Friday, July 22, 2016

Basic Card Making 101 - and A Challenge

I started making my own cards 25+ years ago, and haven't stopped since!  I love to make one of a kind cards to give to my friends and family, either just because I want to - or for an event like their birthday!  The next few month's we are going to work on making a stash of cards for you to give out to your friends and family!  I have an upcoming class with Stampin' Up that will help you get your stash started, more details to follow!!! 

Along my journey making my own cards, I have learned a few things along the way - including:
  • You don't need to purchase everything you see - learn to refrain from buying everything, but get what you will use for sure!  
  • An 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock cut in half and then folded in half makes the perfect card bases for your cards!  Simply add a pack of envelopes and you are done! 
  • As you make a layout for an event, and you have supplies left over - create a few cards that you can use later on!  This way, when you are told about a birthday or event the night before, you don't have to rush to make a card when you might not have the time. 
  • As you are starting to purchase your stamps - looks for themes you will use a lot, and stamps that can be used in different ways!
  • Start with a couple of stamp pads - black and white to start with.  Adding white and colored cardstock - with those stamp pads, you can truly start to create your own one of a kind cards!
  • Make sure you organize your supplies with your other paper crafting supplies to make it easier!  I use die cuts, stickers, stamps, eyelets, brads, ribbon, bakers twine - on all of my paper crafting ideas from layouts to cards to altered/gift items that you make.  
  • Don't be afraid to mix supplies, some of my favorite card ideas have been done using scraps from one project, a stamp, and die cuts left over from another project!  
Each of the cards here - were done with scraps from other projects!  A black stamp pad can go a long way - as well as a white stamp pad on any color of cardstock or paper!  You can add colors of ink pads from there!!!!  Start small, a theme or two that you will send or give out a lot of is great to start with, then adding other themes from there!  

  1. Start to make a list of cards you send out most often for the next 6 months and the next year.  
  2. Decide which 2 themes of cards from your list that you send out more often than the others, and make 5 cards from each of the 2 themes.
  3. Get sketches and ideas put together for all of your list of cards that you want to recreate, using the supplies you have available.
  4. Find a place to put all the cards when you are done!  (I have a class coming up, watch here for details - that will be PERFECT for this area!)
Start small, and simply enjoy making cards!  This is what I started out doing - making cards, then put aside when I found out what a scrapbook was!  Now - I do all kinds of paper crafts!!!  I hope you start to make your own cards - your own themes - your own style, and I hope you will join me while I am making some for myself!  
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Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme



Saturday, July 16, 2016

Creative Paperclay Design Team Post -

I have been on the Creative Paperclay Design Team for about 3 years now!!!  I love to create new projects - one of a kind things, just like my scrapbooking and paper crafting is!  I have gotten a ton of ideas from the design team I want to try out...and try to give back as they have given to me!  Most of them do more intricate projects, I use this more for paper crafting and things like that!

However today's project - took a few days to create, but I am happy with the end results!  I love to bake - my husband loves to cook!  When I end up baking - I have the recipe card looking like it went through the wringer by the time I am done!  And notes - things I need to we need, coupons - lost through it all!!!  So, I ended up creating a place where I can hang my recipe cards on, and keep track of all those supplies!!!  Next up - I am sure I will end up creating something to keep my coupons in until I go shopping!  

I have instructions up on the Creative Paperclay Design Team blog here for step by step directions!!!  This will be the first of many projects like this - some smaller - and made with the Delight product (which is lighter) this time instead!!!  I want to organize my space a bit better - my kitchen is the first of many!  I can't wait to share the rest of the ideas with the design team blog!  See you next month with another fun project - we will be working on Halloween stuff to go with last years project!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and

Friday, July 15, 2016

Stampin' Up's Paper Pumpkin

I am really glad I signed up to be a Stampin' Up consultant... I love their products - and have used them since I started creating 25 years ago!!!  One thing about me, I hate spending a lot of money at things like this, and this was one of the first things to go when I didn't HAVE money to spend!  Paper Pumpkin - where I get the best of BOTH worlds for sure!!!  And they take extra care in packaging everything up, so it all comes in this nice tissue wrapped box that you can also use for storing things afterwards!!!  I can find a lot of uses for these!      
Paper Pumpkin sends everything right to your home each month in this fun box, so you can open it up and start to create when you get it - or when you have the time!!!  It comes with everything you need - the supplies to create the project cut out and ready to go, ink pad(s), and stamps!  With your first subscription box - you will get a clear stamp block so you won't have to worry about purchasing one - it is all included and the size you will need for most all projects with Paper Pumpkin!!! 
What I really love about these kits, is the extra supplies included - such as the ink pad(s) and stamps!!!  The ink pad(s) included, can be used on other projects after you are done, they are mini in size, and coordinates together well so you take the guess work out of matching!  With the stamps, you have various others included with the pack each month that you can certainly use on other things!  If you are just building your stamping items, this is an awesome way to start!  Plus if you are more of a scrapbooker - or other types of crafts, it helps to purchase a kit once a month that won't break the bank, but one that you are able to use!!!
For every subscription ordered - you will get a free gift from me to you!  You will also be put in an exclusive Memories in Tyme Paper Pumpkin club, where you will get freebies in the mail when you order other products, and kit only projects that you will get ONLY from me!!  Once in a while I will even give you a short time where you get a discount on your order!!!  I can't wait to get started on the kits I have right now, and can't wait to get Augusts kit in the mail!!!  If I don't need the theme for the month, I can always donate to a good cause!!!  This month only - for every order for a Paper Pumpkin subscription - get a free cards & envelopes pack as well as ANOTHER clear stamping block to go with it all!!!  Let me know if you need any help!  
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Lynda Jeffs
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