Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lynda's Must Have Supplies - Week 3 of 4

You know I love my Cricut machine and cartridges, stamps, cardstock and ink pads that match when I create, based on my week 1 and week 2 posts if you've been following them!  Well, today's post - brings you 2 more products are my absolute must haves that go with those other supplies, both punches and paper!!!  When you create with punches and paper, with your other supplies, you create one of a kind items for your scrapbooking, stamping, and paper crafting!  
Punches come in just about any size and shape you want...along with manufacturer! That's why punches can be so addicting!   Use border punches with your stamps to create wonderful cards, or to create matts for photos!  When paired together with die cuts and stamps, you can make those simple embellishments, end up to be perfect each and every time!  From basic shapes such as hearts, circles and stars - to leaves, flowers and corner punches - they are all great to have!  Hearts can go great for Valentines day or "love" projects - and cut in half for leaves!!!  Flower punches, when paired with other flower punches, create darling one of a kind flowers!      
Paper...okay but what can I say about paper!!!  Packs of coordinated paper, single sheets, two sided sheets, patterns, solids, 8.5 x 11, 12 x 12...I love it all!  There is nothing better than finding the perfect colors of papers to match each other, and finishing up a project or two that looks perfect!  I think for me, I love pictures that have nothing to do with any type of traditional theme - yet you find the perfect title you can create, to go with the perfect paper you have selected, and the perfect paper to create the perfect embellishments for that one photo!  Paper is the key to it all!  
I hope you have enjoyed this series of "must have" supplies!  It might just go with challenges, ideas and techniques for next year!  Next year is all about planning and getting things done BEFORE they need to be done, I hope you join me!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 


Monday, December 15, 2014

Monthly Reminder

I have decided I really like this post - for me personally!  I end up looking at my calendar for the next 6 weeks...but that is all changing starting today!  Oh I'm still going to do the same thing, only adding a bit more to the whole planning thing!  I have simply decided this is an absolute necessity, in order to plan things out and get more done BEFORE I need to get them done!  One of the worse things about me - I procrastinate, and then don't get things done I need to!  So, time to change all that!  
For me - I have to get a bit more organized...   Since I am going shopping, a list of things I need to purchase:  

Small binder
Lined paper
Post it notepads (various sizes)
Calendar (either printed out or bought)

Adding that to what I already have - page protectors, printer paper, dividers, and pencils! The dividers are 1-12 for each month...the post it notepads are to add events for each month, or months down the road so you don't forget!  The page protectors are to put invitations in, flyers for events you want to go to, or anything pertaining to events coming up!!!  
You challenge for the rest of this month - 

  • Decide how you want to organize things like this in YOUR life!  Whatever your favorite method of organizing events and things - utilize it!  
  • Look at the next 6 weeks, until the end of January!  Do you have birthdays, events - or anything else you need to do anything for?  
  • Also look at the next 3 months, until the end of March...  Start to make any lists - are there things you need to plan for, purchase, make?  Get an idea what you need to do and get it down on paper!  
I hope this next year is much better for those in my life, for gifts made, events celebrated, and times spent together!  I just have to get a bit more organized TO get things done!  I hope you join me!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Birthday - With A Challenge

Okay - I can't believe my beautiful daughter is 24 years old today!!!  She has taught me more about life than I ever will her!  Some of the things she has taught me - unconditional love for one...how to keep on keepin on, how you can fall in love with someone at the drop of a hat...how she can look so much like me, yet be so much like her dad!  I reflect on the pictures - and the reason for them...though the layout doesn't show everything I truly would want to say!
Here is my daughter now, with her cute little yellow car!!!  I am glad she lives a couple of hours away from me, versus the 18 that we used to live!  She has grown into such a beautiful girl, I am so proud to be her mom!  Born 2 weeks to the day before Christmas...my only daughter smack in the middle of two boys!  The dress - was made by my mom!  She was my parents' only daughter to have a daughter, so she has always been special to her grandparents let me tell you!  Mom made the dress for Terra's blessing (for the LDS faith) and came to Colorado where I was living at the time for this event.  When we were getting her pictures taken in the dress...at least 25 people were in the mall watching her that day, almost like a mini model!  Happy birthday sweetie, I hope you have a wonderful - wonderful - wonderful day!  
Now for your creative challenge - if you are one of those who always do double prints - find a picture in which the first time around you did not tell the whole "story"...or you didn't add journaling to the layout like this layout!  Redo the layout - only this time, make sure to add the journaling!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lynda's Must Have Supplies To Create With - Week 2 of 4

Last week I posted my first pick for supplies to paper craft with, you can check out the post here, but my absolute top pick is my Cricut machine - not only for the die cut shapes, but for the alphabet letters I get to use!  However, this one little machine isn't the only thing I love!!!  
For this weeks MUST HAVE'S....well, I wouldn't have been able to create without them - STAMPS, along with stamp pads, and cardstock that matches all of it!!!!  I love being able to create something and not have to guess as to the colors I am using and will it clash, match or not!  For stamp sets - I have too many favorite's to list, but Stampin' Up right now has a lot of great sets that I MUST have!  Being a demonstrator does not help at all, since I can buy sets now at my cost!!!  I have a design team project that I recently posted (you can check it out here), was done using Creative Paperclay, my alphabet templates, and Stampin' Up stamps, ink pads and paper; great way to recycle jars - and use up the great cardstock you can get too!       

Stamps can be used with scrapbooking for one of a kind embellishments, use on blank cards for birthdays, holidays, baby or bridal showers, and any other kind of event/thing you can think of, and on any other paper crafting project you are working on!  I love to emboss my stamped images, to create a raised look for each image!  Great to use on vellum with white ink and embossing powder for a totally unique look - or emboss in black so you can paint within the edges!  Either way it goes, stamps - and basic stamp sets are WONDERFUL to create with!  
Thanks for stopping by, and make sure you check back next week for week 3 of my 4 weeks must have tools to create with!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gift Idea's -

I love getting handmade things, no matter what it is - or the reason for the gift.  If you have spent time in making something - you have given it from your heart to those that are receiving it!  At least that's how I look at it!  Whatever reason you make your gifts for, I hope you will get a few ideas for some fun gifts you can make for just about anyone on your list!  
The best thing about the gifts I make for people, I like to give them personalized gifts, or things they "need" to use or will save them money!  I am enjoying spending time on Pinterest looking at fun gift ideas for my friends and family to receive, and look forward to making them too!  Your gifts don't have to take a long time to make, nor do they have to be costly to make either!  Most of the things I make are recycled - or not expensive to make!  
Some things you can look at making:  

  • Make card packs for people who love to send out cards!   Make sure you sign the back, or put a fun little stamp with your initials, so they know you made them!  Card packs are fun to make - personalizing them to those you are making them for!  Great gift idea to give to those you don't see very often, or as a part of a bigger gift!  Use this same idea and create a whole box of various cards to give away!  
  • A personalized notebook for just about anyone - frilly for those girlie girl's, and a bit more plain for those that are not - or for men!  Can be used for so many different reasons - just to keep track of things you need to get done, journaling day to day thoughts, or for planning things out!  Add a magnet to the back of a smaller notebook, and you can use it to add to your fridge for a shopping list - or "to do" list!  There are so many different uses for notebooks - and so many different things you can do to them to make them personalized! No two are alike for me!
  • Framed pages are so much fun to make - personalizing them to everyone getting one!  Simply take a 12 x 12 sheet of paper, have a place for them to add the photo to, embellish it a bit - and you are done!  Every framed page can be done different - with or without photo's, yearly school photo's, holiday framed pages, and oh so many more idea's!   
Just about anything you make will be wonderful, just because you spent the time TO make it for someone!  Reach out to someone you have had an argument with, in hopes you can mend the fences...  May you have a wonderful holiday season, no matter what holiday you have!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Creative Paperclay Design Team Project

Okay, you have seen the recycled peanut container I made for my husband to put his candy in...  This is MY container!  Totally used Stampin' Up supplies with my Creative Paperclay - and BAM you have this fun recycled pickle jar!  I hope you check it out on the blog HERE - it does have a full supply list, directions - and is a GREAT beginner project to start out with, using basic scrapbook supplies!  Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon with another awesome project brought to you by Memories in Tyme!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Before and After - Fun Altered Project

I hate to throw things away - especially things that I can reuse into something else!   Lately, we have ended up eating a lot of peanuts...  We buy a big container from Walmart - and just have a handful of them when we want some!  Because of that - I have ended up with a lot of various empty containers!  My husband ended up putting some candy in one of them, so we decided to create this fun candy jar in order to keep candy in for each of us!!  

Supply list: 
Peanut container (or whatever container you want to alter)
Patterned paper
Cricut cartridges - 
     Ashlyn's Alphabet 

**Tip**  Unless you have a better way of taking off this label, I have found it best to cover it and not try to remove it!  However, if you do find a way, and you can keep it looking shiny and clear the way it is, please let me know!  
Step one:  Clean out your container, allowing to dry completely before putting any paper on it.  
Step two:  For the front label - cut a piece of cardstock 8 x 3.5, score at 2" on the right and the left side of the paper.  Add to the container.  
Step three:  Using Ashlyn's Alphabet - CANDY in 1"...  I used a red, lighter red and white - with the lighter red and white for the candy pieces.  
Step four:  Using the Celebrations pack, cut the candy pieces out at 1" and 3/4" using the left over paper from the alphabet for this part.  
Step five:  Using the adhesive of your choice (I used hot glue gun - would recommend running it through a Xyron machine in order to keep it flat, or anything comparable), add the word "candy" and candy pieces to the front of the container!  

It is a very easy project to do, if you don't particularly have a Cricut machine and these cartridges, you can always change it to one you do have, or simply use the machine you do have!  If you don't have a machine, look at what you DO have...and just change things for the supplies you have!  I hope you enjoy this one, and make sure you share with me what YOU have made!
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Organizing Your Creative Space -

Okay - are you one of "those" people who are lucky enough to have a room of your own where all of your creative stuff is organized neatly by product type, color and embellishment?  OR - are you like me...where you have stuff, but no particular space TO be able to create (without your stuff being all over the place that is)?  Today's post is all about organizing the space you do have, and helping you make the most out of a small space!  It will be a series of posts - all to help you (ME) organize all that stuff we end up with!    
I ended up obtaining a really neat desk...  It needs a bit of extra work to make it be perfect, but it is the beginnings of a wonderful set up for my scrapbooking "stuff"!!!  The next thing I need to get is quite simply a wardrobe where I can throw all of my stuff in and shut the door when company is around!  This is just the first steps in getting what I need accomplished, while doing it all on a budget!  By the time I am done, I will have recycled a table, filing cabinet, desk and wardrobe!  

To start with, I am currently using my computer desk for my Cricut machine and cartridges that I have!  Plus my basic supplies are there such as my scissors, rulers, colored pencils, as well as my hole punches and tools!  This gives me enough room to lay out my projects I am working on, and space where the keyboard usually goes to put projects that need to be finished up!  I have to leave the top shelf empty for my cats - shown here!!!   

(The cat on the left is Bear, he takes up the whole shelf when he stretches out!  The cat on the right is Tygress - mom of Bear and Hank - our other cat!)

My work space now has doubled since I have the other desk!  It has a great shelf where I have put my computer - and enough room behind it for my jars of ribbon and floss, and my color coordinated small embellishments such as buttons, brads, punch pieces and what have you in a drawer organizer!  I have had the drawer organizer since I was in Utah - my mom was going to give it to a thrift store, but I ended up taking it home and using up all the buttons she had in there, and since then has had many buttons and embellishments added to it!!!  The jars - are large pickle jars, you can tell we love pickles (or I just love the large jars)!!!

Right next to the shelf with my computer and the blue organizer is the rest of the hutch - with a couple of altered notebooks, Stampin' Up supplies and My Creative Companion 2 book that I love so very much!  Right next to this section, is my stamp pads and Stampin' Up stamp sets and supplies I have so far from Stampin' Up, on the shelves!  In the door, is a bunch of different supplies, like my markers, and gloves when I work on messy things!

To finish off my desk area - I have two more spots...  I have a large drawer - and a large cubbyhole that I am able to put other things in, a bucket of scraps of paper, pictures, and file folders...  In the bottom drawer - I have added all of the stickers and die cuts that are larger - by themes, in file folders cut down!  This way, when I am working on a project, I have things organized - by "how" I work, which is at my desk!  
Underneath my main desk area - is a pull out shelf that I put stuff I am working on, or my stamps...or I just use it to create on!  I don't like the fact it can move - so when I am working on things, it is more for holding things out of my way - such as papers, embellishments - stamps I might be using...etc!  Then, underneath my desk area (where my feet normally would go), I have put my basket of paper and rolling Crop in Style bag with projects I need to get done!  
For me - this is working...I am more organized, I get more done - even though I AM in the dining room of my very small apartment!  When I have a room of my own, trust me - you will get before and after pictures - as the pieces I have right now, will be re-purposed, painted - and looking really good!  I am excited to see how "inexpensive" I can do this, my goal right now is a whole room for $500 or less, including chairs, desks - etc!  
It goes to show you don't need a lot of stuff, or a lot of room in order to create!  Simply a space to put things in, and a place to do things on!  See you next time!  

Lynda Jeffs
Memories In Tyme




Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lynda's Supply List MUST HAVE's - Part 1 of 4

Each week for the next 4 weeks, I am going to bring you MY personal must have's to paper craft with!  Every paper crafter will be different - just because of their budget, and what they have learned on!  However, that said, don't be afraid to learn something new and use different supplies, in order to step out of your comfort zone and create other style of things as well!  
My absolutely TOP PICK for creating right now is my Cricut machine!  This one is the smaller version that cuts 6 x 12 sheets of paper, and for me...used mostly for the alphabet letters for my titles and projects!  I started out 4 cartridges, and my list has grown to 10 just the past few months!  
In order to keep your costs down:
  • Look at Ebay for cartridges!  You might not win each and every one of them you bid on, but I have YET to spend full retail price on any of the cartridges I have right now!  
  • Check on Craigslist for someone who isn't using their machine and they want to sell it!  More times than not you can find someone who wants to sell their machine and cartridges for one price just to get rid of it!  
  • Cartridges are great for the alphabets alone!  They can save you TON'S of money on alpha stickers and die cuts - and make it so you don't have left over letters, or not enough of one letter!  
  • Only buy what you will use - you truly don't need each and every cartridge out there!  
  • Spend time with other paper crafter's who have other machines, in order be able to see and use other machines before you purchase them! 
I purchased my Cricut machine at a pawn shop of all places!  They have been great for my family in a pinch, but now, we can actually spend money - and not have to borrow it!  I already had 4 cartridges from another machine that was not working...so I could just start creating with what I had!  Since then, I have bought 6 more cartridges - and only buy the one's I will FOR SURE use!  My absolute TOP PICK for my paper crafting for sure!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Monthly Reminder

It was really nice last month, I started to get things done that were due...things like birthday's!  I even shared with you the fun birthday cards I made for each of the 4 grandkids, with their darling pictures that is!  Being out of state makes it so we are not able to spend the time with them that we would like to, so the next best thing - is something handmade by this Nana!!!  
So, today is the day to go over the events in the next few months, and start to get to work on anything you need to create!  Do you have any birthdays, events you need cards for, gifts to make, or anything else going on in your own life that you need to create things for?  If so, start to make that list!  
For me:  

  • A few birthday's coming up, at least birthday cards in the mail if anything!  
  • Christmas presents for family that needs to be finished up and ready to mail out.  
  • Christmas cards for people - some to mail, some for friends here.
  • Things made for upcoming scrapbook retreat.
  • Things made for upcoming craft fairs.
I'm starting to do a bit better - having a list sure helps!!!  Having things organized helps too!  So, organize your stuff, make sure you get a list going for things you need to do, and get it done!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekly Challenges

Well, I got my Stampin' Up kit the other day, and have had so much fun looking at the new catalog, getting my web site up, and reading a lot of new demonstrator information to help me begin this new endeavor!!!  I am excited to say the least, and can't wait to start sharing with you some of the fun things I have planned to create both with Stampin' Up products and without!  And with my Creative Paperclay design team project, you will see a whole page on the blog with nothing but beginner tips for you to start using the Creative Paperclay product on your scrapbook pages and paper craft projects!!!  
Since I am working on a few things myself - I thought I would give you a couple of challenges to get you kick started into the holiday season!  Now, if you don't celebrate holiday's, there will be GREAT challenges just for you, so don't stop reading quite yet!  For you holiday buff's - here's a few challenges just for you:

  1. Start to design your holiday cards that people are going to receive!  I like to design a couple of different styles to send out!!!  Get your list going, and make a few extra to donate to a non-profit agency such as the Ronald McDonald house for them to give out!  
  2. Get your gift list going and start on anything you happen to have at home, making a list of what needs to be purchased!  I am working on a few past years' projects people are actually going to get this year!  I am excited to get them done!  
Now, for those of you who are not in to "holiday's" or you need a jump start in just getting things done like I do, I have a few challenges for you as well!  You still have those pictures, those past projects you need to finish, those upcoming events you need to do things for!  These next challenges are JUST for you!  As you can tell, I procrastinate...  I also try...(notice the word TRY) to be organized, because I just don't have the time TO create like I used to!  These challenges are more for me than you, but if you'd like to join on in to my little party - we can challenge each other!    

  1. Clean and organize your scrapbook space, BEFORE you do another project!  Try to move things around to make more sense as to how you create - and while you are at it, find boxes that you can alter to put other fun things in as you are organizing to make your space truly look good while functioning!  
  2. Find past projects you have put aside and get at least ONE thing done!  Then pick another one and get it done - and so forth!  
  3. Look at your past projects, and create a BRAND NEW project using that as inspiration!  
Paper crafting - therapeutic, fun, and such a great way to spend time with your family!   When your area looks good, and your space is cleaned - you can get more done in the long run!  And when you have a list of things you need to get done, you really do actually GET more done!  
Thanks for stopping by, 
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Friday, November 7, 2014

Update and Announcement

I have been stamping -  or making my own cards if you would, for 24 years almost, in fact my first project - was my almost 24 year old daughters' birth announcements!  From that point until now, I have been stamping cards, making scrapbooks, or paper crafting some sort of project or another!  I have watched things evolve in this craft from one extreme to another, and watched my own talents evolve more and more from this craft!  I create both paper and digital things - and love both for different reasons!      
When I first started my business, my dreams for Memories in Tyme were so huge...  Over the past little while, they have become much more clearer than they have before, and I am excited to share it all with you!!!  Though we all know - as some things get a bit more clearer, other things fade away or change totally!  That is what has happened for me and Memories in Tyme!  
I"m not going away all together, but things will change just a little bit!  I am so excited to announce my newest paper crafting endeavor selling Stampin' Up products!  You can go directly to the web site, check out the latest catalog, and order the latest products that can be delivered right to your door!  
I just got my kit in, and will be sharing some of the fun things I will be making - with the great products I got!  To say I am excited is an understatement, and will see where it all takes me!  As I share more and more ideas there - you will see different content here and links to the ideas on my Stampin' Up site, so you won't miss a THING!!!  If you want to have an online show, let me know...and you can get the GREAT hostess benefits available to you!  Simply send a message here or on my Stampin' Up site and I will get right back to you!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Last Birthday Card - Karson's

Okay but this little guy is just the cutest baby I have EVER seen!!!  I'm a little biased being one of his "nana's"...but he is pretty damn cute if you ask this one!!!  It's nice getting along with Megan's mom - and getting fun pictures posted for us on Facebook since we don't live where they all do and all!  Karson is our youngest grandson, Megan's 4th (and last) child!  
Since he loves Thomas the Train, my husband decided to get him this fun little train for his first birthday - it lights up and talks and everything!!!  His birthday card, was so much fun for me to make - using the cupcake punch by EKSuccess - in more "boy" colors, and since he turned one, he got "one" cupcake!!!  A simple happy birthday punch off to the side, with a scrap of striped paper for the background!  This was a more simple card to do, but turned out cute with the colors I used!  
The best thing about using punches and stamps - you can customize each card to the person who you are sending it to - while you are saving money each time you do use it!  Plus you can take that same set of punches and stamps, use different papers with it, and create something totally different!  
I can't wait to share with you my newest endeavor - and will share that fun stuff tomorrow's post!  I hope you stop back by!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Creative Paperclay Blog Post -

I have enjoyed being on the Creative Paperclay design team for the past year!  It's not the free product I get to play with during my term - it's more the team of ladies I get to work with, and the ideas they give me for creating with Creative Paperclay!  My design team leader Terri Sproul has been a huge help in me being able to create larger projects and get out of my comfort zone a bit!  Today's post on the Creative Paperclay blog, actually sparked a whole new project for me - everything a beginner would need to know for using Creative Paperclay!!!  I will update you when that post is ready to go for sure, but for now - check out some of the GREAT projects and tips on the blog now!   
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monthly Reminder -

I've said it before...I'll say it again - I SUCK at time management!!!  Now that I have to manage my time more...I have had to learn to get things done in a more timely fashion, instead of not at all, or late!!!  This is the first month I have actually gotten things DONE and in the mail before a holiday, instead of a simple phone call!  So grab your calendar, pen or pencil, notebook - and lets get started on the next 6 weeks!!!  
  • Do you have any kids in school?  Are there any events you need to plan on going to, making things for, attending or anything else?
  • What about any birthdays, anniversaries, babies coming, weddings, or showers for either babies or weddings?
  • Do you have any past events you need to make any cards for?  Is there anything coming up you need to make some for?  
  • Do you have any holiday's coming up that you need to make things for?  Make sure you look at the next few months too!  
  • Look at your list of things you need to get done, and start to make your lists!  Make a shopping list of things you need to purchase in order to make something, as well as a list of things you need to purchase for any events, parties, birthday's, etc.  
For me, I actually got some stuff done I wanted to, and others - put aside for more pressing things!  I am creating for me again thanks to this post, and creating for others again - and for that I am thankful!  I have fun things planned that I want to create, not only for myself, but for others as well!  I hope, like me...this little post gets you to look at your calendar a bit more, and get things done before hand!!!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another Darling Birthday Girl/Card Idea

This is little Brooklyn, she just turned 3 the end of August!  She was just a baby when we drove through Utah, so we have watched her grow up through pictures rather than being there face to face which is really hard.  Brooklyn is really smart, she knows how to take pictures on their tablet and post them to Facebook!!!  She idolizes her sister Kali, and usually when you see one of them - you see the other one right behind, except when Kali is in school that is!   The best thing I love about this little beauty - is her smile!!!  I am glad her mommy has such a great person to watch the kids while she works, their grandma - Megan's mom!!!   At least I know the kids are loved, and not just watched by some stranger!  No longer the "baby" of the family, Brooklyn has a little brother that just turned one!  You can see Karson and his Thomas the Train present and his birthday card I made tomorrow!!!  The dolls for the girls - totally picked out by my husband...me, I would have picked out something else, yet HE did a perfect job - according to Megan!  Kali had been wanting one of these dolls for a long time, so I am glad Del was the one who could make her day!  Brooklyn sat and brushed her dolls hair for a long time Megan told us!  So I am really glad he did such a great job or instinctively picked out the perfect thing for the kids!!!    
For Brooklyn's card, I used the Paper Shapers Cupcake punch, and created 3 cupcakes since she turned 3!!!  I used the same "Happy Birthday" stamp as I did on Kali's card, and love how it turned out as a whole! This is the type of card where you can layer different colors of paper to create a "cupcake" looking embellishment!

Paper Shapers Cupcake punch
Card base 
Scrap paper for the background and cupcakes
Happy Birthday stamp
Black ink
Black embossing powder (optional)
Adhesive of your choice
Fine tip scissors 

Step one:  Cut the background paper to fit the card base.  Using your adhesive - add it to the card.  
Step two:  Stamp your birthday greeting on a scrap piece of white cardstock, embossing if you choose to (but not necessary).  Add it to the card background.  
Step three:  Create the cupcakes using different colors of scrap papers...I used 4 different colors here...  White for the whole cupcake - and then just the top half in 3 different colors - the dark pink polka dot for the "frosting", and then basic pink for the candle, with yellow for the flame!!!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Friday, October 10, 2014

More Birthday Card Idea's -

Now this little beauty is Kali...  Kali just started kindergarten and turned 6 in September! She is such a little diva - I just love her to pieces!  On our visit through Utah - I had a pair of flip flops on - white...only they were really dirty as I hadn't been able to buy a new pair before visiting everyone.  She looked at my shoes and freaked out because they were so dirty!!!  Her mom was getting rid of some shoes - came back and gave me a pair...  Every time I wear those flip flips - I laugh because of Kali!!!  Can't bring myself to wear the dirty ones anymore!   
Kali used to have really long hair, but when she went to school...wanted it cut short like the other girls' was!  We had went to the store to pick out presents - I went down the Barbie isle - Del said absolutely not... he wasn't giving his granddaughters no stupid Barbies!!!  So I let him pick out what he wanted - and he found these dolls...  Oh my hell - both girls LOVED what we sent them!!!  What a great choice my hubby made in getting these!!!  
For Kali's card - of course I had to do pink...and since she turned 6 I had to add 6 balloons to her card!  I used a simple CTMH birthday stamp at the top, black ink pad...  I used the same punch as Braxton's card - and the same twine as well!  I liked having the one little balloon at the top, with the same white bow keeping the rest of the balloons together!!!  I used scraps for the balloons, which made it truly one of a kind!!!   I am so glad I made all 4 of the kids one of a kind cards, and can't wait to finish up the others that I have started!  I hope you enjoy the one today, and challenge you to create a few of your own!  
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Birthday Card Idea - With A Challenge

I had a 3 day weekend recently...and had to get a few VERY LATE birthday cards done, and the Halloween can & cards I shared the past couple of days!!!  They needed to get in the mail, and sent when we actually had money to send them!  I totally love how each of them turned out, and you now get 4 days worth of my cute grand-kids and their birthday card I made for each of them!  
Now, this is Braxton...  He is the oldest of 4 kids, and the oldest grandchild!  When he was younger, he would come over to our house when we lived in the same area, 
I discovered he ate Oreo cookies just like his Grandpa Del!  Being just a little guy about 18 months old, he would eat the middles, and then he would stick the cookie part under his butt...when he stood up - there was all these cookies...minus the middles!  That has been the funnest memory I have of him and being just like my husband!!!  Braxton has 2 little sisters and a little brother!  He is just the best kid, and doing so good in school!  His Grandma Holli helps to take care of the kids while their mom goes to work!  He is so lucky to have the life he has, and she is lucky to be able to be there with them full time!  

This is the birthday card I made for Braxton...I love how it turned out!  Okay, it's a bit late...okay a lot late!!!  But in my defense - it's been one HELL of a few years...  The other 3 kids just had birthdays - between August and October...Braxton's birthday is on March 8th...he turned 9 this year!  I figured we could send him something when we sent the other 3 kids their birthday gifts!!!  I started with the card base and striped paper.  I then found scrap paper's that matched the colors in the stripes, and made the balloons out of EK Success' Paper Shaper's balloon punch!  I then used KI Bakery Twine in the black and white for the strings on the balloons...and then a simple white bow to keep them all together!!!  I then added a simple birthday stamp at the bottom to finish it up!   
The best part about making your own cards, is they are more personalized for the person receiving them!  Since Braxton turned 9 this year, I made 9 balloons!!!  Now, I probably won't do that again since he's turning 10 in March...but this one, just turned out cute, and perfect!!!  I have 3 more cards to share with you the next 3 days, each as different and unique as each of the kids are!

**Challenge**  Make a few extra birthday cards to put away for use later on!!!  Take the time to get them done before the event, instead of right on!  You know the day is coming up - so instead of being like me and waiting until the last minute...get them done EARLY!  If they are late - still get them done and in the mail but just do it!   
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Lynda Jeffs
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Halloween Ideas Using Creative Paperclay

I have made cards now for almost 24 years...  I love coming up with new card ideas using unique products...this card is no different!  I made a few cute Halloween embellishments out of a scrapbook template, Creative Paperclay, and paint I wanted to share with you!  The best part about Creative Paperclay - you can do so many different things with it...making each thing be as unique as you are!  The other best part...is using the same stuff you create scrapbook pages with, in order to make one of a kind cards, tags and embellishments while you are at it!    
Supplies used:
Creative Paperclay
black, orange paint
Scrapbook template
Xacto knife
Various stamps (your choice)
Twine and ribbon
Black and white ink pads
Scraps of paper

I started by making the can you see right above...here is the link if you need the directions on how to create the can itself!   I already had the perfect purple card... and the perfect black tag to go along with the can!  Starting with the card on the above... I used scraps from the can project to create the black and orange background on top of the stamped card.  I had stamped the card at the same time I stamped the purple in the can, cleaning the stamp before I used the white on the black portion of the projects.  For the card, I used KI Bakers Twine in 3 different colors (black/white, orange/white, purple/white) along side the painted witch hat.  For the tag, I simply added a bit of orange and white ribbon to the top of the tag, with the pumpkin on top!  A bit of torn paper in the polka dot was just what the creation needed to finish it up!  
I had a wonderful time creating this set...and can't wait to share with you the other can I am finishing up now!  My husband is totally my backseat crafter with these projects... making sure to let me know what looks good and what DOES NOT...  I hope those that receive these in the mail, enjoys them as much as I did in creating them!  

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Lynda Jeffs
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Creative Paperclay Design Team Halloween Link Up Party!!!

Hello everyone!!!  Today's post is brought to you by the Creative Paperclay Design Team and our Halloween Link Up party, where you get nothing but awesome Halloween related projects made out of Creative Paperclay!!!  I am excited to bring you my project today, and make sure you check back this week for even more fun Creative Paperclay ideas!  It's all about Halloween this week!!!  
I recycle...and well, drink entirely way too much coffee too!!!  MJB coffee, just like my dad, met a man who loved it as much as dad did...  Now, first off...I hate to throw away perfectly good cans like this - especially when I can alter them!  I have been altering cans for a long time now - and love this idea better than the traditional "paint cans"!  Lets get started with the supply list and directions!  

Supply list:
Creative Paperclay
Scrapbook templates (Halloween theme)
Xacto knife
Sandits to sand the edges of the clay pieces
Black, orange and yellow paint
Solid paper - black, purple
Orange polka dot paper
KI Bakery Twine
Halloween stamps - 
     Stampin Up
     Close To My Heart 
Black and white Craftsmart ink pad
Black and white embossing powder
Tissue paper
Candy (for the inside of the can)

Step one:  Start to roll out 1/3 of a package of Creative Paperclay to 1/8" thin.  Take your template, and cut out the chosen shapes using your Xacto knife.  Attempt to smooth the edges around the shape with your finger.  Allow each shape to dry completely, flipping over after 12 hours.  
Step two:  Using your sand paper (or Sandits), smooth out the edges of each of the shapes you created.  After you have dusted each shape off, start to paint each shape...use 2 coats for each shape, allowing to dry between each shape.  
Step three:  Make sure the can is cleaned out...wash the inside and outside if you need to!  Let dry while you get ready for this next step!  
Step four:  The can I used is 5.5" x 20" round.  You will need to cut 2 black 6.5 x 6", 4 purple 1.5 x 6" and 2 orange polka dot 3 x 6".  Set the orange paper aside for use later on. Place the 2 black papers beside each other, using your white ink pad with the various stamps you have, start to stamp across the pages.  Finish by embossing the images in white.  
Step five:  Using the black ink with the 4 purple papers, randomly stamp images (after you have cleaned the stamps) all across the pages.  Finish by embossing the images in black.  
Step six:  After the ink has dried with the Creative Paperclay images, and the ink on the black and purple pages - you can start to add everything on the can.  Take one of the orange papers,  and add it to the can, folding down the excess inside the can.  Take 2 purple papers, add one to each side of the black paper.  Repeat.  
Step seven:  Start to add the purple/black paper to the can, taking the right side and adding it to the left side of the orange paper.  Repeat for the other purple/black paper, adding it to the right side of the orange paper with the left side of the purple paper. Finish gluing down the papers, adding the last piece of the orange underneath the two purple pieces!  Fold down the extra inside the can - the entire way around.  

Step eight:  Using KI Bakery Twine, twist 3 colors around the can.  In 4 different spots, add the Creative Paperclay pieces you painted.  Finish up by adding a piece of tissue paper inside the can, with a bit of candy or presents inside the can for the recipients!!! 
I had so much fun making this one, I'm doing another one!  A special thanks to my armchair crafter (AKA Del, my husband) who helped me design this fun piece!!!  

If you are like me and drink a lot of coffee...or you like to recycle...or you just like something new to put your Halloween candy in...this is the perfect thing you can recreate using what you have available!  Thanks for stopping by, and make sure you go check out all the projects linked up on the Creative Paperclay Blog!!!  You are sure to find a TON of inspiration there!!!  
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Lynda Jeffs
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Creative Paperclay Design Team

Thursday, September 25, 2014

3 Months Until Christmas

Well, you have 3 months before Christmas is here...grab your notebook and lets get started in planning!  Everyone's situation is different and just because I talk about "Christmas", use the same thing for any of the holiday's you practice...I just know about this holiday, and mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone!  For me, I need to plan things out, in order to get more done! Time is also limited for me now, so I need to get done when I can!  So, lets get started planning things out a bit more than we did last month, and if you are just getting started with me, you can always check out this post, for what we did last month in order to catch up!

Today, we want to go more in to details and plan out some of those things we discussed last post!  We have 3 months to get stuff done - and honestly, if you work or procrastinate - that is not much time!  

  • Start to work on the Christmas cards for those you are making by hand!  Check out your favorite inspirational site or magazine and narrow down what you are going to do!  If you mail cards out, name sure you look at that when you are designing your cards.  Decide how many you will need to make each week in order to get them done and in the mail in time!   
  • Parties you are attending or giving...this list is such an important part of everything being able to plan out everything, and starting to purchase what is needed before hand!  Have a separate area in your kitchen if you need to, in order to not use the items before the time or event!  
  • As you are planning out your parties, start to work on your baking list!!!  Look at what needs to be done, can you make anything before hand and freeze them?  Check out different recipe's and get things narrowed down!  
  • Gift you are making - do you have your list ready?  Out of that, what do you have, and what do you need to purchase?  As you are looking at your list, look at your budget too...this is probably just as important as anything is!  
  • What about decorations, are you making any ornaments or decorations this year?   What do you have, what do you need, what do is your budget here?   Start to work on things now - or purchase what you can at least!!!  
  • The gifts you do purchase, how do you want to wrap them?  Look at different ideas, and start to figure out your own way to wrap the presents you do buy, such as the can in the picture above!  If you are like me and drink a lot of coffee, you can recycle your containers into unique gift containers and save money while you are at it!  
Before things get too crazy, and you are spending a bunch of time in getting a ton of things done, try to get stuff done earlier this year, in order to be able to have fun then!  I hope you will join me this year in getting things done this year!  You have a month to get this done, so start to planning!  
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Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting Things DONE -

We've talked a bit about inspiration when you do not have absolute any...you can check out this post for help in that direction if you need to!  My problem is - actually spending the time in GETTING things done and even finding the inspiration for a project in the first place - before things actually need to get done!  Since I do procrastinate as bad as I do, the posts on the 15th of each month - is more for me than anyone, I hope they will help you too!  
Yet - the inspiration for my own stuff isn't even there, how can I expect to make the gifts I need to for anyone else?  Are you with me there?  Well, the inspiration hit me after I read the post again...and started making my list of things needed to get done!  From there - I checked to see what I have at home as far as products are concerned, what ideas I have already, and what I need to look for both product and inspiration wise.    
My list - 
  1. Birthday cards - both belated and upcoming, I am looking at 12-13 cards that needs to be made for all age groups.  
  2. Halloween - cards (4) and treat containers (10)
  3. Thanksgiving cards (7-10)
  4. Christmas gifts - Framed art pages (5), Paper bag albums (6)
  5. Christmas cards - 
  6. Small gifts for friends, coworkers, neighbors
And with each set of items listed above, what I need to do to get them finished:
  • For birthday cards - I do have some stuff, and have a lot of fun things I can create my own embellishments.  Need to look at smaller children card ideas though.    
  • Need to look at Halloween related products for various projects. Check out Pinterest for any inspiration for cute projects, such as the fun altered toilet paper roll candy holder!
  • Look at Thanksgiving related products for a few cards and smaller projects!  Need to look at inspiration for anything I want to make!    
  • Christmas related products to create projects for gifts, decorations, and cards for different people.  Check out Pinterest and blogs for inspiration on things to make - such as the Christmas Planner shown here!  
Through out the post here, the pictures here are from my Pinterest account, inspiration of things I want to make!  I hope you join me the next few weeks in finding inspiration - purchasing supplies, and getting things done!  Get ready to get stuff done with me!!!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme