions!  
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme 



    Saturday, May 16, 2015

    Creative Paperclay Frames by Lynda

    I have a fun project up on the Creative Paperclay design team blog - using basic die cut shapes, and a title made with Cricut's Ashlyn's Alphabet cartridge!  Click the link below to take you to the whole post!  
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme and

    Friday, May 15, 2015

    Monthly Get Er Done Challenge

    Hello everyone - it's that time of the month again - where we take a look at our calendar's for the next few weeks and months!  I am spending the day getting organized, and ready for the next few months!!!  I am behind in a few things - and will hopefully be on time with a few others!  So, grab your favorite organizing item - mine happens to still be a pen, piece of paper and my calendar...  (I recently discovered that Google has a lot of awesome organizing tools that help me be more if I can just figure it all out!) and lets get started in planning!  

    1. Look at the next 6 weeks - or up to the end of June!  What events are in YOUR life that you need to think about?  
    2. What about the next 3 months - to the middle of August, what is happening in your life that you need to look at?  
    3. Finally look at things until the end of November, or 6 months out!  What events or things in your life will be going on that you need to plan for? 
     I am starting to work on my planner, with pages that are perfect for me, my personal life, and my business!  I can't wait to get the pages done, as well as each of my category pages too!  I am also working on a monthly planner that will be for my bills, things needed to get done, birthday's for that month...etc.  It has been in my head, just not "out"...the planning now begins for that project, in order to get myself more organized for events and things! 
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme 

    Thursday, May 14, 2015

    It's Been A While -

    Album for sale on Memories in Tyme
    Life has taken me in so many directions - in which Memories in Tyme has been put a bit on the back burner because of those "things"!  I have a lot going on in my personal life, and hopefully things will start to calm down just a wee bit pretty soon.  I need to get more done, and be more productive; not only personally, but business wise as well!  I am planning on going to the Farmers Markets this summer, so if you are local - make sure to get my schedule as to where we will be!  
    A few things for you to consider or catch up on:  
    • I am a Stampin' Up consultant - you can order directly from my site here, and have it go right to your home!  Check out the items that are going out of stock really soon, - and place your order before your favorites go out of stock!  
    • I also have a few handmade items for sale - this link will get you to the cards, bookmarks, and mini albums I currently have for sale!  Let me know if you are looking for anything specific!  
    • Classes will be now be held on Wednesday's and Thursday's, and online!  Online classes will start at 6:30pm Pacific standard time and by appointment only!  You must prepay for our session, and have some sort of visual capabilities for this, such as a computer, tablet, or cell phone.  Since I am on the West Coast, those customers on the East Coast can split their time up between two days, one hour each session!   
    Creative wise, well...LOL but you do know me right - I am a procrastinator by nature! Though by talking to my mother - well, she will tell you she is always on top of things... just like I tell myself!  I am making a list of stuff to get done now, both creative and personal...and boy is it nice to get some of those things "crossed off" the list!  Hopefully some of those "creative" things I have been needing to get done - will get done and shared soon!  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time!
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Sunday, April 19, 2015

    Monthly Challenge -

    As we all know, I procrastinate...  I wait until the last possible moment to get anything done!  I hope this month, to start doing better - and get things made a bit earlier!  This month - well, we have plenty of things to create, April is one of my biggest months for birthday's on both sides of the family!  So grab your pen/pencil, smartphone, organizer, or whatever you use to keep you organized, and lets get started! 
    1. Start by looking at your calendar for the next 6 weeks, about to the end of May!  Do you have any specific events you need to add to the calendar, things to plan out, create, shop for, or anything else?  
    2. What about the next 3 months - up until the middle of July or so, do you have anything you need to look more at, create for, sketch out, purchase, plan out, or anything else?  
    3. Look at the next 6 months - middle of October, do you have anything else you need to start looking at?  End of summer, beginning of school, birthdays, anniversaries, trips, events - add that to your calendar as well!  
    There are a few tools that are necessary in my life to help keep me organized better, one of which is a good planner!  I have been on a budget for so long, I just don't have the extra money to go and purchase a "planner", so I have done my own thing!  This will be the first time I have actually created my own set of planner pages as well as the category pages!  Who knows, there might even be an online class soon, to show you how easy it is to create your own planner!  
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Thursday, April 9, 2015

    Customize Your Own Party Supplies

    It's one thing to throw a birthday party, but it's another to throw a completely personalized birthday party that your kiddo will remember for years to come. How to do it? With personalized birthday party supplies from Birthday Express, of course! They make customizing your designs and party supplies simple, so there's more time to party! Here's how easy it is:
    1. After you've found the party theme you want, click the "Personalize Image" and "Personalize Text" buttons to get started.
    2. Next, upload a photo of your child from your computer. You can even link to your Facebook or Instagram profile to grab photos!
    3. Then, effortlessly change your photo's size, location, and rotation.
    4. You can also finish things off with your own custom text - choosing from your favorite font, color, and size.
    personalized party supplies at birthday express

    Personalized Party Supplies - Choose from hundreds of kids' favorite birthday themes - from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superhero Comics, and Secret Agent, to Ladybugs, Dora the Explorer, Mermaids, and more! Personalized images can be uploaded into invitations, tableware, centerpieces, banners, favor boxes... anything and everything one would need for a personalized birthday party theme. You can also combine personalized party supplies, such as plates, with other party supplies, like Disney Princesses or superhero party supplies. Birthday Express even has customizable birthday party supply packs for baby's 1st birthday, girls parties, and boys parties. Each pre-designed box comes with complete party essentials for a group of 8 to 16.

    Personalized Banners - What's a personalized birthday party without a colorful and customized birthday banner?! You can make any birthday unique by creating a banner with a special message for the birthday child, then picking the font and font color your message will appear in. Once you’re done, you can even preview your design to make sure it looks exactly how you want before you order it. Birthday Express' personalized birthday banners are made of heavy duty vinyl so they are durable enough to withstand serious kids-play and all types of weather. Banners also feature metal grommets for easy hanging indoors and out and come in a variety of themes and sizes. 

    personalized party supplies at birthday express

    Personalized Party Favors - What's a party without party favors? Simply select the box that matches your theme, add your favorite photo, and an original message. Then, fill the personalized party favor boxes with goodies for a truly personalized box of treats! For example, you could fill a favor box for a girls party with chapsticks, mini nail polishes, gum, nail files, and mini lotions, etc..

    It's never been easier to create a customized birthday party for your child. The only hard part will be picking the personalized party supplies from Birthday Express that your child will love the most! 
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Saturday, April 4, 2015

    Creative Paperclay Design Team Project -

    Here's a little sneak peak of my design team project - up on the Creative Paperclay Design Team blog!  It also has a downloadable design sheet you can download for your projects you are working on!  To see the finished version (this is only half done) - check it out on the blog, link above!   
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme and
    Creative Paperclay Design Team  

    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Weekend Challenge

    Life for me is changing so quickly - so many things happening in my life, both creatively and personally!  I have worked very hard to get to this point, and excited for where my future leads me!  Memories in Tyme has came a long way, and hopefully even further in the next few months with the Farmers Markets and classes we are planning!  Some will be available online, so make sure you check back for more information!  
    So, since I am home for the next 3 days...I am going to get a bit of stuff done!  Your weekend challenge - well, pick and choose because I have a list of stuff I am doing!  

    • Organize your creative space in order to get more done 
    • Make a list of things that needs to get done soon 
    • Finish up a project you have been working on
    • Start on a project you have sketched out
    • Get a design sheet started for a project you want to start working on
    • Make something you haven't made for a while
    • Make a journal (altered notebook) for yourself or to give to someone
    Join me this weekend...I might even do a recap of everything I got done!!!  I'm going to create, craft, get things done, and have fun!  Join me!  

    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme 

    Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    Starting A Project -

    How do you start your projects - with an idea, or the papers you want to use, or the embellishments even?  Sometimes everything for me starts when I look at the papers, I can see the entire project in my head...  Other times, I simply get an idea based on another project - or just a title...and other times, it all depends on the embellishments! With this particular project - it all started with the paper, the rest just fell into place!!!        
    I have had the background papers for this project for quite a while now, problem is - I didn't have the coordinating paper to use for the photo matt's and embellishments - until recently that is!  So for the past few days, I pulled the paper out - and started to work on it, and so far this is what I have! This is not an "exact" supply list, as I am not quite done with the entire project, but for the most part - this is what I will be using!     

         5 sheets 12 x 12 cardstock -each sheet   cut to 4 6 x 6 sheets, totally 20 pages
         Coordinating cardstock or paper
          Sizzix die cuts - daisy and tag
         Kate's ABC's Cricut cartridge 
         Stampin' Up flower mold
         Delight product
         Twinkling H2O's gold paint
         Circle punch
         Making Memories Brads
         Paper Trimmer
         Hole punch
         Fine tipped scissors

    So far - this is what I have created - 3 pages...  I hope to have most of the stuff cut for the pages today, and will finish things up as I go!  I am also working on another album in which I will be using the same Delight product, check back to see the finished project for that one in the next few weeks!!!  For this project, the album will be bound with ribbon - in white, yellow, and browns, and underneath the "Love" piece, is 2 hidden features, pictures shown below!  The yellow piece opens to the side, and the darker brown piece opens up to the top!    

    I am so excited to finish up this album, whether I sell it - or give it away as a gift - or use it!  I love the products I am using - from the Delight product, to the molds to the Twinkling H2o's (now that is another love love love product!!!  

    Challenge for the week - find something you have been wanting to do - and DO IT!!!  Cut all of the pieces you need for the project - or sketch things out - or die cut/punch everything you will need, so when you do have the extra time, everything is ready to get put together!  I went from having no projects in my head - to two of them at the same time!   I can't wait to see how they both turn out!  
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme