Friday, September 23, 2016

Old and New -

I remember living in Utah where I started to scrapbook - I had already rubber stamped and had all these goodies I simply didn't know what to do with!  I went out all the time with my sister and spent so much money it wasn't funny!!!  I don't even think I used even half the supplies I bought - other than cardstock and adhesive that is, until recently!  Now, I try to purchase only what I need for my own personal stuff, and what I need to create with - I really don't purchase anything extra anymore!!!  
What about you guys - do you purchase everything out there known to mankind and paper crafters everywhere, or do you selectively look at each item you do purchase a bit more?  I used to purchase everything, now I am selective - and love to mix both new supplies, with old supplies to create something fun and one of a kind!  
A bit of a challenge for you this weekend:
  • Grab something old and add it to something new - can be cardstock, paper, embellishments, stickers - anything old and add it to new!  
  • Make a project with 70% old supplies and 30% new, can be anything you want - cards, mini albums, bookmarks, etc!
  • Take scraps of paper from older projects - and add them to new paper - whether you do a paper piecing pattern, use punches and stamps - and make something unique!!!
Mix the old supplies up with the new supplies, and make something fun!  There are plenty of holiday's coming up, start to make a list of things you need to get done!  I hope you join me!
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Creative Paperclay Design Team 2016

Okay but I have to tell you - this is one of my favorite projects I have done with my Creative Paperclay Design Team - and I am so glad I got the inspiration today for this, JUST in time for my post!  I had another project I am working on - but this one, well - when inspiration hits - it hits!!!  It is one of those projects that didn't take too long to do at all - and by using the Delight product - the hearts and flowers dried quickly, so I could finish up this awesome piece in just an afternoon!  It will proudly be hanging on my "family" wall in my house - with more to come!!!  A little sneak peak here - and then check the entire project out on the design team blog here!!!  

Little by little - I am excited to create and get projects done that needs to get done!  I have had these pictures sitting here, and now will proudly hang on my wall with the beginnings of my family wall!!!  I can't wait to share the rest of the projects with you - and the Christmas presents - well...I am really excited to get those done!  I am even making a few things for myself!!!

I caught the canvas' on sale a few weeks ago at Michael's, and had a different project in mind for this than what "this" turned out to be!  That project, will be shared as soon as the photos are printed out and the rest of the piece is finished!  I also will be planning on creating a few of these for presents - hmmmmm.....the inspiration!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Organizing Space - Part One

I don't have a lot of room in the current space I have - but it's a whole lot better than living in a hotel for a year while my husband was going to school and having even LESS space to work with than I do now!!!  I can actually create in the area I have now, though it is a bit cramped!!!!  I started making a list as to what isn't working - and what I need to do in order to be able to get more done in all aspects of my life!  I am on a budget, plus my space is for both work and creative purposes, as well as my own business - so I have my work cut out for me in this project for sure!  

I know it isn't going to be overnight that I get all of the pieces I need for my space, as well as a new space all my own to create in!  In between time, I make the best out of what I have - and will grab pieces that I can bring with me, that is stylish AND can be used for different things too!!!  But - the whole key is to get more done and be more organized by the time this project is done!  I have started making a few tweaks in my current space:
  • I am going through all of my creative items - selling that in which I will never use again, or haven't used in a very long time!  If I have a cartridge from my Cricut machine that I can use instead of, then GREAT!!!  If I haven't used the stamp for the past few years - I am getting rid of it!  
  • I have been re-organizing items, and putting things with "like" items to make it easier to create in the first place, and it helps to find things quicker too!   
  • As I am re-organizing things, I have been re-purposing storage items for other things!  For the moment this is working until I can purchase the items that will truly help me to organize my space!  
  • Boxes sent to me with Creative Paperclay or birthday presents inside - made into one of a kind organizer boxes that hold various crafting items in them that are easier to get to - and things I use most often right on my desktop! (Pictured above) 
  • In my 3 drawer organizer drawers, since I have 2 of them, I use 3 of the drawers for things I am working on - such as my planner pages, cards, etc., with everything I am using included in the drawer to make it easier for me to create.  
We are looking at things that will make my space complete, which means I am getting all new furniture for my space (Or - used furniture reconditioned)!!!  This also means, since being on a budget, I have to save as much money as I can - yet get the pieces I need, including:

  1. A wardrobe piece that can have shelves added to the inside, in order to hold all of my paper craft/crafting items in one place.  
  2. I will utilize the inside of the doors with a cork board, magnet piece, and small shelves to add small items to (pictured above)! 
  3. Plenty of altered boxes to put things inside - as well as baskets that will match!  I will then be able to purchase a few key pieces to go with!  
  4. An "L" shaped desk - with plenty of room for 2 monitors (and maybe 3 down the line), a printer, a space to put file folders, drawers to put "office" materials in.  
  5. A series of cork boards, white boards and organizational items hanging on the wall!
  6. My file cabinet painted to match the rest of the items I get, in a color that I can change easily as far as the accent colors!  
I have found a lot of cost savings by simply recycling boxes and other organizing items - and simply reusing a lot of the things I have already been using - just in different ways!  The desk I have - though I love it - it simply isn't working for the things I need to use it for - I simply can't put 2 monitors in a small space meant for one!  The other desk I have, well - bad memories - vindictive things scratched into the glass, where - how many years later, it's best to get rid of the memory!  
I am excited to get things done this next year both creative wise, business wise, and work wise!  I have learned that life is what you make of it - and when I concentrate on creative things - life goes wonderful!  I hope you join me this year and go through all of YOUR stuff - if you can't make something out of it in the next year - have plans for it for the next year - then get rid of it!   
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Christmas Album 2015 and 2016, Week 3

Christmas comes but once a year (thank you thank you), but the memories we have of that one day - (no matter what holiday you end up celebrating), deserves to have a special album for those special pictures and memories!!!  I started this challenge at the beginning of the year - then set it aside due to "issues" of a creative nature...I just simply couldn't create!  I was able to get through the issue at hand, and since then - I have been having a ton of fun creating many things, this album included!  I thought it would be a quick project - but honestly - this one I want to be perfect, so quick it is NOT
Inside back cover of album w/tags

To catch up to date - week one's post is here - with week two's post here!!!!  So far I have this done for my album:
  • Album cover done - both outside and inside covers designed and finished up with the little details!   I don't have a title yet - working on thoughts for that! 
  • Everything is in one place to make it easier for me to create when I have the chance to - instead of all over the place!  I am using all of the pack of paper I got from Stampin' Up last year - and will be using this years' pack of paper on cards, tags and smaller projects!  
  • I have plenty of places for pictures, cards and journaling - as well as embellishments for each set of pages!  
  • Bottom of inside back cover
  • I have all of the pages created, and am now working on the little details for each set of pages.  I have 2013 Christmas pictures in 2 sets of pages, and I am now working on 2014's pictures, 2015's next (if I took any that is)! 
I am really happy with my album so far, and now need to get any pictures from the past 2 years printed and figured out to go in the album!  I love to use Shutterfly for printing out the photos, and also use them to print out books I have created as well - use whatever company is best for you personally!!!   

Challenges for this week for you to work on (other challenges will be starting up for Christmas):  
  1. Work on the album - try to get as caught up as you can!  If you can't finish everything up - then you want to at least make sure you are making notes for what you need to get done!  
  2. How many cards do you need to make?  Do you want the same design/papers for
    Cascading waterfall inside cover
    each card, or do you want different designs/same papers?  Or - do you want a bit of everything where you have various cards and designs?  Do you need to mail any?  If you do, start to make your list and purchase books of stamps for those you need to mail - and remember the designs for those you need to mail for postage reasons!  
  3. Start to get inspiration for the tags you need to make and packaging ideas as well!  Do you want to purchase wrapping paper - or more basic items such as bags you can design?  
  4. What about gifts for people?  Do you have anything you need to start to look at making?  
I have 4 pages left to finish up, pictures to get developed, cards to make, tags to make, ornaments to make - and I might be done!  More challenges coming up to get ready for your special holiday's at the end of the year!!!  I hope you will join me!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Handmade Creations For Sale - Flowered Altered File Folder Album

I was talking to my oldest son the other day - he gives me insight to different things at different times - this time was no different!  We were talking about my scrapbooks, and he said to me - "you know mom, there is one thing I love the most about your stuff, each one is different - even IF you use the same supplies"!!!  I had to sit and think about that for a few days, and simply think it is wonderful he notices that!  
I have a few handmade items for sale and ready to go - for you to simply add your own touch to make it "yours", such as the photo's and journaling to complete it all!  I can also take this idea and customize it to your own thoughts as well, for an additional charge!  This album has:
  • Front cover has a cute buckle to close the album and keep it from opening up randomly!  Ribbon and flowers to match the paper, in colors that are throughout the album.  
  • Each of the inside pages are decorated on the pocket's, and has a place where you can add photos or journaling to the inside pockets!  Customize each of the 4 pockets the way you want to, using the backs of the photo matt's for 2 more photos!  
  • Outside back cover is decorated as the front cover is - and also has a place to add more journaling if you would like! 
  • The 2 inside cover pages can add 2 more photos (or journaling) to complete the whole album!  

This is the kind of project that can be customized for an additional charge, and if you have your own papers you want to use - you will get a discount on your final project!  

All premade items are as is and ready to go - unable to customize, but made with plenty of little details!!!  

$25.00 - shipping extra from 89434 zip code, payable through PayPal!!!  Free gift with every purchase - and let me know if it is for a gift so we can include a gift card with!
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Getting Ready For Halloween - Creative Paperclay Style

I am not typically a "Halloween" person - my husband, well - he would love to decorate the house and make things all festive if we could!!!  He loves the date - I hate it thanks to my family growing up, one of the links below will tell you the whole story!!!   The Creative Paperclay design team has a page full of Halloween ideas that you can check out in the link here, my project is listed here for the design team (parts of the idea above) - and the entire project (pictured above) is listed here for you to check out the intricate pieces and get the link for the other projects on the hop I participated in!!!
I learned a lot about making scenes - and shared a few tips to create your own scene on the blog (link below)!!!  I can't wait to share with you the things we end up creating to go with what we already have!  I love creating with my husband! 
 Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Monthly Planning Challenge

I have been working on my own style of planner - both the dividers as well as the pages for the inserts!  I want something where I can keep track of things a bit better - when something is paid, birthday's, gift idea's, things to make, a shopping list - both for creative and non-creative purposes, a meal planner, addresses, web site passwords, and more!!!  Every aspect of my life to organize will be in this planner!  I am using it for my monthly challenges - and it even has a place for one month - three months and then six months out for planning purposes!!!  If I then need to get making something, then I have everything in one place!!!  I'm not sure how you guys organize yourselves, but I feel like I am an organized/unorganized mess at times!!!  My goal is to stay organized for the rest of this year - and into next!     

That all said - grab your favorite device, pen/paper, planner, calendar - whatever you need, and lets get started!!!  
  • Take a look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks - middle of October - for any events or things you need to look at!  
  • Next look at the next 3 months, until the end of November - for any holiday's, events or things you need to look at!
  • Last look at your calendar for the next 6 months, until the end of February for any other holiday's, events or things you need to look at!  
My list - some happy events, some sad.....each one deserving my time in creating the best "one of a kind" item for that person/people!!!  
  1. Birthday cards for people during September, October, December and February
  2. Birthday packaging for husbands gift
  3. Sympathy cards for family members - (insert sad face)
  4. Thank you card for an amazing friend in my life
  5. Halloween cards for "trunk or treat" event and to mail
  6. Halloween scene for design team finished up
  7. 3 year anniversary of niece's death - make cards for special event 
  8. Thanksgiving cards to mail
  9. Christmas tags for gifts, cards to mail, and gift bags/presenting
  10. Ornaments for the tree and to add to gifts
I have a few projects I am working on now - mailing a few things out to special people, and finishing up some other things in order TO mail them out!!!  I am happy I am getting more and more done - with my planner, these challenges, and a bit more drive to life!  I hope you get more done with me!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Folio Syle Albums -

When it comes right down to it - I can't tell you "exactly" how I stumbled upon this idea - but I am thinking I got the original idea from Pinterest, then I went off to YouTube for the video as to how to make it!!!  I found this gal SuperHappyScrapper and her folio album instructions - and went to creating my own!  This is the kind of album where a video is better to show you than the pictures I have, in order to see all the little details and intricate pieces of the project!  Watch the video's to create your own folio album, and this is MY take on this awesome style of albums!!!   

Supplies used: 
White cardstock
Patterned paper - used Crate Paper Hello Love and papers from stash
Sizzix die cuts - flowers, vine, heart (3 different styles), butterfly,
Punches - sun, flower, hearts
Bling pack  
Rub on's from my stash
Stickers also from stash

I hope you enjoy the album - personally, this has been one of my favorites to do - outside of the vertical paper bag albums that is!  I can't wait to do another one in the next few months - even THOUGH all the hard work!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme