Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cricut -

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Lynda Jeffs
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Basic Stamp Techniques

When you start out making cards, find a theme you always need to go to the store to purchase something for - lets say a thank you card, or birthday card, and start there first!!!  You can take the same saying, just by changing the background papers and ink pad colors you use - you will change the whole look of the card!  Here are a few examples of easy beginner thank you cards, notice the "thanks" saying stamp was used for all three cards, just different colors of ink for each card!  

Same thing with the 3 cards here, just different colors of ink used on all three cards, as well as different colors for each card created!  Now, with birthday cards, you can create them so many different ways as well!  By changing the different embellishments you use for each card, you can see how each one turned out totally different, and by using what you already have at home, each card will turn out truly one of a kind for those you are making cards for!!! 

By using different background papers, and different die cuts - each of the cards here turned out totally different!  Stamps - with ink pads, scrap paper leftover from other paper crafting projects - and a card base, can save you tons of money at the store when it comes to giving out cards!  As you learn more, then expand a bit on what you have - and add more as you go!  Look for things that will go with other stamp sets you have, or add sayings to the existing stamps you have!  Add ink pads as you can, but a basic black, white, brown, and maybe a color or two can go a long way up front!  Cards really can save you money - especially when each one is at least $1.00 if you go to a "dollar store", and more if you go to other types of stores!   Plus every time you use a stamp, you end up saving money from not having to purchase the card - or much of anything else to go with it!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Creative Paperclay Design Team Project and Birthday Idea

As I woke up yesterday, I remembered I needed to have a design team project ready to go for today, a fellow co-worker's birthday was yesterday (needed to make a quick project for it - thus the design team project), PLUS blog posts done, pictures taken for the posts, all before 10pm - AFTER an 8 hour shift at work!  Needless to say - a few things got put on the backburner!!!  
I love how both of the projects turned out, and can't wait to go back to work to see what she thought!  The card matched the mini album you can see on the Creative Paperclay design team blog!!!  

Supplies used for the two projects: 
Stampin' Up papers 
Die cuts - flowers, vine 
Punches - balloon, sun 
Ribbon, twine and floss 
Creative Paperclay Mold - Stampin' Up 
Ink pads - Stampin' Up 
Birthday saying stamp 
Card base w/envelope 
3D dots 

Directions for card: 
Step one: Take card base, using scraps of paper, add 2 pieces of cardstock, one a bit smaller than the other one to the top of the card base. 
Step two: punch 6 balloons in 3 different colors - add twine to the balloons in 2 different colors. 
Step three: Add a 3D dot to the bottom of 2 of the balloons, adding all 6 balloons to the top portion of the card. 
Step four: Stamp the Birthday Wishes stamp (or your birthday saying) on a stip of cardstock - add it to the bottom of the card with the tails of the balloons hanging out the bottom! 
Step five: Sign or stamp the bottom back of the card, so people know YOU made it! Thank you for stopping by today! 

Lynda Jeffs 
Memories in Tyme and 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Basic Stamping with Card Idea

Okay, we've started to talk a bit about stamping in your projects, today we are going to go over a few basic techniques so you can start to stamp your own handmade cards and embellishments for your paper crafting projects!  Stamping can save you a ton of money - depending on what it is you, embellishments, backgrounds for your scrapbook pages!  Here are a few tips to get you started on making something awesome with stamps!! 
  • Start small to start out with - don't create a huge project the first thing you do! 
  • Grab a scratch piece of paper, your ink pad and stamps - and just get used to inking and stamping your creations before you actually begin. 
  • When you stamp images, you want to press the stamp into the ink pad, then press it onto the paper.  Try to do a few images before you add it to your paper! 
  • Start out with black in, any image...add chalks or colored pencils to color the images in, while adding background paper to your images, can create a one of a kind card each and every time!    
  • Purchase a basic card pack with envelopes included to get started!  If you decide you love making your own cards, you might want to get 8.5 x 11 cardstock, cut it in half, and create your own card bases.  This way you just have to pick up the envelopes to put them in. 
  • Use scraps of paper from your scrapbook and other paper crafting projects to create your own one of a kind cards for the background papers.  This way - each of your cards are truly one of a kind for every card made! 
  • Check out sketches and other cards for examples to make your own cards! 
  • Make a few extra cards each month so you can give them away when you need them the most! 
This particular card was made with a card base, basic stamp, chalks to color the image (or images) in, a black ink pad, and scraps of paper from another project!   Make sure to add your basic crafting supplies along with - a paper trimmer for the most part!    
Step  one:  Starting with your card base, add the background paper.  I used two colors for this example.
Step two:  Ink the stamp with the black ink pad, press the image onto the cardstock.  For this example, I used an ivory scrap piece!!!  
Step three:  Add the chalks (or colored pencil) onto the stamped image after you have let it dry!  Turn the card over and make sure to add your signature to the back - or a small accent stamp if you can find one!  
So, grab a few stamps and make a few cards!  If you are a veteran for making cards, then try to learn something new, buy a new stamp to work with if you can, or find an idea you want to recreate!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monthly Planning Challenge -

Every month at this time, I post a challenge...not necessarily for you guys, but more for me!  If you happened to miss last months post - I changed things up a bit, in order for me to get a bit more done in a short amount of time!  I am happy to say, I actually got the binder done I was talking about in the above post, and am getting more done because of it!  I tweaked it just a bit, just like everything else I end up doing!  Here's what I ended up doing:  I have a calendar for each month printed out, and lined paper added each month for personal, work, and business schedules and things to do!  I am hoping by doing things this way, it will help keep me a bit more on schedule, with due dates for tasks!  Pretty soon I will have a design sheet to add for you to print out if you need it!  A way to keep track of the little details of each project!!!  
So, since my binder is done - I will challenge you to find something that works for you, and let me know if you need any help in setting your own type of planner up!  That just might be another post LOL!!!  Whatever you end up using (recently got a tablet, might try to use the calendar portion there and see if that helps) to organize yourself, grab your calendar, paper, pencil/pen, highlighters, and "things" you need and lets get started!  
  • Take a look at your calendar until the end of February, what events do you have that you need to get things done for - whether it is creative related or not?  Pencil works great until you have the details mapped out, or simply use sticky notes to keep track of details that way!  
  • Also look at your calendar through April - what events do you have you need to plan to purchase things for, create for, or anything else?  Can you pick up things while it is on sale, can you create earlier - or anything else to get stuff done?  Look outside the box, use coupons, and get stuff done!  
My list includes a couple of birthdays, and Valentines Day so far - with a ton of things in April and May!  I am glad I can get a bit of shopping done, a few things made...and on a roll with things that need to get in the mail!  If it has to be sent to someone, a due date listed on the design sheet - highlighted in pink!!!  I have a system for color coding - which will help me get things done in a better time, than not at all or late all the time!  I hope it continues to work for me!  Whatever you choose to do - however you choose to organize yourself...just get things done!  Join me!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Creative Rut

I love to create - from paper crafts, to digital scrapbooks, to graphic art - I love to create! What I hate, is not having enough time in the day TO time management skills S.U.C.K......with absolute capital letters!!!  So how do you change it so you get out of that creative rut and get more done?  

  • Check out your favorite manufacturer's blogs and websites for new products, projects and inspiration!  Make sure to keep good notes for each idea you find, including the exact website!  
  • Look back at previous projects you have done for inspiration to complete something new!  I looked back at some of the mini albums I have done, and have a whole other set of projects based on past ones!  
  • Buy something new - it doesn't have to be huge, just find new papers, stamps, ink pads, embellishments to work with - and have fun!  
  • Check out pictures from CHA for products that are on your must have list!  
  • Keep a notebook handy - inspiration doesn't always happen when you are sitting there wanting to create (trust me on that one), so by keeping some sort of a notebook - sketch pad - design can jot down information at random times, creating the piece when you are done with the details!  
  • Make a list - as dumb as it sounds, it really does help when you make a list of things you need to get done!
  • Do something different - if you always do the same thing, you will never get out of your comfort zone to be able to create something "different".
  • Check out older magazines, books, and things you have for creating...  
  • Learn a new technique!    
Creating is a lot of fun - so if you are having a hard time in getting things done, or have no inspiration, you have plenty of suggestions here to get out of your comfort zone!  The one helping me right now, is making lists and buying new supplies!  It doesn't have to be a huge expense or a huge something fun, something for your house, something for a gift, or something for a future event; just get something done!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Craft Spaces

I love to create...what I don't like, is living in a small apartment where my space is in the "dining room" area for all the world to see!!  So, a few changes are in the works for my creative space...I hope after all of it, it will not only look good, but function well too! The best part about it all, everything I am doing - can be moved easily, which is a necessity in my world!  
I recently ended up with a really cool desk, which is now my combined computer desk and my scrapbook area to create in!!!!  I also have an older filing cabinet in another room, which will be painted a glossy black, along with the desk and the armoire after we find it so everything will match!!!  My plans are simply to have the furniture as the basis of the whole room, with accent colors for the rest of the stuff such as the chairs, desk organizer set, and accent pieces for the space/room which can be changed easily!  This way, things are put away when company is there, and the only thing out really, is things related to a normal desk!  The armoire will simply keep everything paper craft related in one place, behind closed doors!       
Then for the boxes to go in the armoire to put stuff in, I have found a few great ideas reusing a few different type of boxes pinned on my Pinterest page, link here!   I really like this particular style, plus the one with twine wrapped around the box and a fabric insert.  I will be using a combination of both of these two styles for my armoire, and my desk area as well!  I can easily create boxes to fit everything I have, and in categories that I need in how I create!  Being able to pull things out when I need them, and put them back when I am done...  
A bit more about the armoire...  I want one that has 2 drawers underneath, with the shelves inside the doors that open up at the top.  On the doors, I will have a magnet board on one side, with either peg board or a bulletin board background!  All of the magnets and pins will be created to go with the design of the space!  I am really excited to get this part of things done... I'm not spending a lot of money right now on supplies, except on the specific things I need for a project - but nothing extra!  Once I get my armoire, watch out pocketbook!!!  You don't need a lot of money, just a few basic pieces, such as a table or desk; add to that any type of storage space, and you have a perfect start to your own space!  Even if it's in a corner of a family room, you can always make the space look nice, no matter where you are at!  I hope you have fun creating YOUR perfect space!   
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme  

Monday, January 5, 2015

Stamping Supply List, Tips, and Hints

Stamping can truly save you a lot of money - not only on making your own cards, but also in making your own embellishments too!  Sometimes it is a lot more fun to take a stamp and create something one of a kind than it is to purchase a sticker lets say!  You can then add more things - such as buttons, brads, punches, and paper to create a ton of things!  A basic toolkit for stamping - to add to your scrapbook supplies:
  • Stamp sets in various themes.  Don't go overboard in this area, simply get what you will use and stamps that might go with other stamps you have.  
  • Ink pads - you can never have too many ink pads, as long as you take care of them and use them that is!  Store them upside down in order to keep the ink at the top and more moist!  
  • Card packs with envelopes.  In order to make one of a kind, beautiful, fun cards - you need plenty of this supply!  
  • Scraps of paper from other projects, or coordinated papers to create the cards with. Paper is the basis the whole entire project!  
  • Coloring items such as markers, colored pencils, and chalks!  
  • Decorative edged scissors
  • Paper trimmer
  • Fine tip scissors
  • Sketches for finished projects
  • Ruler
  • Sponges
  • Templates**
  • Brayer**
  • Lightbox**
  • Embossing gun **
  • Embossing powder**  
Items marked with ** are items you can look for on sale, down the line, instead of up front as you are just starting out!  Check coupons out for various craft stores, or online for specials!     

Tips to create for cheap:
  1. Purchase stamps you know you will use, don't go wild buying every single stamp out there.  Pick up those you will actually use, and that you can use with other things, such as a present stamp, which you can use for birthdays or holidays simply by changing the saying stamp to go with it!  
  2. If you are just starting out, and are on a budget...Walmart has a great section with $1 ink pads, stamps, as well as in-expensive embellishments to make a few cards with!  You could probably spend $10-15 and be able to make quite a few different cards!  
  3. Start small, such as a card, bookmark, or tag... 
  4. Pick a theme, and make cards for it...such as birthdays (if you celebrate), thank you cards (if you send a lot out), or just plain notecards with no "saying" on, just a simple stamp with a saying on the inside!  
  5. Most "dollar stores" have plain gift bags you can use to create your own style of gift bags, instead of purchasing them!  Add a matching card, and another one in the bag for them to re-use!  
  6. Use existing supplies you have, look for coupons from craft stores, and don't buy everything you think you need!  
  7. Connect with other people who stamp, and use other styles of stamps instead of your own!  This way you can try before you buy!  
I am sure as we keep going there will be more ideas to help save you money!  Check back for tons of ideas this month using stamps - for scrapbooking, making cards, and making craft projects!  Thanks for stopping by!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Creative Paperclay Design Team Project -

I have been on the Creative Paperclay Design Team for 2 terms now, pleased to be brought back for a 3rd term!  I have had so much fun playing with Creative Paperclay, and am working on a beginner post, full of links to ideas, a basic tool supply list you will need, and tips galore!!!  Check the blog today, and you will see the entire new design team, as well as fun tips if you are just starting out using Creative Paperclay!   
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and 
Creative Paperclay Design Team

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Technique of the Month - Stamping

When I first started out stamping - I created my daughters birth announcements out of a Disney stamp, postcards and colored pencils to color in the shapes...she's now 24 years old!  I was thrilled with how they turned out, more personalized than anything I could have bought in the store where anyone can buy them!  From that very first project, I was hooked on stamping, and I still am today!  
Starting this month, we are going to be working on a technique of the month...this first month is stamping!!!  You can use stamping with your scrapbook projects and stamping to make handmade cards!  There are many uses for your stamps, such as:

  • Make handmade cards
  • Use on tags
  • Use with other stamps to create a collage or background
  • Emboss the shapes
  • Make one of a kind embellishments
  • Use with die cuts and punches
  • Color the shapes in
  • Use with Creative Paperclay
You don't need a ton of supplies to start stamping with - a few key pieces to add to your scrapbooking supplies would be:

  • Stamps in various themes
  • Card packs including cards and envelopes
  • Colored pencils
  • Ink pads
  • Embossing powder
  • Embossing gun
  • Patterned scissors
I am working on an article for Ezine Articles for stamping...I will make sure to share it with you here, it will definitely cover a few other things I won't here!  Check back this entire month, where you will learn all kinds of techniques and ways you can use stamps! Join me!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Friday, January 2, 2015

Planning This Years Projects -

Are you like me - and excited for this year, or are you dreading the year coming up?  What about creatively - are you excited about the projects you plan to make...or are you dreading to even create a THING?  Well, I hope after today, you are more excited - and you join me in planning your projects out a bit more!  
Normally I just "wing it"...whatever I make - I make, and whatever I don't...well, I don't!  I get some stuff done, but not everything I want to!  I hope this year is a bit different, with things being finished - on time (or early), with a deadline as to things I am mailing off!  
Some things to keep in mind as you are planning out your own projects:

  • Before you go and plan this big extravagant project - look at your budget and how much you know how to create first.  I guess the phrase "don't bite off more than you can chew" would come into place here!  
  • Are there things you really want to keep track of versus other "things"?  Are you more of an event person, or a day to day person?  Answering this one question will certainly help you in creating the perfect project for yourself!  
  • Do you create projects to sell, or just for your own personal use?  If you do sell handmade creations, you can use up a lot of your own personal stash to create things without limitations.  If you create for your own personal use, you might be more limited because of different factors that go into the decisions for a project.
  • Find the time to create a design sheet for each of your projects - that way you can plan out different aspects of your projects, when you have them...adding as you have more information for each step!
  • Try to step out of your comfort zone a bit more.  If you do one set of projects primarily, do something different this year! 
  • Use a notebook (such as this one) to plan out your projects - title ideas - pictures to use, etc!  This way, when you get inspiration, you can start to write things down, adding the page/pages to your supplies as you are done getting all your ideas down on one piece of paper!   
Things I plan on creating this year:      

  1. Project life - to keep track of more day to day life than events!  
  2. Mini albums for more events such as birthdays, holidays, and special things.  
  3. Framed art for the walls!
  4. Framed pictures!
  5. Altered things for the home!  
  6. Cards in various styles.
  8. Vertical paper bag albums for special events
  9. Altered notebooks to keep track of planning things.
  10. Planners for various things - budget, monthly, creative...  
I plan on getting more done - not only on time, but mailed out on time as it needs to be, instead of late or not at all!  I plan on getting organized...getting my space organized, and things accomplished as they need to be!  I am excited...  Watch for a few design sheets you can download added soon!  Grab your paper, calendar, pens/pencils - and lets get to work planning out this years projects!  What are YOU going to get done, what do YOU need to purchase, what do YOU need to learn???  Get it on the list and lets get started!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year in Review -

2014 was one HELL of a ride...from the first week into the year, to the very last week of the year... a ride!  What about you...did you document this past year as well as you really wanted to? Or were you like me and didn't document much of anything - let alone take pictures?  So many things happened, yet not enough words written to be able to "see" all the things we went through!  For me personally, I wish I would have documented more than I did...took more pictures of the day to day events than I did!  Life goes by way too fast...

  • My oldest niece passed away...33 years old, went to sleep and didn't wake up on 1/8/14.  I never thought I could miss someone so much every day of my life from the day I got that phone call until today...  
  • Because of that, I learned life is way too short to live in hatred and anger...  I also learned it isn't just up to ME, everyone has their own free agency in life to decide what THEY WANT too.  
  • Major surgery to get a health issue taken care of - because of it, another issue helped out!  I hated the surgery, and that in which came afterwards with Physical Therapy...but for the most part, things are looking up in that respect!  
  • Time spent helping my church out - making things look nice where it was needed the most!  Feeling good about what I was able to accomplish...watching the blessings unfold because of it!    
  • A new job - a new endeavor (Stampin' Up) - a scrapbook retreat on the horizon - paper craft classes starting, handmade crafts for people - web moving in a forward motion, instead of backwards like normal!  Yet that is what happens when you shut doors and move forward!  
  • Furniture...I'm now bursting at the seams and just need a few key pieces, instead of having no furniture and live in a "dinky" place!  Where I had to sleep on an air mattress for a year, I'm off the floor and in a regular bed!  
  • Things replace - a truck paid off - life moving in a better direction!  Getting past issues taken care of, buying a car - and getting other stuff rolling for others in the household!  
  • Some fences mended...others - the door finally shut for good.  Finding wonderful friends - and thanking GOD for the many blessings He has helped me to get!  
  • For the first time - birthday gifts for 4 grandkids sent...and Christmas sent this year as well! 
  • Plans made for next year - and goals made this year that was actually hit!!!  Some bills paid off, others on a list to BE paid!   
I can't wait to get the entire project done...  So many fun, interesting, horrible, ruthless, can't get through things that happened this year...each of them require documentation for sure!   With as many amazing things that happened this year, I almost can't wait to see what this year will hold for us!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


New Years Day - Intentions Project

I love the whole beginning of the year thing...  It's almost refreshing to me, planning the new year out - getting rid of the things that are not working for you, and getting stuff IN your life that does work!!!  Whether you call them goals - intentions - resolutions...take your life to the next level and get out of the rut you are in!  
Why talk about this in a creative blog?  Because this year - I want you to make goals - or intentions - or resolutions...for the creative side of your life!  If you don't normally document your day to day life...then do it this year!  If you document more of the "day to day" things in your life, do other fun projects, such as mini albums for birthdays and special events...or a whole year of "holidays" album even!  
My thoughts for my album:  

  • 6 x 6 mini album 10 pages
  • Interactive with tags, pockets, hidden journaling
  • Pink, red, mint green, light blue, white for the colors
  • Embellishments are flowers - 
  • Stampin' Up stamp set Garden Party
  • Stampin' Up flower punch
  • Handwriting for journaling
I just found the paper I am planning on using - and usually, that's the beginning of the whole entire project for me!  Now all it takes is looking at the other products I have at home, and pick out the perfect things for this project, as well as the 2014 Year in Review project!!!  
I am excited for this year...  Lots of things in my personal, creative and work life going on...all trying to be meshed together!  New endeavors for my business...scrapbook retreats, paper craft classes...and products to keep me organized and help me craft with - Stampin' Up and 31 Bags!!!
So, I hope you join me...make your own "intentions" project!  My reasons are simple...I simply want to document more of what I want to "do" in continuing the changes that I have been, and I want to see where I am at this time next year!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lynda's Must Have Supplies - Week 4 of 4 (Late of course)

I understand this post is a bit late; however, I decided to do this one after the holiday's, so you can take some of those gift cards you got - and purchase your own things that you need, whether it is paper, cartridges, or organizing stuff!  Make sure you look back at the past 3 weeks of posts, and you can get the whole list of my "must haves to create with", so you can make your own list of things you need to purchase!     
Now, with all this stuff you have (and are getting), you really need to have products to organize yourself with, instead of your stuff all over the place or in sacks!  The organizing products I have right now have been with me for at least 10-13 years, and are more portable because of us moving as much as we have!  My creative supplies have been such a huge part of my life, and trust me, when we do move - all I hear from my husband is "you have so much scrapbook sh*t" about half way through the space being moved!!!  I am sure it will change this year, my son won't always live with me (wink wink hint hint)!!!    
Back on this post - I shared with you my scrapbook space.  In the top picture here, you can see my Cricut machine, with the white organizer container that my cartridges are on! In the baskets underneath, I have my patterned scissors in one, and my adhesives in the other one.  The very top part I have my blades for the machine, and my pencil sharpener! This was actually a ribbon holder, (where the pencil sharpener is now), but I didn't like how it was with the ribbon I I just took the rod out where the ribbon goes, and reused it!  I purchased this particular style at Michaels craft store - the Recollections brand (also on sale for 50% off), with shipping also available! 

Now - if you are on a budget - there are so many things you can do in order to get organized, and do it for less money!! Here are a few things I am planning on doing for my creative space:  

  • For my creative books (since I have so many of them), I am going to get the bookcase shown here (in a set of 2), along with a table top I have already (painted the same black) to create a large creative space.  I need paint for a table top and a file cabinet, which can be purchased with gift cards we received!  
  • Instead of throwing away boxes, I look at what type of box it is, and alter it instead.  I have shoe boxes, used to put handmade items in, along with other boxes things have came in, to organize little things in my drawers!  A bit of fabric, boxes and glue - will create your own style of bins to put things in!  
  • Clear plastic drawers can be organized, reorganized, and then reorganized some more!  I have had 2 7 drawer containers for 10 plus years, using them for various things along the way!  They are a great low cost alternative, being able to expand on - one piece at a time!  
So, you have a few great supplies to look at purchasing, and a few great organizing things to look at!  I look forward to bringing you a whole month full of ways to use stamps in paper crafting, so keep checking back for ideas, a supply list to start with, and links to great products all through January!  Cricut machine and cartridges, Stampin' Up supplies, paper, punches, die cuts and more - my favorite products to use with paper crafting!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme  

Sunday, December 28, 2014

More Reflections - with Next Years Challenges

I am so glad the holiday season is almost over - the only thing left this year, is New Years Eve!!!  I have worked hard in so many different areas of my life, of which, creating took a backseat to everything going on with me personally.  This year was spent on health, a total knee replacement, family issues and relationships, and just healing emotionally.  Today, looking ahead at 2015, is a totally different feeling than last year at this time looking ahead to 2014!  
What are your reflections for the past year - both personally and creatively?  Did you get enough creating done for your family, did you create enough for yourself, did you get everything done you wanted to?  For this next year, are there things you want to learn that you haven't spent the time to learn yet, are there projects you keep putting off, and what about products and supplies you have right now - do you have enough?
For this next year - here are a few things to challenge you:  

  • If you have older supplies, or haven't shopped for a while, try to do a little shopping for new supplies!  But don't buy too much, or things you know you won't use!  
  • Do an album reflecting on the past year...where you were at, where you are at now! Make sure to include the good, bad and ugly! 
  • Do an "intentions" album for next year, things you want to accomplish in the next year!  
  • If you send any cards out, get on a schedule to create different cards to give out the next 6 months!
  • Do more recycled projects - such as altered notebooks, recycled cereal boxes, can's, and decorations for your home!  
  • Learn something new - if you are doing the same thing over and over again, it will be boring...kick up your creating into something different!  
Check back this week where we will be talking about next years projects and decided how you want to do things - BEFORE next year hits!  Spend a bit of money, or use up those gift cards you got - to get the perfect supplies for next years albums and projects!  We will get organized, and look at things a bit different, for you to get more done - LIKE ME!  My time is precious now, I'm not home as much as I used to - so I need all the help I can get in getting organized, and more done!  

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Casey's Birthday 2 and 2 Challenge

It was my youngest son Casey's birthday on the 26th of December...  A horrible day for a child to be born - even worse I am sure as an adult for birthday presents!!!  That was totally not MY fault, Casey was due early part of February, and ended up being born 5.5 weeks early!  Since my oldest son had lung problems being born at 3 weeks early, we knew Casey was going to have problems!  They gave me shots to develop his lungs - and premature he was, but breathing and able to go home with me!  He was a wonderful baby...and has turned in to such an amazing adult!!!  His sister hated him for the first year, and from the time he hit one until now, they are best friends!!!  He is my youngest - but the 2nd youngest out of all 8 of my husband and I's kids together! 

For the challenge part - create 2 birthday layouts and 2 birthday cards!!!  Share them either on here in the comment section, on your personal blog (with the link here), or on my Facebook page,  1 lucky winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to Stampin' Up!!!  I will pick a winner on 1/5/15, so make sure you get your creations done before then and posted!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Friday, December 26, 2014

Reflections, Projects, and Challenges

Reflections...  Do you just sit back and look at the past year, where you were at, versus where you are at right now?  So many emotions as I look to the past - all going to be reflected upon in my next album - Year Of Review 2014!  Past projects not completed on time...things just not done like they should have been - including blog posts!  Too many pots going at the same time, not enough hands to cook everything, and too much going on all at the same time!    
My plans for next year are simple - more projects done - before they need to be done; instead of after the fact like I always do!  Classes and retreats are being scheduled now - both online and in person, plus for the first time - a retreat brought to you by me, Terri Sproul and Sin City Stamps!!!  My web site is being worked on right now, with a great beginner through expert format which will help you LEARN HOW to create your own style of paper crafts, that makes sense!   
One of my favorite projects I made this holiday season - framed pages for my mom and my daughter, both projects are one of a kind!  I loved how they turned out, along with the photo albums I made for each of them!  I can't wait to get the other framed pages that are now in my head because of this - done!!  With this project, I used paper I already had, purchased an 11 x 17 frame at Walmart that can be used as an easel, or hung on the wall, and my Cricut cartridges for the shapes!    
My other favorite project I did - was my vertical paper bag albums - this one is my moms!  This is by far my favorite album style to make now - and will be made more and more this next year!  Created out of cardstock, paper sacks, die cuts, and about 5 YouTube video's to get the basic idea down to create it!  I love making them - each one is different, because of the supplies used, the pictures used, the words written, the embellishments created...the various pockets, tags, and places for photos!!!  Each one different depending on the theme, amount of photos, and stuff you want to put in them!
I have a few challenges for you, try to slip them in sometime in the next few weeks!!!  

  • Get out of your comfort zone and try something new!  Look at upcoming events, birthdays, holidays, or "just because" you have, and make something different!  
  • Create 5-10 cards for various birthdays, anniversaries, thank you's, thinking of you, or just plain cards to put away in your stash!  If you don't have a stash, start one!  
  • Make a list...  What do you need to create?  Out of those things you "need to create", what do you have at home, what do you need to purchase, do you have any thoughts as to the finished project?  
  • Find all of your "heart" related embellishments, stamps, etc., and create at least one card and one mini scrapbook project out of the supplies you have found!!
Thanks for stopping by today!  I can't wait to get more things done, be more organized this upcoming year!  I can't wait to get more fun projects done, things ready to sell at the craft fairs, and my classes/retreats finalized!  This has been an amazing year for me, full of fun surprises, drama, an unexpected death...harsh realities, and healing!  I can't wait to share it all with you, as I get it all designed and created!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
 Memories in Tyme


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lynda's Must Have Supplies - Week 3 of 4

You know I love my Cricut machine and cartridges, stamps, cardstock and ink pads that match when I create, based on my week 1 and week 2 posts if you've been following them!  Well, today's post - brings you 2 more products are my absolute must haves that go with those other supplies, both punches and paper!!!  When you create with punches and paper, with your other supplies, you create one of a kind items for your scrapbooking, stamping, and paper crafting!  
Punches come in just about any size and shape you want...along with manufacturer! That's why punches can be so addicting!   Use border punches with your stamps to create wonderful cards, or to create matts for photos!  When paired together with die cuts and stamps, you can make those simple embellishments, end up to be perfect each and every time!  From basic shapes such as hearts, circles and stars - to leaves, flowers and corner punches - they are all great to have!  Hearts can go great for Valentines day or "love" projects - and cut in half for leaves!!!  Flower punches, when paired with other flower punches, create darling one of a kind flowers!      
Paper...okay but what can I say about paper!!!  Packs of coordinated paper, single sheets, two sided sheets, patterns, solids, 8.5 x 11, 12 x 12...I love it all!  There is nothing better than finding the perfect colors of papers to match each other, and finishing up a project or two that looks perfect!  I think for me, I love pictures that have nothing to do with any type of traditional theme - yet you find the perfect title you can create, to go with the perfect paper you have selected, and the perfect paper to create the perfect embellishments for that one photo!  Paper is the key to it all!  
I hope you have enjoyed this series of "must have" supplies!  It might just go with challenges, ideas and techniques for next year!  Next year is all about planning and getting things done BEFORE they need to be done, I hope you join me!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 


Monday, December 15, 2014

Monthly Reminder

I have decided I really like this post - for me personally!  I end up looking at my calendar for the next 6 weeks...but that is all changing starting today!  Oh I'm still going to do the same thing, only adding a bit more to the whole planning thing!  I have simply decided this is an absolute necessity, in order to plan things out and get more done BEFORE I need to get them done!  One of the worse things about me - I procrastinate, and then don't get things done I need to!  So, time to change all that!  
For me - I have to get a bit more organized...   Since I am going shopping, a list of things I need to purchase:  

Small binder
Lined paper
Post it notepads (various sizes)
Calendar (either printed out or bought)

Adding that to what I already have - page protectors, printer paper, dividers, and pencils! The dividers are 1-12 for each month...the post it notepads are to add events for each month, or months down the road so you don't forget!  The page protectors are to put invitations in, flyers for events you want to go to, or anything pertaining to events coming up!!!  
You challenge for the rest of this month - 

  • Decide how you want to organize things like this in YOUR life!  Whatever your favorite method of organizing events and things - utilize it!  
  • Look at the next 6 weeks, until the end of January!  Do you have birthdays, events - or anything else you need to do anything for?  
  • Also look at the next 3 months, until the end of March...  Start to make any lists - are there things you need to plan for, purchase, make?  Get an idea what you need to do and get it down on paper!  
I hope this next year is much better for those in my life, for gifts made, events celebrated, and times spent together!  I just have to get a bit more organized TO get things done!  I hope you join me!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Birthday - With A Challenge

Okay - I can't believe my beautiful daughter is 24 years old today!!!  She has taught me more about life than I ever will her!  Some of the things she has taught me - unconditional love for to keep on keepin on, how you can fall in love with someone at the drop of a she can look so much like me, yet be so much like her dad!  I reflect on the pictures - and the reason for them...though the layout doesn't show everything I truly would want to say!
Here is my daughter now, with her cute little yellow car!!!  I am glad she lives a couple of hours away from me, versus the 18 that we used to live!  She has grown into such a beautiful girl, I am so proud to be her mom!  Born 2 weeks to the day before only daughter smack in the middle of two boys!  The dress - was made by my mom!  She was my parents' only daughter to have a daughter, so she has always been special to her grandparents let me tell you!  Mom made the dress for Terra's blessing (for the LDS faith) and came to Colorado where I was living at the time for this event.  When we were getting her pictures taken in the least 25 people were in the mall watching her that day, almost like a mini model!  Happy birthday sweetie, I hope you have a wonderful - wonderful - wonderful day!  
Now for your creative challenge - if you are one of those who always do double prints - find a picture in which the first time around you did not tell the whole "story"...or you didn't add journaling to the layout like this layout!  Redo the layout - only this time, make sure to add the journaling!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lynda's Must Have Supplies To Create With - Week 2 of 4

Last week I posted my first pick for supplies to paper craft with, you can check out the post here, but my absolute top pick is my Cricut machine - not only for the die cut shapes, but for the alphabet letters I get to use!  However, this one little machine isn't the only thing I love!!!  
For this weeks MUST HAVE'S....well, I wouldn't have been able to create without them - STAMPS, along with stamp pads, and cardstock that matches all of it!!!!  I love being able to create something and not have to guess as to the colors I am using and will it clash, match or not!  For stamp sets - I have too many favorite's to list, but Stampin' Up right now has a lot of great sets that I MUST have!  Being a demonstrator does not help at all, since I can buy sets now at my cost!!!  I have a design team project that I recently posted (you can check it out here), was done using Creative Paperclay, my alphabet templates, and Stampin' Up stamps, ink pads and paper; great way to recycle jars - and use up the great cardstock you can get too!       

Stamps can be used with scrapbooking for one of a kind embellishments, use on blank cards for birthdays, holidays, baby or bridal showers, and any other kind of event/thing you can think of, and on any other paper crafting project you are working on!  I love to emboss my stamped images, to create a raised look for each image!  Great to use on vellum with white ink and embossing powder for a totally unique look - or emboss in black so you can paint within the edges!  Either way it goes, stamps - and basic stamp sets are WONDERFUL to create with!  
Thanks for stopping by, and make sure you check back next week for week 3 of my 4 weeks must have tools to create with!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gift Idea's -

I love getting handmade things, no matter what it is - or the reason for the gift.  If you have spent time in making something - you have given it from your heart to those that are receiving it!  At least that's how I look at it!  Whatever reason you make your gifts for, I hope you will get a few ideas for some fun gifts you can make for just about anyone on your list!  
The best thing about the gifts I make for people, I like to give them personalized gifts, or things they "need" to use or will save them money!  I am enjoying spending time on Pinterest looking at fun gift ideas for my friends and family to receive, and look forward to making them too!  Your gifts don't have to take a long time to make, nor do they have to be costly to make either!  Most of the things I make are recycled - or not expensive to make!  
Some things you can look at making:  

  • Make card packs for people who love to send out cards!   Make sure you sign the back, or put a fun little stamp with your initials, so they know you made them!  Card packs are fun to make - personalizing them to those you are making them for!  Great gift idea to give to those you don't see very often, or as a part of a bigger gift!  Use this same idea and create a whole box of various cards to give away!  
  • A personalized notebook for just about anyone - frilly for those girlie girl's, and a bit more plain for those that are not - or for men!  Can be used for so many different reasons - just to keep track of things you need to get done, journaling day to day thoughts, or for planning things out!  Add a magnet to the back of a smaller notebook, and you can use it to add to your fridge for a shopping list - or "to do" list!  There are so many different uses for notebooks - and so many different things you can do to them to make them personalized! No two are alike for me!
  • Framed pages are so much fun to make - personalizing them to everyone getting one!  Simply take a 12 x 12 sheet of paper, have a place for them to add the photo to, embellish it a bit - and you are done!  Every framed page can be done different - with or without photo's, yearly school photo's, holiday framed pages, and oh so many more idea's!   
Just about anything you make will be wonderful, just because you spent the time TO make it for someone!  Reach out to someone you have had an argument with, in hopes you can mend the fences...  May you have a wonderful holiday season, no matter what holiday you have!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Creative Paperclay Design Team Project

Okay, you have seen the recycled peanut container I made for my husband to put his candy in...  This is MY container!  Totally used Stampin' Up supplies with my Creative Paperclay - and BAM you have this fun recycled pickle jar!  I hope you check it out on the blog HERE - it does have a full supply list, directions - and is a GREAT beginner project to start out with, using basic scrapbook supplies!  Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon with another awesome project brought to you by Memories in Tyme!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Before and After - Fun Altered Project

I hate to throw things away - especially things that I can reuse into something else!   Lately, we have ended up eating a lot of peanuts...  We buy a big container from Walmart - and just have a handful of them when we want some!  Because of that - I have ended up with a lot of various empty containers!  My husband ended up putting some candy in one of them, so we decided to create this fun candy jar in order to keep candy in for each of us!!  

Supply list: 
Peanut container (or whatever container you want to alter)
Patterned paper
Cricut cartridges - 
     Ashlyn's Alphabet 

**Tip**  Unless you have a better way of taking off this label, I have found it best to cover it and not try to remove it!  However, if you do find a way, and you can keep it looking shiny and clear the way it is, please let me know!  
Step one:  Clean out your container, allowing to dry completely before putting any paper on it.  
Step two:  For the front label - cut a piece of cardstock 8 x 3.5, score at 2" on the right and the left side of the paper.  Add to the container.  
Step three:  Using Ashlyn's Alphabet - CANDY in 1"...  I used a red, lighter red and white - with the lighter red and white for the candy pieces.  
Step four:  Using the Celebrations pack, cut the candy pieces out at 1" and 3/4" using the left over paper from the alphabet for this part.  
Step five:  Using the adhesive of your choice (I used hot glue gun - would recommend running it through a Xyron machine in order to keep it flat, or anything comparable), add the word "candy" and candy pieces to the front of the container!  

It is a very easy project to do, if you don't particularly have a Cricut machine and these cartridges, you can always change it to one you do have, or simply use the machine you do have!  If you don't have a machine, look at what you DO have...and just change things for the supplies you have!  I hope you enjoy this one, and make sure you share with me what YOU have made!
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme