Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Picking Out Stamps To Use

When I start to pick out stamps to use - I don't just look at the set and decide if I like it - to buy it!!!  I look at the stamp or set I would be purchasing, and I think about how many different ways I can use it!!!  I also do this same thing when I purchase a die cut set as well!  It makes it so I can purchase different sets of things to go with other different sets of things...  AND - if I can use that set on more than one "thing" - it makes the purchase that much better!!! 

Stampin' Up stamps make it easy to purchase one set - and then add it to another one, or another one!  They have an awesome tin of cards - (I will be doing a class with this tin) - not only will you make the cards within the tin - but I will also be showing you how to use those same stamps, and use them with other stamp sets to create your own stash of cards!  This class will help you get the cards done, AND be able to make more when you are done using those up!!  And - the best part about that - purchase a card pack and envelopes, adding papers and ink pads, and you have the perfect starts to your own style of cards!  
Adding die cuts along with your stamps and ink pads, using Stampin' Up's papers and ink pads, you can make beautiful cards to give away to your friends and family that is truly one of a kind and your own style!   Add this to your Paper Pumpkin purchase each month, and you will have a few stamps you can work with, along with ink pads - in nothing flat!  Let me know if you need some help in planning a few sets out, we can schedule a 30 minute consultation for free in order to plan out a few stamp sets you need to purchase, projects or even small "how to's"!  

I have a lot of fun creating my own style of handmade cards - this week, will be working on some sympathy cards for a cousin of mine's family who passed away recently!  Another one of those things that I don't want to do, but glad when I finally get them done AND in the mail!
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Creative Paperclay Design Team 2016

Blog post up on the Creative Paperclay blog - using a box, Stampin' Up papers (am I in LOVE with this pack of paper or what), Delight product for the insides of the flowers - a bit of paint and you are done!  Easy box to put your favorite supplies in - this one is on my desk so it looks a bit better!!!  Directions to create the box in the link above - and boy you should check out the other amazing projects up on the blog by the other teammates!  Talented for sure - and Halloween is coming up - I am working on a tree to go with my last years projects - and we will see what else I can come up with working with this fun product!  Check out the blog in the link above - and if you need any Stampin' Up supplies, link above will take you right to my store so you can order and have it shipped!   All orders come with a FREE gift from me - sent to you!!!  I hope you enjoy your day - I am off to create a few things, blog it up, make a video (for another post) - and work this afternoon!  Man I love working at home, so many things I can do!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Planner Pages - Week 3

I have been working on my planner - you can see the other two posts for week one and week two's here so you can catch up!!!!  As I started to get everything done - I noticed the extra dividers were not going to work for me the way I wanted it to.....it would make my planner way too fat!  Instead, I am going to work on something a bit "different" - I can't wait to share it with you all when I get it all designed and planned out! 
The dividers - I am still working on them, but I love how they look so far!  I have added them to my planner - as well as the things for each section I will need (notice the clips at the top of the dividers) to add to each section!!!  I am working on my own pages for my planner - and will have them ready for you to download if you would like a copy of them!  They are simple - ready for you to add your own customization to each set of pages - stamps, clips, markers, washi tape, your own embellishments, whatever!!!!

Back to the dividers - I love the papers I used - Stampin' Up's 2016-2018 colors, which I will be doing a buying club for this set!!!  This set will be around for 2 years so you will have that long to be able to purchase the papers and things associated with this "color" and create with this amazing color set!!!  We will start with the ink pads, and work our way through the entire set by the time we are done, I will have more details about this later on!

This week, my plans are to finish everything up:
  • Backs of planners designed with quotes, places to put business cards and other small details
  • Pages finished up and printed out - ready for the little details for each section to keep me organized
The pages I am designing will help me to get organized and stay that way!  Those little things that I end up not doing - forgetting - not mailing... NO MORE!  I want to get more done - more designed - more work brought in - more planned and thought out!  I want to get things paid on time - and enjoy life with a plan and a purpose!!!!  

I will see you in a week or so - with the final product done!  You will also have the ability to take the pages I have made, and print them out for your own use and your own planner!  Thanks for stopping by - I can't wait to finish this project up and share the rest with you!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Friday, August 12, 2016

New Planner Pages - Week 2

If you missed the first post for my planner pages, you can check out week 1 here!!!  I have a ton of things going on at once, the main thing - I am an unorganized MESS where getting things done is concerned!  I wanted a planner that was perfect for me personally - but I simply can't spend a lot of money (much like everything I create) right now on planners!!!  I also couldn't find a set of pages that was perfect for me personally, and how I wanted to organize things!  I have a business side, a work side, and a personal side...and I want all three in one basic area - and then I can organize things from there!!!  I also wanted to be able to grab stamps, and simply add those fun little details and embellishments to each of the pages!  

 This week's plans for my planner:

  • Get front cover designed
  • Get sections decided on and designed
  • Finish up planner pages
  • Get a system for organizing life using this planner
  • Create paper clip embellishments for planner pages
Where the dividers are concerned - I simply used chipboard for them - with either a cut in half file folder - or an envelope hidden on the back, in order to put things in!!!  I also created half sized dividers, in order to categorize things a bit better!   I can't wait to start to design the fun embellishments for each of the pages, as well as pockets and things to put stuff in! 
I hope to see some of the fun things you all create - and will make sure to share with you the actual planner pages I have designed - and the paper clip embellishments for the planner itself!!!
 See you next week,
Lynda Jeffs
 Memories in Tyme 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Christmas Album - 2015 and 2016 - Week 2

At the beginning of the year - I had a challenge going to get everything put together for your Christmas Album!!!  I am not sure if you went through with your final project or not - but like normal - everything creative this year went down the tubes until recently!!!  You can check out the original post here, and start where you need to!!!  
I recently got a new Stampin' Up order in, along with it a couple of awesome Christmas stamps I want to use!  I can't wait to see what I end up creating with this challenge - along with the supplies I have chosen to use!  So far, I have gotten this done from the original challenge in the link above:  
  • I am creating a vertical paper bag album - so I am able to put a lot of photos in it, as well as keep the cards we got last year in one place!
  • I am using last years' Christmas themed paper pack from Stampin' Up, stamps (also from Stampin' Up), and embellishments from my stash of things!
  • I have so far created the cover - and the 6 pages for the inside, ready to embellish and add photos and things to!!!   
I have everything in one place - making it easier for me to simply grab it all when I have a bit of time to create, and putting it aside when I don't!  My time is limited, much like everyone else, so I try to create now when I can, instead of sitting on FB all the time!!  Plus I had a post, which clearly made me see just HOW many projects I have sitting out there "to do"!!!  

Challenge for this week - 
  • Look at embellishments that you want to make for the album - can they be done using a paper piecing pattern, stamps, and what you have at home?
  • Look at the pages for the album - do you need hidden journaling or other hidden aspects, extra places for photos?  What do you want them to look like?
  • Look at card designs you are attracted to - how many will you be sending out to people?  How many different designs will you be needing - or will you do the same design for all?
  • Look at gift tags you can make for the presents you give to people, how many of these will you need to have done?  Same as above - do you want different designs, or will you do the same?  
I have a lot of fun ideas to use for the album, cards and the gift tags!  I can't wait to see what I end up creating this week for all of them!  I have some fun Pinterest ideas listed here - now to just go through things - and make them my own!  I hope you will join me this week - and see you next week for even more ideas!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tym




Creative Paperclay Design Team - Beginner Tips

I've got a blog post up - link below - on the Creative Paperclay Design Team Blog, with tips and hints to get you started in using this product with your paper craft supplies - such as templates, ink, paint, rubber stamps and basic creative supplies!!!  I create my own magnets, embellishments, and even more - using Creative Paperclay and Delight products!  Being on the team - I get to see so many fun things other people end up creating.....and I get to learn from them too!  I have a great set of tips up on the blog today  - check out the link below!!!
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Working on Cards -

In yesterday's post, I had you look at your calendar from now until February, scroll down for that post when you are done here!!!!  If you have a lot of things going on at one specific time, it is nice to get cards made up ahead of time, to save yourself time - THEN!!!  Or for those moments you find out about a birthday, or someone is sick, or whatever - and you don't have the time to run to the store to pick one up!!!  I like to keep a stash of cards around for me to use when I need them the most - in various colors, styles and themes!!!  Plus if you purchase a great stamp set that has different sayings - you can create different cards with one set - or adding to another set!  This way you don't have to pick up a bunch of sets all at once, you can spread your purchases out over time! 

I have a couple of other posts you might want to check out relating to making cards and the summertime challenge (turning into early fall)!!!!  Check out this one which will help you get supplies put together, and then this one with a challenge to create 5 cards from 2 themes of cards you decided on in the first post!!!  
Since we all know how time challenged I am - I didn't get any extra posts put together for harder card making challenges and ideas I have!!!  I will add as many challenges as I can throughout the next few weeks - with a few techniques you can work on for the next few months!  For the most part - scraps of paper left over from other projects - a bit of cardstock - ribbon, floss or bakers twine - stamps - and you have one of a kind cards made by YOU!  You don't need a ton of extra supplies to make your own cards!   

  1. Out of the themes you know you will need - find 2 more that will need a lot of cards made, and make 5 more from each of the 2 themes!
  2. Take a look at your scraps, and decide the colors of papers that will go perfect for you to use together.  Even if you put them away for use later on, pick the colors out you want to use!
  3. Find supplies you already have at home - try not to spend money unless you need card bases and envelopes only!
  4. Make a list of card ideas you want to recreate - try to get 5 sketch's or card examples you want to use!
I am working on a fun class now that has a tin included for you to put your cards in!  I can't wait to get things nailed down - and will be on a Friday evening or Saturday during the day for those of you who work so you can attend!  Class will be online, with supplies purchased before hand and mailed directly to you!     
Making cards is a lot of fun - and really - if you do any other paper crafts - you probably have a ton of supplies right now to use!  I am all for saving money, not just spending it!  You really DON'T need a ton of supplies to create with!

**Cards made from stamps and papers from Stampin' Up - for purchase as well!  All cards are one of a kind, no two are ever alike!  Many cards and themes to choose from if you simply do not have the time to create your own!  Send me an email at memoriesintyme@gmail.com for a time we can talk!**

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme