Saturday, May 16, 2015

Creative Paperclay Frames by Lynda

I have a fun project up on the Creative Paperclay design team blog - using basic die cut shapes, and a title made with Cricut's Ashlyn's Alphabet cartridge!  Click the link below to take you to the whole post!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and

Friday, May 15, 2015

Monthly Get Er Done Challenge

Hello everyone - it's that time of the month again - where we take a look at our calendar's for the next few weeks and months!  I am spending the day getting organized, and ready for the next few months!!!  I am behind in a few things - and will hopefully be on time with a few others!  So, grab your favorite organizing item - mine happens to still be a pen, piece of paper and my calendar...  (I recently discovered that Google has a lot of awesome organizing tools that help me be more if I can just figure it all out!) and lets get started in planning!  

  1. Look at the next 6 weeks - or up to the end of June!  What events are in YOUR life that you need to think about?  
  2. What about the next 3 months - to the middle of August, what is happening in your life that you need to look at?  
  3. Finally look at things until the end of November, or 6 months out!  What events or things in your life will be going on that you need to plan for? 
 I am starting to work on my planner, with pages that are perfect for me, my personal life, and my business!  I can't wait to get the pages done, as well as each of my category pages too!  I am also working on a monthly planner that will be for my bills, things needed to get done, birthday's for that month...etc.  It has been in my head, just not "out"...the planning now begins for that project, in order to get myself more organized for events and things! 
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's Been A While -

Album for sale on Memories in Tyme
Life has taken me in so many directions - in which Memories in Tyme has been put a bit on the back burner because of those "things"!  I have a lot going on in my personal life, and hopefully things will start to calm down just a wee bit pretty soon.  I need to get more done, and be more productive; not only personally, but business wise as well!  I am planning on going to the Farmers Markets this summer, so if you are local - make sure to get my schedule as to where we will be!  
A few things for you to consider or catch up on:  
  • I am a Stampin' Up consultant - you can order directly from my site here, and have it go right to your home!  Check out the items that are going out of stock really soon, - and place your order before your favorites go out of stock!  
  • I also have a few handmade items for sale - this link will get you to the cards, bookmarks, and mini albums I currently have for sale!  Let me know if you are looking for anything specific!  
  • Classes will be now be held on Wednesday's and Thursday's, and online!  Online classes will start at 6:30pm Pacific standard time and by appointment only!  You must prepay for our session, and have some sort of visual capabilities for this, such as a computer, tablet, or cell phone.  Since I am on the West Coast, those customers on the East Coast can split their time up between two days, one hour each session!   
Creative wise, well...LOL but you do know me right - I am a procrastinator by nature! Though by talking to my mother - well, she will tell you she is always on top of things... just like I tell myself!  I am making a list of stuff to get done now, both creative and personal...and boy is it nice to get some of those things "crossed off" the list!  Hopefully some of those "creative" things I have been needing to get done - will get done and shared soon!  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monthly Challenge -

As we all know, I procrastinate...  I wait until the last possible moment to get anything done!  I hope this month, to start doing better - and get things made a bit earlier!  This month - well, we have plenty of things to create, April is one of my biggest months for birthday's on both sides of the family!  So grab your pen/pencil, smartphone, organizer, or whatever you use to keep you organized, and lets get started! 
  1. Start by looking at your calendar for the next 6 weeks, about to the end of May!  Do you have any specific events you need to add to the calendar, things to plan out, create, shop for, or anything else?  
  2. What about the next 3 months - up until the middle of July or so, do you have anything you need to look more at, create for, sketch out, purchase, plan out, or anything else?  
  3. Look at the next 6 months - middle of October, do you have anything else you need to start looking at?  End of summer, beginning of school, birthdays, anniversaries, trips, events - add that to your calendar as well!  
There are a few tools that are necessary in my life to help keep me organized better, one of which is a good planner!  I have been on a budget for so long, I just don't have the extra money to go and purchase a "planner", so I have done my own thing!  This will be the first time I have actually created my own set of planner pages as well as the category pages!  Who knows, there might even be an online class soon, to show you how easy it is to create your own planner!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Customize Your Own Party Supplies

It's one thing to throw a birthday party, but it's another to throw a completely personalized birthday party that your kiddo will remember for years to come. How to do it? With personalized birthday party supplies from Birthday Express, of course! They make customizing your designs and party supplies simple, so there's more time to party! Here's how easy it is:
  1. After you've found the party theme you want, click the "Personalize Image" and "Personalize Text" buttons to get started.
  2. Next, upload a photo of your child from your computer. You can even link to your Facebook or Instagram profile to grab photos!
  3. Then, effortlessly change your photo's size, location, and rotation.
  4. You can also finish things off with your own custom text - choosing from your favorite font, color, and size.
personalized party supplies at birthday express

Personalized Party Supplies - Choose from hundreds of kids' favorite birthday themes - from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superhero Comics, and Secret Agent, to Ladybugs, Dora the Explorer, Mermaids, and more! Personalized images can be uploaded into invitations, tableware, centerpieces, banners, favor boxes... anything and everything one would need for a personalized birthday party theme. You can also combine personalized party supplies, such as plates, with other party supplies, like Disney Princesses or superhero party supplies. Birthday Express even has customizable birthday party supply packs for baby's 1st birthday, girls parties, and boys parties. Each pre-designed box comes with complete party essentials for a group of 8 to 16.

Personalized Banners - What's a personalized birthday party without a colorful and customized birthday banner?! You can make any birthday unique by creating a banner with a special message for the birthday child, then picking the font and font color your message will appear in. Once you’re done, you can even preview your design to make sure it looks exactly how you want before you order it. Birthday Express' personalized birthday banners are made of heavy duty vinyl so they are durable enough to withstand serious kids-play and all types of weather. Banners also feature metal grommets for easy hanging indoors and out and come in a variety of themes and sizes. 

personalized party supplies at birthday express

Personalized Party Favors - What's a party without party favors? Simply select the box that matches your theme, add your favorite photo, and an original message. Then, fill the personalized party favor boxes with goodies for a truly personalized box of treats! For example, you could fill a favor box for a girls party with chapsticks, mini nail polishes, gum, nail files, and mini lotions, etc..

It's never been easier to create a customized birthday party for your child. The only hard part will be picking the personalized party supplies from Birthday Express that your child will love the most! 
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Creative Paperclay Design Team Project -

Here's a little sneak peak of my design team project - up on the Creative Paperclay Design Team blog!  It also has a downloadable design sheet you can download for your projects you are working on!  To see the finished version (this is only half done) - check it out on the blog, link above!   
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and
Creative Paperclay Design Team  

Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekend Challenge

Life for me is changing so quickly - so many things happening in my life, both creatively and personally!  I have worked very hard to get to this point, and excited for where my future leads me!  Memories in Tyme has came a long way, and hopefully even further in the next few months with the Farmers Markets and classes we are planning!  Some will be available online, so make sure you check back for more information!  
So, since I am home for the next 3 days...I am going to get a bit of stuff done!  Your weekend challenge - well, pick and choose because I have a list of stuff I am doing!  

  • Organize your creative space in order to get more done 
  • Make a list of things that needs to get done soon 
  • Finish up a project you have been working on
  • Start on a project you have sketched out
  • Get a design sheet started for a project you want to start working on
  • Make something you haven't made for a while
  • Make a journal (altered notebook) for yourself or to give to someone
Join me this weekend...I might even do a recap of everything I got done!!!  I'm going to create, craft, get things done, and have fun!  Join me!  

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Starting A Project -

How do you start your projects - with an idea, or the papers you want to use, or the embellishments even?  Sometimes everything for me starts when I look at the papers, I can see the entire project in my head...  Other times, I simply get an idea based on another project - or just a title...and other times, it all depends on the embellishments! With this particular project - it all started with the paper, the rest just fell into place!!!        
I have had the background papers for this project for quite a while now, problem is - I didn't have the coordinating paper to use for the photo matt's and embellishments - until recently that is!  So for the past few days, I pulled the paper out - and started to work on it, and so far this is what I have! This is not an "exact" supply list, as I am not quite done with the entire project, but for the most part - this is what I will be using!     

     5 sheets 12 x 12 cardstock -each sheet   cut to 4 6 x 6 sheets, totally 20 pages
     Coordinating cardstock or paper
      Sizzix die cuts - daisy and tag
     Kate's ABC's Cricut cartridge 
     Stampin' Up flower mold
     Delight product
     Twinkling H2O's gold paint
     Circle punch
     Making Memories Brads
     Paper Trimmer
     Hole punch
     Fine tipped scissors

So far - this is what I have created - 3 pages...  I hope to have most of the stuff cut for the pages today, and will finish things up as I go!  I am also working on another album in which I will be using the same Delight product, check back to see the finished project for that one in the next few weeks!!!  For this project, the album will be bound with ribbon - in white, yellow, and browns, and underneath the "Love" piece, is 2 hidden features, pictures shown below!  The yellow piece opens to the side, and the darker brown piece opens up to the top!    

I am so excited to finish up this album, whether I sell it - or give it away as a gift - or use it!  I love the products I am using - from the Delight product, to the molds to the Twinkling H2o's (now that is another love love love product!!!  

Challenge for the week - find something you have been wanting to do - and DO IT!!!  Cut all of the pieces you need for the project - or sketch things out - or die cut/punch everything you will need, so when you do have the extra time, everything is ready to get put together!  I went from having no projects in my head - to two of them at the same time!   I can't wait to see how they both turn out!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Women in History Month - Week 4

If you have missed the other three weeks, you can check out the posts for week one week two and week three here!  If you are just checking in, go back to week one, as there will be challenges and things for the month that you can start with, and a challenge or two extra along the way!  I hope you join me in getting things documented, whether you do a page, a mini album, or a huge album...I hope you join me in celebrating women in our history!
We all have women in our history that have truly made us into who we are today - most are good I am sure!  Take this post for what it is - but I do want to talk about a couple of women who have made me into who I am today, but not necessarily in a good way!  Why do I document things that are not necessarily good - it helps to be able to put closure, and show not everything in life is a bed of roses, you always have thorns!
There are two women who are truly "one of a kind".....and I'm not talking in a good way!  It is funny how - when I talk about one person, the other one is almost the same..  A and B are their "names" - "who" they are don't matter really!  I'm sure we all have people in our past we don't connect with, or had to learn from...or whatever!  That is what these two women are for me - learning experiences (or something).  
A has been in my life for a long time, been in my home, laughed with me, cried with me, yet hated sharing, and hated me...  From the time I was a child - I lived in her shadows... she danced better than I did, she did this better than I did...  All I wanted is to be JUST like her - and yet a relationship from hell.  I see other people have relationships, but not me...  I got it for a few years, but - due to BS and attitudes, a death in the family - well you can say I won't ever be the same again.   
B, man what can I say about "B".  She taught me just how far one person will go to keep someone quiet.  She taught me how vindictive people truly can be , how rude they are, and how one-sided they really are.  She was able to show me how people will believe lies before they will believe the truth - and she taught me that things should stay between the people who created the issues, not a bunch of others.  
Out of any "women", these two have taught me more about life than I wanted to know.  I rather liked living in my little bubble...without dealing with drama, bitches, ho's and alcoholic's...(some wrapped up in the same body)!!!  It took me until recently - to actually understand not "all" women are truly like "them", and in some aspects - it's really NOT "me", but "them" with the issues.  
My "page" for the album will be more thoughts, not pictures...  I want to document the parts of past relationships that have helped me to become me.  I try to help out, not be so judgmental.  I try to get the story first...and I won't try to have relationships, when people won't allow me TO have relationships.  I am different now, mostly because of these two women - and that to me is so really sad.  Yet on the other hand, I wouldn't be as strong as I am right now - all because of issues, people and things!
I'm not sure about your relationships - the women in your life...  I'm sure you look and see all the other women in my life I celebrate, versus my family!  Check back next Sunday and you will see the last and final set of people I celebrate, but certainly not the last and final people for my book!  Some people I need pictures of - some, I just have to ask for pictures, and others - I don't want pictures added!
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


Friday, March 20, 2015

A Reason To Shop

When I first started stamping, I started shopping with both Close to My Heart (then DOTS) - and Stampin' Up demonstrators!  I loved how Stampin' Up was the first company to bring out the cardstock, ink pads, and markers that match - and I certainly love their stamp sets, that is why I signed up to be a demonstrator!  It's funny how my sister is huge on the wood based system, and I am huge on the acrylic based system...but we love the same sets!!!
Ending the end of this month - Stampin' Up has a great sale going on!  For every $50 you spend, you get a FREE stamp set!  Check out the link above (and below), which will take you to the main site!  After you have picked out your $50 in merchandise, make sure you click the "Sale a bration" link (on the main page), which will bring up a flyer!  For every $50 you spend, you will get a free set!  
Now, I also have 2 great specials THIS MONTH ONLY when you go through me!!!  For every $50 you spend, your name will go in a drawing for your choice of a paper pack and stamp pad - prize worth $18.90 plus shipping and handling directly to your home!  PLUS - you get 20% off your entire order (not including clearance items) - which is perfect to stock up on just about anything you need!  To get the 20% off:  

  • Order directly through me directly - invoiced and paid through Paypal  
  • Have order and payment to me by March 31st

To get your 20% off - check out your catalog, or the website (link above and below) to get your order started!  Any questions, contact me at, which is also the email address on the website link, please put Stampin' Up order on the subject line, and a good phone number to call you at!  I will get the final amount of your payment, send you an email back with your amount due, and you will get an invoice directly from Paypal for the payment!   Order will be sent to you directly!
Check out your calendar for the next few months - do you have things you need to pick up papers or supplies for?  Are you working on a specific project in which a stamp set will be perfect for you?  Make sure you check out the clearance rack, and the 2015 Occasions catalog!  I have a ton of things I need to finish up, and can't wait to get my order!!!  I am planning a beginner series of classes online, so make sure you check back if you are interested in learning more!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Women's History Month - Challenge

Women's History Month - we are halfway through the month, what have you done towards creating your project?  
  • Have you decided WHAT you are going to do?  A mini album, a larger album, a framed page?  And decide HOW you are going to do it - digitally, or paper?  
  • Do you have supplies already, or do you have to purchase any supplies?  Look at what you have at home before you spend a ton of money!  
  • What about pictures, do you need to have any made up?  You can always get prints done at Walgreens or Shutterfly to name a few places!  
  • Do you have a list of women that have changed your life started?  The larger the list, the larger the project will need to be!!!  
  • How are you going to do your journaling for each of the set of pages?  What type of information do you want to include in each set of pages?  
This weekend, get things done!  Whether you are making a list of remarkable women, or women you learned things from (like this Sunday's post), finding photos you want to use, or look at your supplies...get something done towards your Women's History Month project!  
I hope you will join me!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Womens History Month - Week 3

So, do you have your project picked out - do you know what you are going to do and how? I can't wait to get my entire project done, 2 special ladies in my life who have truly changed my life...ready to go in my album!!!  Today's all about a few of my friends, and if you have missed week one and week two, links are here!!!  
There are so many women in my past who truly have touched my life in so many capacities...I truly could never list each of them here, but they will go in my album!  My friends, honestly have been those who have taught me more about life than I have taught them.  God knew I needed someone and I am glad they were sent to me and have been a part of my life!  

I will never get used to calling her ANYTHING except Penny Bonato...  The last name has changed...but never the woman!  Penny and I worked together at American Express - me in Utah, her in Colorado.  We spent many hours on the phone until I decided to move there with my first husband!  Penny really helped me when I first moved to Denver, and made me feel like I was just another part of her family!  She helped me, in a sense, to understand how I just did not fit in with my own family - and how I was treated growing up.  Something I really didn't understand, until more recently!  Her birthday is 2 days after mine - she has a love for her family, that made me understand how I was totally NOT that type of person.  She is truly a force to be reckoned with!  

While living in Colorado Springs - right before I moved back home to Utah in 1997, I met and worked with Katie - Kathleen Hardy-Cothern!  Another person who was more like a sister than anything!  I lost touch with her until I found her daughter on Facebook - and talk to her more now, than we have in a very long time!  Katie and her kids were such a part of me and my kids' lives when we both lived there!  I moved back home, and Katie moved back home...  We both lost ex's to death, mine to suicide, hers to an accident.  She taught me that life truly goes on - she taught me how to be "me", and to stick up for myself!  Katie just keeps on keeping on - no matter what life deals her!  

Barb is more than a friend - she is my SFAM - which means sister from another mother! Now that woman knows me more than I know myself, let me tell you!  She has been a part of my life for 18+ years now, called me when I had dreams, listened to me cry and bitch...was there more than anyone EVER has for me.  She is my 2nd husband sister - more like MY sister!  She is not only my friend, but also my confidant, the one I laugh with, cry with, bitch with (and to)...  The one - who has taught me about gifts - how to deal with them - and how to handle them.  
I thank God He sent them to my life...those women in MY history that I wouldn't change for the world.  The good, the bad, the ugly - the not talking to each other for months on end...yet we can pick up where we left off the next time we speak!  I am so glad they have been a part of my life, and thank you to each of you...for being that in which I needed the most!  3 remarkable women in MY history!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme    

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Making Your Scraps Into "Something"

I keep my scraps from all of the papers I use - and create really fun, one of a kind projects out of what is left over! When I work on a project, I start with my base papers selected for the project at hand, then add coordinating colors of patterned and solid papers to match.  I use those to work with for the whole project, including the die cuts, background papers, journaling shapes, embellishments, and what have you.  What is left over from everything I create - I end up using on other things, such as:  
  • With punches or die cuts
  • To layer with sayings for cards or pages  
  • With paper piecing patterns  
  • As the base for tags  
  • For card bases for layering
  • With Project Life 
  • Make bookmarks
  • For journaling 
Today - we are going to look at creating bookmarks - both corner bookmarks shown above, and the long style shown here!  Scraps can be used for either style, and totally one of a kind for sure!  The best part about using your scraps - you aren't grabbing a huge piece of paper, for a small thing!  Using scraps makes it so it is more cost effective to paper craft - especially when you use a scrap which might be a bit different pattern or color wise, which gives you a bit of visual interest!!!  When you use scraps on your projects, they turn out to be one of a kind because you won't always have that piece of paper anymore!  Be creative when using papers and punches together, so many different shapes can be combined to make fun pieces!  
I am so glad I have saved my scraps when I create - it makes it so much more easy - and cost effective for me!  If you don't save your scraps - start to, you will notice how much you will go to that first, when you are working on one of a kind projects!  We will be looking at other projects in the next little while, all used with scraps, or what I have had at home, so make sure to stop back!
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monthly Planning Challenge -

This challenge is designed to help those of us who need a bit of kick start in getting things done...  I have decided I will die a procrastinator!!!  Oh I get a few things done, but it's finishing them up and in the mail kind of thing that is the problem!  I am hoping one way or another, I can start to do better...and be more of the person I should be!  So, grab your calendar, your planner, a pen/pencil, notebook, and anything else you will need to get things done - and lets get started!!!

  1. Start by looking at the next 6 weeks in your calendar, about to the end of April! What type of things do you have that will need to be created, purchased, or even just put on your calendar?  
  2. Look at the next 3 months - up until the middle or so of June!  What type of things do you have in this time frame that needs to be planned out, purchased, sketched and bought, created, or anything else?  
  3. Look at the next 6 months - what type of things do you have that needs to be done? Things like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, beginning of school!!!  Start to plan things out - look at how long you have, do you need to purchase anything, plan parties out, or whatever...  
For me, I am so much like my mother - where I seen her wait until THE LAST MOMENT to do much of anything!  I love my blue eyes like my mom's, but man, I hate the procrastination I got from her!  So with my notebook - I now have a date to be completed by, and a date to be mailed by, included in my notes, that way I can have the dates highlighted in separate colors for each project!  Whatever is easier for you - especially utilizing technology now, just get it done!  I hope you join me, and like me, get a bit more done!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Creative Paperclay Design Team Idea

Fun project up on the Creative Paperclay Design Team blog - (sorry it's so late), I hope you go check it out!  Fun idea to turn this - into an Easter Basket!!!  I hope you check out the idea, and make sure you link up any ideas you have done!  Pick up a pack of the Delight or Creative Paperclay product!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
and Memories in Tyme

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Womens History Month - Week 2

This past week I have thought hard about those women in my past, who really made me into who I am today!  I looked for pictures to include in the album of those in my life... and thought about the words I need to get out for each person!  Though not everyone will fit in the blog posts, they will be in my album!  If you missed last weeks post, you can check it out here...  Lisa changed my life one way, today's recipient changed it a whole other way!
Okay, I will say up front - I simply had NO idea I was as bad as I was at the time.  It took me a long time to figure out a few things, and I'm not proud of that.  It has also taken me a long time to be "me" again after everything that happened.  My story isn't easy to talk about, let alone reflect back on.  
My dad died on 8/5/04 - which was 5 years to day after my ex-husband Richie, committed suicide.  It started 3 days earlier (my birthday) - he was depressed... took a bottle of aspirin, drank 13 beers, and chased it with a Pepsi - the Pepsi killed him of a massive heart attack on 8/5/99...  I don't remember much the first few weeks after that - I threw myself in my job...and my kids - well...I don't know really, how my kids survived.  I just remember my daughter coming to me and telling me she didn't have any clothes to wear...this was about 2-3 weeks after he had died.  I asked her "where are they"???  DUH - "they are dirty" she said...  I hadn't done laundry or cleaned my house, all I had done is cried, worked - and had no idea how I was going to get through it all.  
I worked from then until summertime 2002...when I started doing drugs.  I wouldn't have committed suicide really - but to die of a drug overdose where it wasn't my problem (was my mindset).  9 months later, on 3/31/03 - I quit cold turkey...  It was right then I knew I needed to be a mom to my daughter Terra.  No offense to family, but it was bad enough I didn't have a mom who had been there for me - mine had cancer when I was a small baby, so my 10 year old sister raised me...  I didn't have that traditional mother daughter relationship most of you have had...  I didn't want that for my daughter - so change I must... 
So today's person I honor, is my daughter Terra, the person who totally changed my life in ways she will never - EVER - be able to understand...  I finally had to understand she needed a life, so she went to live with her father.  He has done a wonderful job in raising her and her brother...where I failed - and would have failed them.  She is a beautiful woman - works so hard...had to grow up way faster than she should have!  I thank her for simply being the person she was - to get my head where it needed to be.  When it is you that is to teach your children, my children have taught me!    
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekend Challenge -

I have a non-traditional schedule in my life...which means I have to find odd times to create if I want to get things done!  I'm not sure about you, but I need all the help I can get where that is concerned and I have a few tips to help you get more creative things done!  

  • If you have to go to any appointment, waiting on the kids for things,
    working full time, or anything else that takes you away from your creative stuff, take something with you!  
  • Find a container you can use to take things with you to put all your stuff in, such as scissors, pens, things you need to cut out, die cuts you are layering, etc. This way, you can put everything you finish back in the same container, keeping everything in one place.
  • Do things while you are watching a TV show, or a movie...    
  • Find a notebook you can keep notes in, so you can jot down title ideas, things you need to purchase or do...anything you need to, while you again are waiting for things!         
  • Schedule time to create - at least once every week or two weeks, spend some time in getting things done!  
This past month I have spent time getting past projects done!  A jewelry kit I have had for a long time, a bunch of corner bookmarks to take to the Farmers Markets, a Mom's mini album, and now - a bunch of cards to also take to the Farmers Markets!!!  I feel accomplished...took things with me when I had any kind of time I had to wait, and got more done in the process!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tips for Shopping and Creating While You Work

How many of you who love to create paper crafts - work as well?  It doesn't matter if you are donating your time, or getting paid for it - I doubt many of us are able to stay home and create all day long, project after project!!!  I have done both - stayed home while I created all day, AND I have worked full time...  If you utilize your time wisely, you can get a lot done either way!  
So, how do YOU fit paper crafting into your life?  Here are a few tips to help you get a bit more done:
  • Make a list of things you need to get done - and mark off the list when you actually GET something done!  I have a huge list of things I need to finish, and by scratching off even ONE thing done, the list doesn't look so daunting and I actually look forward to getting more done!    
  • Have a place to put your finished projects that you have made.  Don't be like me and have mini albums shoved in a corner someplace, or larger albums in a box!  Display them, put finished projects out for people to see! 
  • When you are creating a layout or project, make something else with the supplies you have left over!  In other words, if you are creating a birthday layout lets say - then make a few birthday cards, or a gift bag and card, or whatever - with the supplies you already have out!
  • Take things with you that you are working on, in order to get more done!  If you are working on a larger project, take the things you need to cut out, or put together, when you are on a break or lunch!  
  • Only shop for things you are going to use - or have a use for!  Things like cardstock, adhesives, or things that will end up saving you money, such as punches, templates, stamps, etc!   
  • Use your time wisely - if you are working on designing something, take things to work you can do during breaks or lunches to save you time!  Things like embellishments you are creating out of stamps, punches, die cuts and things; or stuff you might need to cut out!  
The "Mom" project shown here, was on my list of things to do for quite some time!  It felt really good to finally cross that off my list - as well as a few other projects I am working on to take to the Farmers Markets this year!  Shop at home first - make a list - take small things you can cut out or put together when you are sitting down, and have fun getting more things done!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Monday, March 2, 2015

National Craft Month

Hello everyone, this month is truly going to be a really fun month for all of us - IF things go according to plan (LOL but you do know me don't you)!  Not only do we have Women's History Month which we talked about yesterday (scroll down for my first person honored), but we also have National Craft Month this month as well...  When you combine the two, you will get an entire month of challenges, thoughts to inspire you, projects ideas, products to look at, and so much more!!!
For my Women's History Month project - I am so excited to finally be working on this awesome 12 x 12 album I purchased a couple of years ago made by Colorbok!  It includes the papers I need for each page, plus alphabet letters, ribbon & buttons, and die cut embellishments to go with it all!  I might need to pick up a few more things to go with it all, and print out a few pictures for the album itself, but for the most part - I have what I need!!  For me, I can create my blog post, print it out - and then add what I need to when I can, such as the pictures when they are printed out - and the journaling done for the person I chose based on the blog post I did!  

For National Craft Month - we are going to use those supplies up you have had sitting around - research new products we want to purchase (Mothers Day IS coming up you know)...and have fun projects created all through the month! Buy what you need supply wise, but try not to go overboard...learn to shop at home first, BEFORE you shop at the stores!  

A few ideas to get you inspired:  

  • Find a kit such as the one pictured above, especially if you are just starting out!  This is a great way for you to use up more pictures, or add more journaling to, either one!  
  • Recycle something you normally would throw away - and create a one of a kind "item" out of things you wouldn't expect!  
  • Look at other crafts you have done, and organize everything in one place!   Some of those same items you use on other crafts, can be used with other stuff, so learn to look outside the box to create fun - one of a kind crafts!
  • Make sure you write plenty of notes for the projects you want to get done. A simple design sheet can be printed out, adding what little details you have when you have them!  When you are done, you are ready to create your project!  
  • Grab some of your scraps and make something...  Use them for paper piecing patterns, or punches, add various strip's of paper in an attractive format to a card, or bookmark, or framed page, or a mini album!  
  • Use up some of those supplies you already have, versus spending a ton of money this month!  
  • Look at upcoming events you have coming up - and get a design sheet started for things!  
We are going to have fun creating this month, so get some things thought about in order to get more done!  I have a ton of things I am working on, so join me all month long!  We might even learn a few different techniques too!  
Lynda Jeffs
         Memories in Tyme         

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Womens History Month

It is Women's History Month this month (thanks Lisa Marie for that info) - so I thought it would be good to create a project or two (or more) about the women in our lives, or those that have influenced us in some capacity or another!  Today's post, I want to honor an incredible person, who ended up changing my life in such ways - a simple thank you to her and 2 others, wouldn't be enough!  The only thing I personally can do, is continue to be a better person than I was then, and hopefully one day she will understand what she helped me to do!!!   Today - I honor Lisa Bearnson!!!  

I will never forget the day I met Lisa - at the scrapbook expo we have in Utah twice a year!  My dad had just passed away on 8/5/04 (long story short - my ex-husband committed suicide 8/5/99 - 5 years to the day earlier), so my mindset after my dad died - was not as it should have been!  I was depressed, sad, wanted to die as it is...had so much stuff going on from an ex-from hell (my husbands ex-wife) - that I seriously didn't know my head from a hole in the ground... but that's another story!    

It was October, 2004 - my sister Debra and I went to the expo to shop!  It was a tradition for us, until stupid things got in the way... something I really miss doing with her!  I look back now and truly see what a mess I was after the two deaths - and how they changed who I truly was.  Let me back up a bit... Creating Keepsakes magazine had a contest going on spring 2004, which I had entered.  It got me out of my comfort zone - and that was (at the time) what I really needed!  Deb and I had gone to a scrapbook shop the weekend before everything was due for the contest - and after showing the owner of the store what I was going to enter, she made me promise to send my stuff in!  It all had to be in the mail by Monday at husband was forcing me to the post office at 4pm!  I didn't win the contest...and to this day, I have no idea if Lisa even seen my stuff or not...I just know how she made me feel the moment I met her!    

We had put my dad in an Alzheimer's facility, and we went to see him for his birthday right before Deb and I went to the scrapbook store!  At the time, I didn't show anyone ANYTHING I did...people looked at me funny, so I just kept it to myself!  Lisa never did "look at me funny", instead... February, 2005 - sent her "assistants" Marcie and Angie to my house, and the rest for me is history!  So many things happened that day for me, we won't even talk about the American Crafts supplies she brought me that day - nor the album I finished in a day with what she did bring me!  

Lisa seriously changed my life - without this one person, with as much going on, I would have been dead within 2 years I am sure...  Lisa and her sister Angie (I had NO idea they were sisters until recently)...recently lost their dad.  One can't say "I am so sorry for your loss" enough, I know what it was like... I seriously WAS "daddy's little girl"!  I miss my dad so much...and just now - as I type, so many realizations...but that's for another day - another special woman in my life I want to recognize!  

In honor of my dad's birthday this week - I honor Lisa Bearnson, thank you for being that angel...for taking the time to help one other person in this world - without asking for anything, or expecting anything in return...  

This month - you will have a few random challenges...spend the month creating a great project - for Women's History Month!  Whether it is a friend, family member, someone living or passed on, someone way back in history...who has made you - YOU?  
  1. Decide how you want to create your album or project!  Do you want to do a mini album, a digital album where you can have someplace like Shutterfly print it out, or another project??  
  2. Start to make a list of women you want to include in your book or project!  
  3. Get your first project done!  
As for me...I have had this 12 x 12 album that I am going to use...  There are many women in my past I want to honor!  I am who I am...all because of so many remarkable women!  I hope you join me this month!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme   

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Creative Paperclay Design Team post -

I love being a part of the Creative Paperclay design team - so many amazing people on the team, as well as our leader - Terri Sproul!  You know me enough to know I love recycling - and today's post for the design team is no different!  So - if you are wanting to create fun, one of a kind containers for gifts...made out of paper, and Creative Paperclay - check out today's post...and in two weeks you will be ready to create your own item!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and

A Bit Of Everything Today!!!

Okay - where on earth did February go???  I feel like this whole year has just flown by, I'm not sure if you feel the same!!!  Either way it goes, this month - I didn't accomplished as much as I wanted to - but did end up creating a few things to go to the Farmers Markets - and my website redesigned a bit more, so for what I did get done, I am happy!  Blogging ends up taking a back seat to a lot of different things...hopefully changing this month coming up!  Other than those "back seat" kind of things, the changes happening - are all good for me - therefore good for you too!  More contests, more challenges, and more ideas for sure!  
I am hoping this month will find you coming back for more!  Not only do we have National Craft Month which will be a fun thing to talk about - but we also have Women's History Month as well!  I hope you join me all month long while we plan out our projects - and get things ready for upcoming events in our lives!!!  Since my kids are grown and gone, and I am not near family - my day to day events are probably a ton different than yours is!  You can adapt just about everything I do to what you need, and if you need help in anything - just ask!  
A few challenges for you - take the week to get some of these done:  

  • Find some sort of project you have been meaning to get done, and DO IT.  No spending money allowed for this challenge, just get something done that has been sitting around!
  • Perfect for tomorrow's post, but go ahead and shop...pick up some new paper, or embellishments, something you need, or just something on sale!  Check out some clearance racks...  Have a budget and spend a bit of money!!!  
  • Look at what you need to get done creative wise, and make a list of what you need to pick up!  
The month of March is jam packed with fun things - make sure you get our updates and posts in your inbox!!!  You are sure to get a ton of inspiration this month!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Creative Paperclay Design Team Post -

I love being apart of the Creative Paperclay Design Team - not just for the supplies I get, but also for the idea's I get from other members!  Today's project - oh my cute!!!  If you like altered projects - one of a kind - and to use your scrapbook supplies on what you are doing - then this project is for you!  Check it out here!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and

Monthly Challenge - February

Okay - truth be told - this challenge is more for me than for you, I just hope it helps you in some capacity as well!  I'm great at planning things, but horrible at getting things done! I promised myself this year I would get better...and in some aspects I am, and in some aspects I am not!  That said - I hope to start doing better - and posting a bit more.... because I'm sure going to be creating a bit more too!!!  So, grab a calendar, pen/pencil, notebook, or whatever your favorite way of organizing yourself is and lets get started in planning:  

  1. Start by looking at the next 6 weeks - at least until the end of March!  Do you have any events in which you need to make or purchase something for?  
  2. What about the next 3 months...  Do you have holiday's, events, birthdays, anniversaries, or anything else you need to purchase something for - get it on a list!
  3. Also look at the next 6 months - bringing you to August!!!  Get things on a list to purchase gifts, make things, and anything else to get it done!  
For me - I have plenty of things on my list to get done, bought, and sent between now and the end of August!  It goes back to that one thing I got from my mom - the procrastination she has!!!  All it takes is a bit of planning!  Join me this year while I get more things done - on time - with thought placed into it!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day -

Happy Valentines Day!!!  Okay ya'll should know by now, I procrastinate...I am so much like my mother and that is one trait she has that I ended up with...  I have a project 75% completed...why haven't I spent the time to get it finished up???  LOL, simple - I'm more like my mom than I want to be!  This year - is all about finishing up those past projects - and showcase them!  
I have been with my husband for 15 years this May - married for 11 years now!  He has been my "knight in shining armor", my rock, the love of my life.  He is the person who makes me into a better person...and the one who makes me want to tear my hair out at times (and me him for sure)!!!  
This is my mostly finished up - He Said/She Said album...  All I need to do is finish it up with the journaling and put it together!  Then I think of the journaling that will finish up the album - thoughts to the music we listen to - our families...movies we like, what we like to do in our spare time - and so much more!  This album, special...customized to my husband and I, yet can be changed into so many different types of albums and colors by looking at the people receiving it!  
I hope today, you spend it with those that you love!  I know I have an amazing night planned with my husband!  This man seriously deserves a metal having to put up with me at times, and I am so thankful I do have him!  I love you baby, and Happy Valentines Day to each of you!!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 


Friday, February 13, 2015

Being A Mom Mini Album Project Idea -

Being a mom...probably the hardest "job" I have ever had in my life, and the one I failed the most at!!!  Don't get me wrong, I love my kids more than anything in the world...and blending kids - well, don't even get me started on that's a touchy one for me! So, like everything I end up doing - I created an album with my favorite photos and journaling of my kids - and my darling step-daughter and her family, more to get my thoughts out about being a mom in the first place!  The photos are great, but it's the journaling that truly makes this album perfect!

My oldest son was born 3.5 weeks early, his lungs weren't fully developed when he was born.  Being a single mom, this was hard to watch your baby struggle - spending 9 more days in the hospital after he was born.   After that, I met and married my first husband, and had 2 more kids with him... My only daughter, and another son, this time born almost 6 weeks early but okay health wise.  After divorcing him, I went from one problem, to a worse one who committed suicide on 8/5/99, 3 days after my birthday!  Then in 2000, I met my current husband, blending 5 kids with him. 

When I start to work on a project, hidden features are fun to use for various reasons!  Reason #1 is the way you can use them to add more photos (you will see that feature below); the another reason, is being able to use hidden journaling for that in which you don't want the world to see!  The best part about this album is the tags and hidden journaling in place, such as under the "mom" title above; as you flip it up - it has a picture of my kids with journaling about the reason for the album!!!   I have so many different albums I have created, I can't wait to get a basket to put them all in, and have them showcased in my scrap space!   

As you start to get in to the album itself, the first 2 pages have "mom" quotes and sayings in, all in my own handwriting!  

Then we have each of my three "kids" (now adults) - Ryan, Terra then Casey!  I added baby pictures of each of them, with pictures as a teen, and then pictures as an adult!  I made sure to add plenty of places for tags, writing a few things down now - and more as I go!  My daughters pages had more words that described her...the boys' pages have the tags!   

With the next two pages, I added fun pictures of my kids as they were growing up, with a fun fold out piece that holds a total of 5 pictures!  


With my last set of pages...they are of my oldest two kids - Ryan and Megan, my son and my husbands daughter - both are the same age, about 4.5 months apart!  The other picture is of her family, including the 4 kids!  

Supply list:
5 sheets 12 x 12 papers cut to 6 x 6 sheets
Extra sheets of paper for matting photos and journaling
Sizzix tags
EK Success black journaling pens
Alphabet chipboard letters (bling optional)
KI Memories flower stickers 
Alphabet letters (your choice of size and style)
Ribbon and floss

Being a mom...a single mom at 21, and again by the time I was 30...  Went from one problem, to a whole other set of issues, and then a whole other set men wise!  From that point, I met my husband - and attempted to blend 5 kids with my own three!  

So, your challenge - is to find some sort of inspiration in this project and create your own mini album!!!  Are you a mom?  Use this album as an example and make your own album about "being a mom"...  Or, if you are a dad...make one about being a dad!  Blending kids - make one about that!
OR - challenge #2 - find a project (such as this) that you need to get done, and GET IT DONE!!!  I didn't purchase anything to go with this album, I used what I had at home... This is one of 6 projects I have put aside that I am planning on doing!  

I am so glad I made the decisions I did for my kids - down the line, maybe they will see the details, look at what I wrote, and see truly how I felt!  Being a mom might be one the hardest jobs, but it is also the most rewarding!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme