Friday, June 24, 2016

Rules Of Life Project -

Everyone in life has their own book of "rules" - those things in life you just simply do because they are right, or because you were taught that way!  I seen the above quote on Facebook (of course), and like usual - a new project came in to play....  Those Lynda's Book of Life Rules!!!

With this project -you will want to get some paper to make some notes with!  The album will be more journaling and some pictures - more of a way to document and keep documenting!  Rules end up changing - or adding on to...  Things you put up with when you are in your 20's - I  will almost tell you, you won't when you are a bit older!  Those little life rules that are YOURS!  
6 x 6 mini album for sale
For my project - I am thinking I will do a 6 x 6 album (like this one I have for sale), with this graphic for the cover!  Something with a bit of hidden aspects and tags for sure!  For me - I want something in my own handwriting...  As far as the pictures, it might be just one of me, unless I find others that will fit!  For the most part, I simply want a "Lynda's Book of Life Rules" project documenting those little things I learned - and from who!
Those little projects that can be done in a shorter time, therefore letting you create more and more!  So - lets see YOUR book of life rules - share with me YOUR projects, and my favorite just might get a FREE gift from Stampin' Up!!!  

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Creative Paperclay Design Team Post -

Magnets - made out of rubbers stamps, flattened out Creative Paperclay product, flowers, paint - and a bit of creativity!  I had a TON of fun making these magnets, and can't wait to send them to those I have created them for!  You can check out how to do these fun little items on the blog here!
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and

Sunday, June 12, 2016

How Many "To-Do Projects Do YOU Have

How many projects do YOU have right now - that needs to get done?  This is one of many I have right now, a folio album (my first)!!!  My problem is - when I start something, I get halfway through before I end up starting something else - and then something else halfway through that - and then halfway through that, I might start something else!  That is for my OWN projects - yet if I am making something for someone else, or to sell, I can whip them right up!  This is what I am working on right now
  1. My Grandmothers Recipe's album - a digital album with scans of her recipe cards, made with Shutterfly so others can purchase one themselves!  Since it is started already, once I get rolling it shouldn't be too long to finish it up! 
  2. Christmas paper bag album - just in time for Christmas in July (wink wink)!  This one I might be able to handle, along with some fun Christmas cards too!  
  3. The album pictured above - my first ever Folio Style album!!!  I might have to do even more of these, they are THAT MUCH fun!  
  4. My Project Life album - which is ongoing of course, but behind as usual!
  5. Gifts....all behind as usual - might be finished up for Christmas time LOL!  Or just a random gift mailed for no reason!
  6. Magnets - made out of Creative Paperclay product and stamps!  
  7. Album about women in MY history that have helped shape me in to who I am today!  
  8. 2015 Year in Review album started - and my Intentions for 2016 album finished with the journalling!
  9. California album - from my trip, and living there!  
  10. Being grateful mini album!  
  11. Wall hanging for our truck photos!!!  
  12. And many many more!!!!  
My goal the next month or so - is to finish up a bunch of things!  No more new things on my list unless I am planning on selling them!  What about you - do you have too many projects that need to get done?  Join me in a NO more projects until I get at LEAST half of these done challenge!!!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

    Saturday, June 11, 2016

    Who Has Influenced YOU The Most

    I was watching "The Talk" today, a talk show in CBS (if you have never watched it)!  It isn't my normal thing to watch on a daily basis, though I would if I could or sure!  Anyway - back to the task at hand (LOL) - they asked a question, I thought would be perfect for a project!!!!    
     Who in your life has influenced you the MOST?
    I have to tell you - I have a lot of people who have influenced me...  I am not sure I WANT to go in to a lot of the bad things here - even though they HAVE shaped me in to who I am today...  That would have to be done using hidden aspects in a project instead of a page all their own!  
    That one person for me- if I simply had to choose only one - is my husband!  
    Del has not had it easy in life - from one thing to another, and even another...  He has shown me that you put one foot in front of the other, and do what you need to - NOT what the masses tell you to do!  He has taught me how to love - and how to BE loved...  He has taught me how to take care of things - and how you simply should tell the truth no matter what!  (Not that HE doesn't - but others around him)!  He has taught me hard work - even when you are disabled.  He has taught me perseverance, and how to keep moving forward even when you don't want to at times!  He has taught me that no matter what - if you are meant to be WITH someone - you will BE with themHe has taught me to be strong, to stay strong - and to walk tall!  He has taught me how to move on in life even WHEN you want to give up - and he also taught me how to stand up to those who are doing me wrong!  This man - is amazing - he is the love of my life!  The layout - just a small token of how much he means to me - MY compass!  
    Thanks for stopping by - make sure you share with me YOUR creation, past or made this weekend!  
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme


    Friday, June 10, 2016

    Old and New Weekend Challenge

    Okay folks, it is my first weekend challenge - Memories in Tyme style!!!  One of those features I will probably do quite often, though I am not sure every weekend!!!  I have a ton of things that needs to get done - and nothing GETTING done!!!  So - this weekend, in between blogging, I am going to be creating as well!!!  With this album, I used paper supplies I have had for a LONG time, and then added the flowers (recent purchase) and the corner punch (also recent purchase) to the mix!  I buy more "supplies" than I do things like stickers and die cuts - I get stuff I can use for more than one thing!  This album is for sale if you are interested, simply send me a message to get things started!      

    Lets get started with the challenges:
    • In your list of things that needs to get done, find your oldest item - and get it done!
    • Using supplies that you have had a long time - decorative edge scissors, templates, stamps - find a way to use them using newer supplies!
    • Find an old technique you used to do - and find a new way to add something to it!
    • Mix up old and new supplies, to create a project!  
    • Recycle something - old into the new! 
    Mix things up a bit - older techniques paired with newer supplies and techniques, can make for a one of a kind amazing creation!  Let your hair down - get creative...and simply HAVE FUN!  I am off to get some of my fun projects done - and hopefully, a bit of pictures added on Instagram!!!  Can't wait to see what I end up creating today!!!
    **Get me a link to those projects YOU end up doing - my favorite project shared will get a 20% off discount for Stampin' Up purchase AND a free catalog sent to their home!  Projects do NOT have to be Stampin' Up related to get in on this prize!**  
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Wednesday, June 8, 2016

    My Project Life Haul From Stampin' Up

    I have decided how much I really like the Project Life style albums - how you can document things on a daily basis - weekly basis - or whatever YOU want!  I usually will end up forgetting little details - but remember the larger picture; Project LIFE helps me to document it all - even the little things!  
    I don't spend a lot of money - not on any of the scrapbooking or card making I do!  I still have a ton of supplies that I have had for at least 20 years or more - bought when I was really huge into card making (before I knew what a scrapbook even was)!!!  With Project Life - I can use those old supplies, and create my own cards to go with what I have already bought out of my own stamps, scraps and items!  I can't wait to see what I come up with - as I am creating other things!
    With Project Life and Stampin' Up - I didn't spend a ton of money, and was able to get all of this:
    • Total of 2 packs of page protectors to go with my album I bought earlier 
    • White marker
    • 4 accessory packs
    • 3 Project Life packs
    • Pack of envelopes
    • 1 Project Life and accessory pack bought earlier
    • Album for Project Life
    • Project Life stamp set to create my own cards
    For all the packs I purchased, I got them off the clearance rack on my site here!   Get them while they are available, because once they are gone - they are gone!  There are a lot of reasons I like the accessory packs Stampin' Up has - as you use an item and you like it - you can then find ways to purchase at a discount - such as the fun tape that  you can add to your photos and journaling!!!! 
    Each accessory pack is full of stuff you can use to make your pictures and journalling really shine!  I am still playing a bit with my pages, and am really happy with my little haul!  I can't wait to go through a lot of my individual boxes, and see what all I got!  What I have seen so far, I am happy with!  
    Thanks for stopping by - and have fun with Project Life!  
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme


    Sunday, June 5, 2016

    Project Life and Creative Paperclay

    What does Project Life and Creative Paperclay have to do with each other?  Well, I recently got my order in from Stampin' Up - I had to order another pack of page protectors for my small album I am doing, and the insert is perfect to recreate with!  I am also working on some magnets made with stamps - and to do both of the things I am working on, you have to flatten out your Creative Paperclay product!  Tips are on the blog here - as well as a video here to help you out!  I will be sharing some fun projects on the Design Team blog this summer using recycled products - so make sure you check back often!  
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
                                                Creative Paperclay Design Team   

    Thursday, June 2, 2016

    Stampin' Up - Saving Money - Creating

    The new Stampin' Up catalog is out you can check it out here - make sure you get me a message if you want to be put on my mailing list for all of my specials, and discounts, some of which are mailing list ONLY idea's and specials just for you!!!  I can't wait to share with you some of the fun creations made with the amazing new papers and ink colors we have!  I will be having a fun shopping club coming up, more details to follow - make sure you check back often for more info!  

    When I start to create, I start with the things I have pinned to my Pinterest account first for a bit of inspiration!  Then - once I get the inspiration, I look at the supplies I have right now - before I end up shopping for more stuff I simply don't need RIGHT NOW!  If I have a project for things I buy - or enough paper that I would use on things, I will purchase it...  Along my journey of creating - I have discovered a few cost saving tips that might help you all out:
    1. Honestly - you really DON'T need every single supply and paper out there known to mankind!  If you have a use for a whole pack of papers, then purchase it!  
    2. Buy what you do need - or will use up, when it goes on sale!  If you know you will use a bunch of colored cardstock, then purchase what you will use!
    3. Find a good die cut machine you can purchase, and a few cartridges/die cuts you will use a lot of!  I have a Cricut machine as well as my old red Sizzix machine with die cuts that I still use!  
    4. Buy in bulk with friends and family!  This way you can save in shipping, supplies (simply purchase a pack of paper and split it in half), only getting what you need, versus more than you will use! 
    5. Shop online at various web sites!  Put a wish list up on those sites you like, and check out the clearance items for sure! 
    6. Shop with a purpose in mind - only for the project at hand!  If you know you will use 100 embellishments of the same color - buy them...if not - don't!  Get a file folder ready with those items you have available already...putting things in as you go!
    7. Purchase basic supplies, such as glue - paper - etc...when they are on sale!  If you end up using a bunch of a specific supply, purchase as it goes on sale to end up saving you money - or being stuck doing something and you run out of glue!  
    8. Take a look at Stampin' Up (see me to join my team) - for a discount on your supplies you purchase!  That 20% discount I get really helps my budget! 
    I have more cost effective tips for you - check back next week for even more - Memories in Tyme style!  Creating doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg - it should be about the memories you have, NOT the supplies you spend a ton of money on!  
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme


    Wednesday, June 1, 2016

    Monthly Reminder - Get Er' Done Challenge

    I usually do these posts at the middle of the month, today - changed now to the beginning of each month to help you (or me shall we say) get more done for the month ahead!  I will be having plenty of challenges through the month, and every Friday - we will have a mini post to talk about your plans for the upcoming weekend creative wise!!!  So, lets get started, grab your calendars, smart phones, tablets, pens/pencils, papers to write notes on....and lets get started in all of this "planning"!!!  
    • Take a look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks, until the middle of July for anything that you need to plan out, make cards or gifts for, schedule on your calendar, make phone calls for or what have you!  
    • Take a look at the next 3 months - until the end of August for anything else you need to get things done for!  
    • Take a look at the next 6 months - until end of November - for any events, holiday's, birthdays, baby/bridal showers that you need to plan things out for!!
    That in which I needed to get "created" is biggest problem is actually sending things in the mail to those I love and have made things for!  As I look at my calendar this month - I have a few things to get done:
    1. A recipe album of my Grandmother's recipe's in her own handwriting!  
    2. My very first scrapbook folder folio album (OMG I thought paper bag albums were fun)!
    3. Fathers Day cards for father in law, brother in law, and brothers (?) mailed (LOL - ya, like this will happen)!!!  
    4. Projects that are finished, actually in the mail!!!  
    5. Birthday card for father in law!
    6. Items made to take to art vendor fair this summer!  
    7. Paper bag Christmas Album
    8. Card for husband for fathers day to go with his gift!!!  
    If you have any shopping to do - the new Stampin' Up catalog is ready for you to grab, new catalog free with every $50 purchase!!!  Check out the specials - clearance items, and get a hold of me to schedule your own online class!  I will even have fun items for you to share with your friends and family, in person and online made especially with YOU in mind, so get with me and we can plan something fun for your class!  For the first 5 people who contact me and schedule their own show (either in person or on the web site) YOU will get 20% discount for your entire order plus a few other awesome goodies for every show booked (the more orders - the more goodies you will get)!!!!  
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Monday, May 30, 2016

    Scrapbooking For Your Pets

    So, do you scrapbook your fur babies, like we do ours?  This is Ty - our 15.5 year old awesome baby girl!  She is not going to be with us much longer, which is really hard to believe!  Through the years, Ty has always spent time with me while I have been creating - sitting on my stuff where ever I am at!  It will be really hard when we finally loose her - watching her right now has been really hard on the family - she simply has been our little girl! 


    My cats have an album of their own - of pages through out the time they have been alive and with us!  Ty has only had one set of kittens, then we had her fixed - Hank and Bear are our "boys"!!!  What about you - do your fur babies have an album of their own???  Here is a few tips to help you start your own album for your fur babies:  
    • Do you have a large amount of photos, or small amount?  This will help in
      deciding how large your album should be!  
    • Don't think you can't put all of your pets you have had through out the years in one album - simply title it "Our Family Pets" or something along those lines and include them all!  
    • Look at the existing papers and embellishments you have already - some of my favorite layouts of the cats have been with papers I would use on my own layouts vs "cat" related papers and embellishments!  
    • Make up a few layouts ahead of time to add pictures in it as you get them developed!  

    Ty is our girl - and will be missed when she does go!  Right now, we simply help her out as much as we can, and love her beyond measure!  Life is simply too short - hug your fur babies, love them - because one day...they will be gone!  Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme 

    Friday, May 27, 2016

    Memories in Tyme -

    As you can tell, I haven't been blogging much...just when I think I have things all figured out, something else happens that makes me stand back and re-think again!!!  This, again, has been one of those times.  Memories in Tyme was started a long time ago - and through it all, I have moved from Utah to Colorado to California to Nevada.....only to start up and rebuild it all again...  Memories has been a part of what I wanted to do in life for so long.....  I honestly can't think of life without my little "business"!   
    That said - I do apologize for not being consistent in my posts - as I have told you before, I simply have no sense of time LOL!  I am doing more behind the scenes planning, thinking about and designing...but quite simply, I am going to be concentrating more on "what" all I want to do with Memories in Tyme for the future!!!  That in which I am keeping - will have a place here, until I end up moving over to the web site officially!  However, in between all of this - we will have this for you here:
    • Ideas for you to recreate 
    • Products I use the most (with ideas)
    • Stampin' Up ideas and products
    • Handmade items for you to buy
    • Classes and retreats
    • Newsletter
    Without going in to huge details in which I REFUSE to bring here OR on my web site... I have had a set of people who have been doing really malicious things behind my back...  Moving out of Utah (where it all started) - to Colorado for it to happen there, then to California where even more issues.....and then to Nevada where things have simply not stopped...  Since I have had my web site, it has been attempted to be hacked in to over 7000 times...and continued even after I moved hosting companies.  I simply am tired..... 
    Yet - ending on that note - I refuse to be taken out on THEIR terms...  IT WILL BE MINE!!!  When I started Memories - it was all about me - when I end will be ALL ABOUT ME!  I will NOT be taken lightly - and will not be taken out due to drama and BS at the hands of those not even around.  
    I am excited for the future of Memories in Tyme - whether the name stays the same or not!  I can't wait to bring out the things I have wanted to - only BETTER!  Learning how to create your own style of scrapbooks and cards, or having one made for you!  Products that I love to use - classes (both online and in person) as well as retreats and more!  Thank you for coming along with me during this fun adventurous ride!  
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme 

    Friday, May 20, 2016

    Project Life - Stampin' Up Style!

    Thanks to Stampin' Up, I recently discovered Project Life style scrapbooking, and have really fallen in LOVE with it!  There are a lot of things you can do with this style of scrapbooking, including ways to save money as you go!  The kit I am using (above), along with the accessory pack (below) helped to get me started, and allowed me to see the fun little accessories I could use with my pictures!  
    Now, don't get me wrong - I still love doing mini albums and things, but this style, simply allows me to document where I was, and how far we have came, and the journey along the way!  I really wish I would have found this sooner than I did (though I know it has been around....) and gotten started sooner!  
    Some ideas right off the top of my head that you can use for this style of album:
    • If you have an event such as a birthday party, bridal or baby shower, anniversary, wedding...find the perfect kit you can use - add photos to, and leave some around for guests to put their thoughts on!  
    • Use for your yearly album, documenting more of the day to day events that you take pictures of, versus an album that will document simply events!  Or - you can always do a larger size Project Life album and document by the week or month there instead!  
    • For a 50th Anniversary event - have people send you photos and thoughts of the couple, and simply add them to an album for a gift!  
    • Use to document a rough time in your life - with inspirational quotes, pictures of happier times (or simply pictures to get you through)!  This way, as you are at the end of it all, you can look back and see how you simply made it through!      
    On my Stampin' Up site - in the clearance section (get them while you can)...we have some fun Project Life kits available for you to get at a HUGE discount!!!  There is also some really awesome ribbon too, if you are a "ribbon" kinda gal!  You can always click the link that says Project Life - and you can see even more kits we have available for purchase (like the kit I have above)!   
    I will never tell you I am a pro at this - I am not...and if you want to learn more about Project Life style scrapbooking - you are more than welcome to join me during my journey with this as well!   I am sure like everything else I do - I will learn much, and jump right on in feet first!  In fact - I am off to grab a few of those Project Life kits!  
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme and 
    Stampin' Up Consultant

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    OT - Renovating Information

    Three Home Optimization Techniques That Can Enhance Your Living Space
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    1. Remodel A Room.

    In many cases, homeowners want to improve the look of their property yet lack the funds necessary to make a huge change. However, remodeling just one room is a wonderful way to positively impact the overall look of your property without spending a fortune. You can get this process underway right now by finding a top notch contractor in your local area to provide you with the customized services you need. Companies like Renovation Experts can help you through their listing of contractors. You can get an estimate now by visiting their website at

    2. Go Green.

    Another strategy you may want to implement to optimize your home is going green. This technique will empower you to be environment friendly while simultaneously providing your living space with an earthy, natural look that is calming and comforting. One great way to start the process is by replacing traditional bulbs with LED bulbs. This will help save on your light bill.

    3. Invest in HVAC Maintenance Services.

    One final technique you can implement to optimize your private living space is investing in HVAC maintenance services. This strategy will help you ensure that you have clean air running through your home. Without maintenance work, you run the risk of a lackluster filter releasing toxic air throughout the rooms of your property. Another benefit of attaining maintenance services is that they can help you optimize the aesthetic appeal of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioner equipment. To ensure that you pick the best HVAC maintenance company on the block, make sure that the business you select possesses the following attributes:

    -industry experience
    -positive online reviews
    -reasonable rates
    -perks and benefits 
    Start Optimizing Your Home Right Now
    If you've decided that it's time to get your home in excellent condition, now is the time to make it happen. You can get the process underway by remodeling a room, going green, and investing in HVAC maintenance services. 

    I can't wait to get my new space looking really nice, and with the tips I found here - I can't wait to see what things look like by the time we are done!!!!   Whether you are looking at designing your own craft space - or simply your whole "space" - check out the link and tips here!
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Saturday, March 19, 2016

    Creative Paperclay Design Team Post -

    I am happy to be on the Creative Paperclay Design Team - learning much, and utilizing this fun product on a lot of projects I am working on!  For today's project - you can check out the entire project on the design team blog here - with the directions/video on how to create the title here!  Very easy -using scrapbook templates, an X-acto knife, and the Creative Paperclay product!  


    Fun project for me to make - and now a bit more organized in my space!  I can't wait to get the rest of the things done I have needed to get done for my space to look good!  Painting a desk and a file cabinet included!  
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme and

    Saturday, March 12, 2016

    A Project From The Heart -

    So.... a little over 2 years ago, I lost someone I niece Stephanie!  She was young - just had a birthday and either turned 32 or 33...went to sleep one morning after talking to her husband she was separated from, and didn't wake up a few hours later.  My life that day changed in more ways than I like to talk about, I hate to think of her children and what they are going through...let alone her parents.  Steph wasn't just my niece, she was my confidant - that one person who got me in life...she moved in with me right after I moved back home to Utah because she was not going to live with anyone other than family...  I lost a lot by moving her in with me, but wouldn't change it for the world....and I hope she knows that! 

    Right before she passed away, she asked me if I would create her 2 altered notebooks, one for her and one for her best friend/sister from another mother Jessie.  Jessie has epilepsy - and Steph's favorite color is purple.....Steph wanted her to have a notebook in which she could add her thoughts and feelings to about the disease she has!  I am sure it will come in handy for a lot of other thoughts and feelings as well because her death has hit Jessie just as hard as it has me.  Neither of us will ever ever ever be the same again.
    Supplies used:
    Altered composition notebook -
    Patterned paper - (used The Robins Nest)
    Cardstock - coordinating with patterned paper (used Bazzill)
    Martha Stewart border punch
    Ribbon - coordinating with paper (used white and black)
    Die cuts - coordinating with paper design (used Sizzix daisy and vine)
    Saying sticker to match paper used

    If you need directions on how to create the notebooks - there are plenty of directions, simply search "altered composition notebook" and you will find ideas as well as the directions!  I think this particular project might get me out of my creative rut!  
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Friday, March 4, 2016

    National Craft Month Challenges

    Since this month is National Craft Month, I want to get all kinds of things done and posted!  I have a huge list of past projects that I have needed to GET done, so what better time to get it all completed, including:
    • Framed pages for my brothers
    • 2 composition notebooks for my niece's daughter and her best friend
    • My Project Life album started
    • My 2015 Year In Review album done
    • Cards made
    • Organizer box finished
    • Digital software review
    • Easter basket projects for my kids
    • Album owed to a friend of mine
    • Projects ready to sell at the Farmers Markets/Craft arena 
    As you can tell, I have a lot on my list of things to do - what about YOU?  I have also been put on a slight spending freeze - using up what I have at home first before I go shopping for supplies!  Plus, I have to have a use for it RIGHT NOW - or bought at a good price!   I am allowed to purchase ONLY what I need, but not a bunch of extra stuff right now!  Creatively, this is a good thing when you have to use what you have already, versus spending money!  
    It is time I start to cross those items off my list of things that need to get done - and actually GET them done!  I hope you get a list going this month - and spend some time in creating!  It is a matter of managing my time - and getting more done with the time I have!!!  Off to work on a project - can't wait to share it with you all this month!   

    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Tuesday, March 1, 2016

    Womens History Month - 2016 Week One

    Last year, I started working on an album for Women's History Month - including women that have influenced my life in a significant way!  The album - like a lot of things I do, ended up being put aside...until now!  This month - pulled out to get finished up with more remarkable women added to the list!  You can check out the posts from last year here:  
    We all have women in our history's - that have shaped us into the women we are today!  People like Lisa Bearnson who changed my life in more ways - she really has no idea just how much she affected me, she is week one.  My daughter Terra - who really just made it so I stayed alive, and changed the way I was doing things, she is week two!  People like my friends Penny, Barb and week 3!  And 2 women who don't deserve names - but man have shaped me to that biatch I am today - A and B listed in week 4!  For me - it is the good, the bad and the ugly that I am documenting!  

    This is my mom and my older sister - the one who was 11 when mom found out she had cervical cancer.  She had to have a hysterectomy - and was one of the first set of people to receive Chemo and Radiation Therapy to save her life.  While she was dealing with that - Deb stepped in and did what she could at 11 - and helped to raise me.  Debbie and I have had our problems in life, just like all siblings...   Yet - on the other hand...she is the one who came out to Colorado with a friend of hers so that we could stamp and shop...  She is the one who got me totally in to scrapbooking...  She is the one who would take me to the Scrapbook Expo's in Utah to go shopping - and the one who would take me to breakfast!  She is the one who brought me groceries because I had NO money to feed my kids...  She is the one who helped get Ryan to sleep when he was a little baby - because her "bumpies" (boob's) were bigger than mine!  She is the one who told me when I told her that I didn't know where I came from - how much I was like BOTH of our parents...  They came out to see me this past summer - and then on to Sacramento to see my kids!  I can't wait to get this page done with all of the reasons I look up to these remarkable women!
    Challenges for the week:  
    1. Decide how you are going to do this years projects - are you going to simply keep adding to last years album, start a new project, or beginning a whole new album?
    2. Shop at home first for the supplies you will use for this project instead of spending money!  Get your supplies together and in one place!  
    3. What photos do you have right now you can add to the album?  Get copies of the photos you need!
    4. Get to work on your front cover, and thinking more about the way the rest of the album will look. 
    I hope you enjoy the challenges for the week - and get to work on your own album documenting the women in YOUR life!!!  I am actually excited to get started on mine, I probably won't stop even at the end of this month!!  I hope to share a few pages that get done - throughout the month too!       
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme 

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016

    Project Life Shopping Alert =

    Are you a Project Lifer?  I know my album this year - is going to be done Project Life style - I just need to take the time to get a few things documented from the last 2 months - and keep up with the current stuff!  I was checking out my Stampin' Up site - and found some awesome specials for Project Life in the clearance section - I wanted to share the info with you guys here! 
    I have a ton of fun things planned in the next few weeks - having my smart phone and Shutterfly, I can always print out the photos I need to add to the album later!  At the end of rebuilding our life - time to document each and every "thing" done this year - and put the album away for good!  Join me this year - have fun shopping on a budget - and make sure you get your $50 Stampin' Up order in so you can get a FREE stamp set during our SaleABration event!  

    Sunday, February 21, 2016

    Creative Paperclay Design Team Post -

    I have a video up on the Creative Paperclay Design Team blog - you can check it out on the link above!  Beginner tips on using Creative Paperclay and Delight product with your scrapbooking!  Using molds such as the ones shown here - along with the product and paint, you will find your projects are different each and every time you use them!  Make them up ahead of time, so you can simply grab a design you like that is already dried, and get ready to create!  
    I have a lot of projects I am working on, and can't wait to share with you what is being designed next!  I have a Design Team project I am working on now - and can't wait to get it finished up and the rest of the pictures/video up!  So, go check out the video and other awesome ideas!  
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme and