Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Years Resolutions and Projects

New Years is a time to reflect, and reflect I did...the good, the bad and the ugly for sure!  This year I plan to do better - different - get those things I have needed to get done  DONE, and shared too, more done early and mailed before the date!!!!  This month - we are going to be working on 2 different projects - pick and choose what you want to do, get your supplies put together, and lets get started!  
  • 2016 Year in Review - do a project - a layout or mini album with nothing but how last year went for you (if you did not do Project Life)!  
  • 2017 "Intentions" - what you want to accomplish by the end of this year - again a layout or mini album project!  
For this year - decide how you are going to do this years albums, join me in Project Life maybe, or just do the same thing you have been doing?  I want to document the whole year - the things we have going on, so by the end of THIS year - I can see the hard work actually documented - that good, bad and ugly!  
For my 2 projects - I am doing my 10 page mini album idea (2 of them for sale here and pictured above) to document my 2017 "Intentions" project and for my 2015 Year in Review (still not done)!  For my 2016 Year in Review, I will add it to  the beginning of my Project Life album that I am just starting out now!  Hopefully the things I have purchased and have right now, will help me to get more done with that style of album!  I hope you join me this month - today the first of the posts to get started...and your challenge for this week:
  1. Decide what you are going to do for YOUR project...what works for me, might not work for you!  Digital or paper - layout or mini album?  
  2. Look for the supplies you want to work with - if digital, do you have the page kit you want to use, or do you need to look at something else?  If paper - do you have supplies right now you can use, or do you have to find things to purchase?  
See you next week - we will start to work on the project at hand then!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Saving Money and Organizing Creative Spaces

The past little while I have been going through my creative stuff - and re-organizing everything I own creative wise!  I am purchasing little key things that will ultimately help me with my entire space down the line, and making my space better to not only create more, but just get more done (while looking much better)!  A few more pieces - and my space will be complete for now!  

Some of the things I am doing that to start with:
  1. Shipping boxes turned in to storage, check out this post for more information and ideas!  Papers and embellishments used can be changed whenever you change the colors in your space!   
  2. Purchasing crates to put books in (and boy can you hold a lot of books in one) - and other supplies!  Making a really unique wall organizer that will hold all kinds of things in it, and can be easily moved and purchased a little at a time!   
  3. Re-purposing other storage items as I store things in other items.  This way I am not having to spend more money on more storage stuff, I am re-using things in different manors for different stuff!  
  4. Using and re-using baskets and bins as I do re-organize things in order to save money, just like the other storage items listed above!   
I have a few key pieces that will make my space complete for now - the bigger end of the items we shall say!  It will take a bit of "leg work" to decide the rest of the things I need  before I purchase them, so time spent at thrift stores and yard sales will be in the works for sure!  
  • Storage solutions and stability for the table such as 2 book cases for books and supplies in it!  (Could use cubbies as well for this - cheap at Target and Walmart!)
  • Chair that is comfortable to go with the table, that is tall enough, but not "too tall!  I have to be able to have a blanket with me as well, so possibly a stool with a back or???!!!!  
  • Wardrobe to put all my creative supplies in - in one place - making it easier to move and shut things in one place!   
It's fun organizing so I can find all the things I have stashed away, or have wanted to use for a while!  This year I have a lot of things I would like to do...I can't wait to see what all I end up getting done by the end of THIS YEAR!  I am organizing my creative space, my business space and my work space.....join me in making YOUR space perfect, won't you!!!  
 Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year Planning Challenge

Happy New Year everyone - it's the first of the year and so many things going on at once for me!!  Since we all know these challenges are more for me than for you, I do hope they are helping you out as well!!!  I have created an altered notebook for me to keep track of everything this year such as the personal's for each person - what they want, like, need, favorite colors - things that will help me plan gifts out a bit better!!!  I hope this one little thing will help me to get organized and do what I want before I need them done!!!!  (I know, simple task, just not that easy when I procrastinate...)  This year - I have goals - and the only difference between a wish and a goal, is a goal is written down!!!    
So, get comfortable, and lets get this show started!!!   
  • Notebook to keep track of upcoming ideas and things you need to create, purchase and get ready for - 
  • Pencil/pen - eraser - highlighters
  • Smartphone or tablet (if you use these)
  1. Start with the next 6 weeks or at least until 2/11/17...  What do you have going on that needs to get taken care of, created, purchased, or looked at?  
  2. Now look at your calendar until the end of February - what do you have on your calendar that you need to get done?
  3. Look at events and things you will need to get started planning for the end of March - it really will be here before you know it!
  4. Finish up by looking at things you have in your life until the end of June - what all do you have that you need to get done - holidays, birthdays, events?  
For me - I have the 3rd anniversary of my niece's death in January - my son's birthday in February, and Valentines Day coming up, and a number of things that simply DIDN'T get done this past year!!!  Here's to a better year this year - with more done - more blogged about - ways to save money - and more fun creative ideas!!!  Happy New Year to each of you!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Handmade 20 Page Mini Album

When it comes to picking out a handmade mini album, we have 10 page and 20 page mini albums, depending on the amount of photos you have to include!!  I have a few styles available right now - and each are made with even the smallest of details that make each album unique!  As my oldest son Ryan said the other day - even if I use the same supplies on projects, they won't ever turn out the same!!!! 
I Love You

I have a few albums ready to go now - here are details about each album:

  1. LOVE - white, yellow, browns, with daisy embellishments throughout the project!  Front cover flips out to be able to add journaling or photos to, with plenty of interactive pieces through the rest of the pages.
  2. I Love You - colors used are mauve, pink and ivory with heart embellishments on a total of 18 pages that are ready for you to add your photos.  Not only you get the heart embellishments on each page, you also have titles on each page as well!  
  3. Camping - colors used are browns, greens and ivory ready for you to add camping related photos to!  Total of 23 different places for photos of various sizes, and places for journaling as well!  Fun camping related embellishments for this album!  
  4. Being Grateful - orange, brown, tan colors - with embellishments that are sure to  help you document anything you are grateful for!  Tags and places for 15 photos plus journaling too!            
Being Grateful


If there is anything you want to see more photos on such as the inside photos, let me know!  All albums are $35 including postage sent to you within the 48 states and a free gift with every purchase!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Casey and a Challenge

Today is my "babies" birthday - 24 years old!!!  Casey and his sister - are 2 of those things I did right in spite of everything I did wrong!  He taught me how to laugh, how to live again - he taught me that God really does have a sense of humor... and if he would have been my first - he would have been my ONLY child!!!  LOL

I remember going into labor on Christmas night - spending all night in the hospital - had an amnio the very next morning to see if his lungs were okay...  I had already had one with lung problems, and we knew he was going to be born they gave me steroid shots to make sure they got developed okay!  Born 6 weeks early......he's a fighter for sure!!!

Born the day after Christmas - my sister 4 days before...  She told me when I had him not to include his Christmas presents with his birthdays - and never to wrap his birthday in Christmas wrap!!!!  He gets everything one time of the year - and nothing the rest of it!!!  LOL  

This week - do something for an upcoming birthday, make a layout, a card, or a gift for someone's birthday coming up!  Make a few birthday cards to give to someone on their birthday, or to just give out when you find out someone has a birthday!  Get all the birthday cards you need to get done for the next few month - DONE!!!!!  

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Scrapbooking The Hard Times -

Scrapbooking through the hard times - I'm not sure if you have thought about it or not...  I used it for therapy when I really needed it the most, and as I look back - it really helped me when nobody else could or "would" shall we say!  In the last 4 months - I have lost 3 very special people in my life - my cousin who was just younger than I am (by 3 months), my namesake (she was 100 years old), and my father in law (recently and unexpected)!  Unexpected deaths - it makes you think twice about life, and yet sometimes it helps you see the forest through the trees and exactly what is more important in life!  

I learned this time - how to be a support system to someone - who simply didn't know what to do or how to feel for the moment!  I discovered it's not always about you, but instead what you can do to simply change!  I really found out what it is like to look at someone and judge them based on who they are, not what others' say about them or experienced!   I learned for the first time in a long time, to simply let go!

Not everything is going to go smooth in life.....  I know one thing, I'm glad I had this to help me through my journey!!!  Here are some tips to get you started in your own journey in scrapbooking through the hard times:
  • Look for questions you want to tackle, and start to write them down!  Grab a notebook so you can keep track of things you want to journal!  
  • Not every project needs to have a bunch of pictures, sometimes you can use more  generic pictures that you can add journaling to the pages along with it!
  • Mini albums are wonderful to create - using fewer supplies and embellishments, less photos and more journaling to write things out more...  A picture says a thousand words or so they say - let your pictures start to tell the story!
  • Hidden journaling, tags, accordions - can make wonderful places to put journaling you don't want the world to see!
  • Do a Project Life album - being able to keep track of the little things during the journey along the way!  
Life is about the ups and the downs - the good and the bad!  Working on my ancestry, I think simply about what I would want to know about them - and try to ask those type of questions!  Simply document the ride - you will truly be glad you did!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Friday, December 9, 2016

Organizing Your Space - Part Two

I am having a fun time in planning my creative and work space, and picking out fun products that will help me to be organized better!!!  Plus the rest of the things I am in the process of making and planning that is certain to help - I almost can't wait for the beginning of the year with all the progress I am doing now - to see what my space will end up looking like by the time I am done!!  
I have my passwords book done - ready to add the little things I need to save, such as passwords, web sites - things like that!  I have my planner done - but working out the little details such as the pages and the paper clips is still going on!  And I am working on my month to month pages that will help with getting more paid off, a budget - and more accomplished!  I really can't wait to see what all I end up creating and buying to organize myself!!!!
I recently stumbled across Thirty One Gifts, which has organizing products and purses!!!  They have a ton of different products that can be customized to your space, and to your budget - I am simply in LOVE!!!!  You have until 12/12/16 to order in time for Christmas - so make sure you get your order in quickly!  I can't wait to get my order placed - just in time for getting my organizing space ready at the beginning of the year!!!!  
Things you can work on - 
  • If your space needs a bit of a freshener, look at making your own boxes - and pair them with fun organizing products from my store!!!  
  • Make a list of what you need to make or purchase in order to organize your own space!  
  • Go through your things and keep only what you are going to use...  If you have a use for it, plan to organize it - and put like things with other "like" things!  
I can't wait to see how much money I end up spending, and what I end up recycling!!!  I have a table top, and need to get a book case - I figured I could get 2 of them, and then put the table on top of them, so I can put my books - and some of my supplies on the shelves!  I also want a wardrobe that I can add shelves to, and put the rest of my stuff in there - organized in my bins and boxes!!!  My budget right now is $500 - spent over the next 5 months!!!!  First up - my table!!  Let me know if you need my help to personalize your own space!!!  We can set up a free consultation so we can get things rolling!!!!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Organizing My Life - Part One

I am a very unorganized person - and procrastinate with the best of them!!!  When I have a project to do - I wait until the very last minute to get it done, we won't even talk about mailing things out!  That said - I am hoping some of the little things I am doing right now - will help me to get more done, and remember more details! 
  • A username/password book to keep all of my details for the web sites I like to go to! (Done - pic's attached here)
  • Finish up my planner pages, especially the little details, such as the paper clips and stamping on the pages!
  • Monthly dividers to keep track of all aspects of bills and payments, as well as other "house" related details that won't fit in my "planner"!  
  • An event planner book - to help keep track of things I need to get done for things like birthdays, holiday's, anniversaries!!! 
I am an organized - unorganized mess, but with these little projects in the works, I will be organized with everything in it's place in no time!  Next up - fun organizational products I just stumbled across, that can be customized to your very needs!  I love to create, and I love for my space to be organized - and my life to be organized as well!
The project above - small composition notebooks, scraps of paper from other projects, and embellishments from my stash!  I used my Cricut machine for the alphabet letters!  Easy place to put my passwords for the places I love to go!!!!  Each week I will be making something that will help me get organized - or organizing my space into what I need...join me!   
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Good Intentions and Challenges

Mini Albums for sale - $25.00 each
I am not sure how many of you are like me - where you have so many good intentions, but you just simply don't follow through with what you want to do LOL!!!!  Or I start the project - but don't finish it in time to put it in the mail to those I have made it for!  Hopefully this next year will be a bit different for those in my life that I want to know how much I love and appreciate them!  

In the next few weeks - I will be doing a lot of behind the scenes planning for January, the web site, and the business in general!  I hope by the time I am done - everything will start to fall in to place for next year!  I have put my dreams aside and on hold for a long time, between "people" and "issues" those things I wanted to do were the first to go!  No more!!!

A few fun challenges for you for the upcoming weekend, pick and choose what you want to do!!!
  • Look at your current supplies, and make SOMETHING!!!!  It doesn't have to be something for right now (though that would be great), just look at your supplies and make something!  
  • Get inspiration from a blog you like, Pinterest, things people have made or posted, and create SOMETHING!  
  • Make a gift for someone on your list - a mini album with pictures already included, or for them to add themselves!  
I really appreciate the page views, and really thank you all for your continued support for Memories in Tyme!  Life is taking such a turn for me, it is a matter of simply spending the time to figure it all out!  When you sit and want one thing for so long, those "things" simply end up changing down the line, and moving in to other things!  One way or the other, I am glad that things changed for me!!!
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Being Grateful

Today is Thanksgiving if you live in the states, where you spend time with friends or family (both???) eating a ton of food for sure!  It's all about togetherness, love, putting differences aside, and simply being grateful for one day at least!  As I sit down today, reflecting on my past...and what is in store for my future, I simply am amazed!, so much to actually be thankful for, so much growing, so much learning - so many doors shut finally!!!  I am excited for what is next - what I have worked towards, and how I simply won't settle for less anymore!  Along with that - Memories in Tyme is changing a bit...with more goals to bring out the things I want to - and putting to rest that in which I can't simply do right now, and the wisdom to know the difference!  Life is about moving forward - learning - GROWING!!!  
Today, while you are with friends and family - take a small notebook and pen with you - jot down the funny things that are said, or the profound things that are said - who was there, who called while you were there...all those fun things that made today - TODAY!  
  • Find 10 things you are grateful for, and do a project with it - either a mini album or a layout!  
  • Do a project about the day you had and how you spent it, documenting all the fun things you did!
  • Do a project about the food you love to eat during the holiday, especially journal about those things you have only at this one time of year!!!  
  • Do a project about when you were a child - the traditions and things that you experienced!
I hope you enjoy your day,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme



Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Anniversary and A Challenge

My dad died on 8/5/2004 - 3 days after my birthday, 5 years to the day after my ex-husband committed suicide!  I hate the day - I hate the week - I hate the month...and I simply will never be the same again because of this one set of events!  I miss my dad - more than I ever thought I would, I am more like him than I thought I was, and yet - after a random conversation today with my mom - I realize I am like her in ways as well!  
It would have been my parents' anniversary today - I called to wish my mom a great day, and simply wished my dad one through the angels!  I thought about growing up - and how lucky I was to have both parents in the same house, let alone living in the same house my whole life never having to move!  I thought about going out to dinner on their special day, always something nice!  I thought about never hearing my mom and dad argue at ALL - in the 50 some-odd years they were together!  I learned love - and once I found TRUE LOVE - my dad could go!   
In celebration of their special day - a bit of a challenge for you:
  • Since my mom's favorite color is blue - do ANYTHING using blue as the main color!
  • Make an anniversary card (or more than one) to give to someone special in your life!  
  • Create a mini album with pictures and journaling of you and your significant other showcasing the love between you!
  • Add a framed page of one of your favorite photos of your parents (or you and your spouse) for your wall!
  • Do a project with flowers in it!  Doesn't matter what it is - just use flowers somehow!  
If your parents are still around, enjoy them, spend time with them - LOVE THEM!  I hope you make fun projects with the challenges from here!  I hope you share with me what YOU end up creating!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme