Monday, February 8, 2016

Working Through the Non-Creative Times

I'm not sure about you all, but as for me - I go in spurts when it comes to creating!  There are just times in my life that I just can't create, no matter what I do!  Either something is stressing me out - or the creativity just isn't there!  I also create best when I am on a time limit - or when the inspiration hits me,  which is often times not the most opportune time, let me tell you!!!  So, what do YOU do at times like this - when it is harder to create than at other times?  I came up with a few ideas to help get out of the creative rut and more done! 
  • Check out some magazines or books you have for inspiration.  I get you probably have different things you already want to make, but go with a fresh eye this time... look for HOW they did something - versus the supplies they used.
  • Learn a new technique that you have been wanting to try out.   
  • If you have the budget - purchase a few new supplies!  Find things that are on sale that you will USE...  Try not to purchase things that you like - but don't have a use for.
  • Check out your Pinterest pages -what do you have already pinned that you want to create AND have the supplies for?  
  • Write things down when you DO have inspiration - it really does make things so much easier when you have the time to create, already having things in one place ready to go!  
  • Check out your favorite manufacturers' websites and blogs for even more inspiration!  Keep links or notes of things you need to purchase or create!
  • Find inspiration in something you have already created, such as the Intentions album above that I recreated!!!
  • Have a schedule to get more done!  Don't just rely on your memory - use a planner, or your phone or SOMETHING - but keep a list of what needs to be done handy!
This year - the calendar is helping me!  And making things for people who truly appreciate things - is another added bonus, that is for sure!  It makes what I have created that much more special - as I know they are loved, and enjoyed - and not just thrown under the stairs because you are too embarrassed to show them to people.  So, here's to getting more done this year!  

Lynda Jeffs
                                             Memories in Tyme



Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fun Valentines Day Altered Can Project

If you missed the first part of the blog post, you can check out the directions for the altered Valentines Day cans here on the Creative Paperclay Design Team blog!  With the can above - I didn't use any of the Creative Paperclay embellishments like the can's in the link - this one was created using various different heart die cuts in random places across the can!  I love how this one turned out!  With this post, you will get the directions for the tags I made to go with the cans!  Since I mail the packages to them, I wanted something that was more personalized to each one!  However, I also wanted something they could reuse if they wanted too where the can's were concerned!  I wanted a card/tag that showed them how much I love them!  So, lets get started on creating the tags to go along with those one of a kind can's! 
Supply list:
Paper left over from altered cans
Heart embellishments
3 pictures
Paper trimmer

Step one:  Trim your photos to be the exact same size.
Step two:  Create the piece where your photos will go first.  Trim an 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock so you have 8.5 x 4.5", fold in half.  Add photo on top, and on the inside.  Matt on one color - then matt on another color or two as in the photo above!  
Step three:  Add the heart die cut embellishment on the bottom right hand corner to help open up the top flap to see the photos!  

I can't wait to get the insides done, and sent in the mail!  I love making fun things like this - one of a kind...made with LOVE for each of them!  I also love being on the Creative Paperclay Design Team as well, and all the fun projects made!  I am working on a video which I will post in 2 weeks - how to work with molds, so make sure you check back!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Monthly Challenge Post -

I decided this past year that I was going to get more done...this post is more designed for ME than you, but I hope it also helps you too!  The past month, I have gotten birthday cards done, my intentions album done, and half-way done with a few other projects...which is way more than I have gotten done before now!  (Hey, at least I know it is working for me...)  Plus this year I just wanted to concentrate on other things!!! 
Speaking of getting things done - you can check out my Creative Paperclay Design Team post, with a video to help you get started!  You probably already have most of the supplies needed to create your own!  The best part about it - you can see the whole process being done in the video, versus reading directions you can't understand!   
I am technology challenged...learning more and more what those "apps" can do if you find the right one's!!!  I also have a personal side to me, and a business side to me...and I don't want all of my "to-do's" included in the same list!  This is my personal to do list:
  1. Start Christmas paper bag album
  2. Create more birthday cards for personal stash
  3. Valentines Day projects both to mail and for home
  4. Project Life 2016 album started
  5. Journals to mail
  6. 2015 Year in Review album
  7. 2 framed pages to mail
So, grab your favorite way to organize yourself - and if that means good ole' paper and pen and a calendar, lets get to work on what needs to be done in the next few months!  
  • Check your calendar for anything you might have going on - birthday's, anniversaries, parties, holiday's, special events - until the end of February.
  • Now check your calendar for anything else until the end of April - what types of events do you have going on that needs to be addressed?  
  • Last - check your calendar until the end of June in through July, what things do you have going on that needs to be addressed?
I have a whole other list of creative things that need to get done, but finally things are getting done!  I hope you join me in getting things done ON TIME this year!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Friday, January 15, 2016

Things You Can Do With Stamps

I started with stamping - my first project, was my darling daughter Terra's birth announcements, made out of a Disney stamp and cardstock!  So stamps have been a huge part of my creativity for the past 25 years now!  At first when I started purchasing stamps - I bought everything I could...stamp upon stamp, and over half of them, I haven't used more than once!  I wasted a LOT of money, let me tell you!  
A good purchase for a stamp, is one you can not only use over and over - but also the stamp that can be used for more than one theme or use!  It makes it so that flower, or present, or cloud, or saying - actually can start to give YOU back money by using the stamp versus purchasing a die cut or sticker!  Plus if you pair stamps with die cuts, punch pieces, AND stickers even - your creations can truly be one of a kind!
With stamps, you can use them in different ways -  use for cards, add a bit of background paper, and you are done!  You can emboss the images, or just leave them plain!

Use with bookmarks - again, add a bit of background paper, color in the image, and it looks awesome!

Use with your layouts - so many different ways you can use stamps...
  • Use stamps to create a border.  Stamp images using the same theme you are working (see the birthday layout below).  
  • Stamp small images randomly on a plain sheet of paper (see the "of me" below).  Take a alpha template (or die cut machine) and cut out the letters of the title!  
  • Use stamps as an embellishment (see birthday layout for tag, and Pieces of me for a larger embellishment) for your layouts! 
  • Use alpha stamps for titles - (see Grandma and Grandpa layout)!  
  • Take various colors of ink and stamp an image or two all over the paper.  Take coordinating cardstock, photos - and you have a one of a kind layout nobody else would have!      

Use with Creative Paperclay - such as the basket stamp (see below) used here!  Roll a small piece of Creative Paperclay product out, take your image stamp - and stamp the image into the clay.  Using an Xacto knife - cut around the image and lay it flat to dry.  

Stamps are a lot of fun to work with - you will start to see more stamps in my Project Life album this year!  If you need a few stamps, right now at Stampin' Up, we have our Sale-a-Bration event going on - for every $50 spent, get a FREE stamp set!  BEST part about it - you have until March 31, 2016 to get your FREE sets!  Shop online to make it easier for you!  For every ORDER placed between now and the end of March, only lucky person will receive a stamp set, more details to follow!!!  If you need any help in picking out a gift, let me know!  
I hope you have just as much fun with stamps as I do!  Stamps are starting to be a huge part of my crafting again, and not just for making cards!  Pick out your favorite stamps and get to work - I know I have 2 days full of crafting going on, and I am planning on using stamps!
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


Monday, January 11, 2016

More Birthday Cards

If you scroll down after you read this post, you will see the first post, which has 3 different style of birthday cards!  I had a lot of fun creating - in fact, I think the cards I am sharing today - might be some of my personal favorites!  
When it comes to purchasing stamps, I will absolutely tell you to NOT buy everything you see and you like.  Now, if you have the money to purchase what you want, then do so!  If you are on a budget, and have to watch what you spend, I have a few tips just for you!
  1. Do not spend a ton of money starting out - try to refrain!  When you do shop - will you be able to use the stamp for more than one use OR at the very least, more than just one time?   
  2. When it comes to saving money, use scraps of paper for your matting, punch pieces, stamped sayings (such as below) and paper piecing patterns!  The smallest of pieces go very well when you are creating a card or tag! 
  3. Try to make a card or two when you already have specific items out - such as birthday cards when you make a birthday layout!  Or, when you do create a scrapbook project - make sure to die cut extra items as you are creating your layouts for use later on!   
  4. As you grow into creating more and more with stamps, remember that basic cardstock goes a long way when you have a white and black ink pad!   You can add colors from that point - but a basic black and white are wonderful to start with!
For the card examples today, personally they are my favorites!  

Card #1 - I used the same paper pack as from yesterday's cards as well as the 2015-2017 colors in cardstock!  I simply added a white embossed saying (also from Stampin' Up), a simple bow at the top and it is finished  What you can't see, is the background paper on the back of the mint saying!

Card #2 -  I used the other side of the papers used from one of the cards yesterday!  I added a Sizzix flower and vine die cut, along with punch pieces (from Stampin' Up), and a simple Birthday Wishes saying embossed in white! 


I was able to create 10 cards for my personal stash in no time, using both sides of the papers I selected to use!  I still have papers left over to create with!  I can't wait to start to mail them,  so special friends and family this year!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

    Sunday, January 10, 2016

    Birthday Cards

    So, I decided at the end of last year, that I wanted to make a few birthday cards to send to my friends and family members on their special days, and have them done BEFORE their day!  However, at the time I want to send them, either I don't have one made, or the time just escaped me to create the perfect one in order to get them in the mail!  Oh and lets be perfectly frank here - I really had an attitude towards some people, so why make a card that isn't appreciated!  (You make them and send them to the ones who DO appreciate it!)
    I also recently got into Stampin' Up, more for the discount than to sell - only... it is the selling part of things that is the most fun right now!  To see the looks on people's faces when they get the product in their hands and create that "one thing" that sparks their interest even more that is the most fun to see!  I purchased this set here - and had such a fun time in creating a few cards for my own personal stash!  

    I started with the Cupcake Party stamp set and punch, which I found absolutely adorable to use!  By simply adding a few other key tools, each card finished ended up different!  All the cards shown today, were done using Stampin' Up English Garden papers as well as a few other fun tools I have!  

    Card #1 - I used the "Celebrate You" saying from the Cupcake Party stamp set, a Sizzix die cut flower, and a Stampin' Up flower die cut.  


    Card #2 - I used the other side of the paper I used above, adding a simple balloon punch, and Bakers Twine for the strings!  

    Card #3 - The paper used here, also was from the other side of cards I will share another time!  I added the same balloon and cupcake punch from the above card!  Both cards can be used for men or boys! 

    I had a lot of fun finishing up these cards, anxious to start to give them away!  I have a list of people, and certain cards designed for certain people, and some just in case!  I am going to have a much better year this year, connecting with friends and family!  
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Saturday, January 9, 2016

    2016 Album - Project Life

    I tend to do the same things creatively for the most part, and really don't do anything other than mini albums and smaller projects.  There is no need for me anymore to have albums for kids - my kids are grown and gone!  Yet I wanted to do something this year to document the good AND the bad from this year coming up!  Project Life was the instant answer for me - allowing me to document, take pictures, and then add the pictures as I get them printed to the album!  I have a smart phone which I tend to take more pictures from than my digital camera (but for different things), so by downloading the Shutterfly app, I can get the pictures printed out in no time, then adding to the page where I need it!  

    Project Life will let me customize my 2016 album with various packs, such as the Moments Like These card pack I got!  Add to that the accessory pack, cardstock, a stamp set such as the one here, punches, journaling pens - and you have an album that can be done in a short time to document the whole year long!  The best part - I am sure you have a lot of supplies already that you can add to the pack, to create your own cards and cute embellishments to go with your bought items!  

    Basic supply list: (Bought from Stampin' Up)
    Project Life Album 6 x 8 $10
    Page protectors $7
    Project Life Pack $35.50 (includes card pack, accessories, and stamp set)
    Black ink pad $7
    Total $59.50 (Not including FREE gift from me (see below), and FREE stamp set for spending more than $50 during our Saleabration Event!!!  

    Special until the end of January - purchase any Project Life pack, receive a set of journaling pens (shipped separately) $5.00 value FREE!!!    

    I can't wait to start to document this year - I have a bit of journaling done on paper, looking through my card packs, idea's from other Project Lifers for my title page and other pages, and I am ready to create!  Since I do have a lot on my plate this year, this is the best thing I can do to document MY year - and all the good things that are happening to me right now!  And trust me, this will be my best year yet, so join me in Project Life!  
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Thursday, January 7, 2016

    Christmas Photos and Cards Album Challenge

    For the first time in a long time, I actually was excited for Christmas this year.  I have came a long way, and the excitement is back for the little things - holiday's, birthday's, and just day to day events!  I also have a few pictures from the past few years - and decided to combine all of the past few years' photos and cards, into a fun album!  
    I have my thoughts together and out on paper (for the most part), and my supplies starting to be put in one area so it makes it easier for me to create when I can!  Since I have to share part of my space with my cat's, well - it makes it easier for me personally to keep things in drawers that I am working on.  Right now - I have 4 drawers full of stuff and ideas rolling for all 4 of them!  Each drawer - an idea to share once it is finished and a challenge (with ideas) as I am creating!  
    Your challenges for today: 
    1. Decide what type of album or project you are going to make.  
    2. Do you have your supplies ready to go, either purchased or from your stash?   If not, start to put things together in one place that you want to create with!  
    3. Do you have your photos developed, your cards in one place?  If not, start to get that ready or on a list to get done!  
    4. What do you want your project to look like?  Have you sketched anything out, got the title of the album thought out, or anything else about the album done?  If not, start with a simple sheet of paper - and get what thoughts you do have - down on paper!  
    Right now, I am not sure if I am coming or going with all the projects I have in my head!  I need to spend the time to put down on paper what I already DO know, leaving room for more inspiration as I am going!  For me, I want MY album to be different than the other Christmas albums I have made...  so that next year - it is placed with all the fun decorations for everyone to see!  I will be starting my cover first - that is usually where it all starts for me!!!

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme


    Wednesday, January 6, 2016

    Birthday Card Challenge - Are You Ready?

    I started to look at what I have for birthday cards for my own personal use, and was not too happy with what I seen!  I have plenty of cards to sell, but nothing for me to send out to friends and family, let alone those birthdays that you just find out about!  Thus, this challenge, LOL which is more for me to get stuff done than for you!  I will probably be creating a few other birthday related items while I am at it, and sharing through the month, so check back for sure!  Lets get started:
    • Get things put together you want to create with, such as the stamps, punches, die cuts, and anything else you have - all placed in one area (see photo).
    • Look at the items you have for inspiration such as Pinterest, blogs, catalogs, ads...and start to form links and sketches to help you to create.  
    • Make a list of birthday's you have that you want to send cards out to this year.  As you look at your list - is there a time that you are especially busy with one event or another?  Get those birthdays on the list - so you have them done NOW!  
    • If you have to shop, make a list.  Make sure you have something in mind for what you are doing!  Don't forget to include the stamps while you are at it, for those you need to mail out!   
    I just got my Stampin' Up kit, which has some birthday themed items included!  I can't wait to take the time to create my mom and my mother in law a couple of really beautiful flower themed birthday cards!  I want them to be special - so spending a bit more time in looking for the perfect items to create with, along with the perfect card to create for them!  I will be working on a few card ideas this week, various sized too!  Plus a few gift card holders to go along with the cards too, and unique ways to present your gifts!  I am making a list, creating a few sketches to create with, and checking out my Pinterest page for inspiration!  I have 2 days off soon, I am going to get much done!   
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme

    Tuesday, January 5, 2016

    2016 "Intentions" Mini Album Project Idea

    Every year - we sit down and do New Years Resolutions...except me, I do "intentions" - things I intend to change or do this next year!  This year, I decided to do a mini album, documenting the things I wish to do - with a way to keep track of how I do end up with my "intentions"!  THIS year, I wanted it documented, so a mini album project I did!

    Supply list:
    6 x 12 sheet of cardstock for the base

    Coordinating cardstock and patterned papers (I used Colorbok Sweet Blossom pack)
    2 sheets of white 8.5 x 11 cardstock for the inside pages
    Cricut cartidge's - Ashlyn's Alphabet, George and Basic Shapes
    Sizzix die cuts - tag, heart, flower
    Punch's - sun, flower, border punch, corner punch
    Number stickers
    Silver alpha letters
    Paper flowers
    Black fine tip marker
    Hole punch

    For me, the whole project starts with the papers I select...  Once I have that part done, I can look at what I have at home and available to me to create what I want!  Right now, I am on a spending freeze - so I am using up what I have at home to create fun, one of a kind projects!  With the papers I have here, I was able to create 2 different albums, one to sell, and one for my own personal use!  I am still working on the other album, pictures and pricing to follow! 

    Step one:  Decide what color you want to use as your base, cut a 12 x 12 sheet of paper in half, creating 2 bases, fold in half.     

    Step two:  Cut the two sheets of white cardstock 3" off the long side of the paper, fold in half to make each page 5.25 x 5.5".  

    Step three:  Take the cover, and add the inside pages to the cover.  Make sure you look where you are placing them so there is equal space on both sides.  Take your hole punch and where the folds are, punch a hole as far as the hole punch will go on both sides.  This is for the ribbon to go through at the last step!

    Step four:  Start to work first on the cover of the project - I started with the bright pink background, adding the striped paper with decorative edges on the corners!  I started with the "Intentions" title, added the "my" stickers and the 2016 (both in silver) underneath.  A bit of bling underneath the 2016 and on the side - with a tag to complete the creation!  With the "intentions" letters, I took my fine tip marker, and went around the entire edges to create depth!        

                                     Step five:  Create the inside covers first, both the front cover and back cover at the same time to make it easier!  Be thinking of how you want the other side to look so it all matches!  Take a white piece of cardstock about 5.5 " squared (x2), place on inside covers.  I added a bit of bling just on the inside corners at the bottom, then placed the pockets on top of it!  Add die cut shapes, I used 1 heart and 2 flowers (George and basic shapes cartridge) from a previous project leftover for mine!.   Lastly take your black fine tip marker, and make stitch marks around the edge of the pocket.  We will do the tags in the next step, and the books in a later step!  

    Step six:  For the page opposite the front cover - add a 5.5" squared piece of coordinating paper to the white base.  Find a scrap piece of paper (or trim a piece) 1" by 5.5" to go across the middle of the paper.  You will ONLY glue at the sides to allow for a booklet to be placed in the middle.  Create 4 tags for the pockets, 4.5" x 4".  On the top of each of these, place paper flowers or die cuts (or both) to create the flowers.  We will create the book in a later step!    

                                      Step seven:  For pages 3 and 4, add a patterned paper to the back of each side, with another pattern for the pocket.  Create a tag (same size as above 4.5" x 4" and place inside the pocket after the adhesive has set.  On top of the pocket, place a tag as well as a die cut flower on the top.  

                                                                                                                   Step eight:  For pages 5 and 6 - the middle of the album, this is where the ribbon will go through to hold all the pages.  With the paper pack I am using, it has lined paper within it, and a color on the other side, this was a great way to use both sides.  These two pages are kept more plain for a reason, I simply added the paper and 3 die cut flowers at the bottom to create a more uniform look, as it will be used for journaling.  

    Step nine:  For pages 7 and 8, repeat step seven!  I used a different color for the background, but the same color for the pockets!  With a tag and a paper flower on top!  (I had money and Michael's had a great set for sale, with an awesome tin when I am done!!!)  

                                                                                                                   Step ten:  Final page, as the back cover should be done already with the front cover!  As in step 6, you will need a 1" x 5.5" piece of paper, gluing down only on the sides.  Add die cut flowers to the top of the middle piece, making sure to not glue down the middle of it to allow for the book to be tucked inside.  Cut 2 white bases, 8" x 5", folding in half to make it 4" x 5" for the book's inside.  For the top - cut a coordinating piece of cardstock (or paper) 4" x 5", using your corner punch on 2 of the corners.  Place on top of the folded white sheet.  Decorate with die cut shapes and alphabet letters.  Make 2 booklets, placing one with page 2! 


    Step eleven:  Take your stamps to show you created this - and stamp the outside back cover.  I also added a fun die cut shape to the back, that matches the rest of the album!

    For my album, I have 2 things I want to work on personally, and 2 things for my business...first time ever!  I have plenty of places to journal now, during the year - and at the end of the year!  How did things work for me?  It takes 21 days to change a's to a few habit's being changed this year!   
    Lynda Jeffs
    Memories in Tyme