Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Blog Hop

Memories In Tyme Blog Hop

Front and back cover 
     I love Easter - especially when my kids were little and they got fun Easter baskets filled with candy and goodies!  I always loved going overboard not only on their baskets, but also getting them outfits and shoes too!  Being a single mom of 3, made it hard to do what I wanted, but I tried anyway!  I didn't go to church a lot, or take my kids to church... but I sure did like to dress them up like when I was a little girl!  This album will be shown half today and then half tomorrow, so make sure you check back and see the rest of the fun project - pages 10 - 19!    

     With this project, I wanted a place to keep track of the fun pictures taken on Easter.  Tomorrow's post will have the rest of the album for you to see, created from stamps and paper!  I use what is available to me - and try not to spend a lot of money on things I don't know what I will use them for!  I like to have multiple uses for that one thing - or at least different ways to use them.  Stamps can be used for titles, as embellishments, and also for backgrounds on the papers!

     Another thing I like to use is a simple punch to add the "eggs".  I also use my decorative edged scissors in Deckle for the grass, which helps to make each of the layouts I make truly one of a kind by what I use with each page!  I like to use scraps of paper from other projects to make things like this - with the above page, scraps were used for both the eggs, bunny, saying, and grass.  With the bunny, I used a CTMH stamp, embossed in black.  I then used Zig Markers to color in the fun little details, 
such as the egg and cheeks, finishing up with Fun Flock in white to make the bunny fuzzy at the end!  I created a sign saying Happy Easter with a stamp, using scraps for that as well.  
     With the above set of pages, I used two white sheets of paper that were a bit smaller than the base pages.  I used the same stamp, only 4 different colors for the egg, making sure to clean up my stamp in between the colors!  (Yes, it was a bit irritating, but the look is just neat!)  After the colors were finished, I made sure to cut one side of the egg on both the left and right side.  Through the whole set of layouts, I made sure to use coordinating brads for the area's for photos!  With the
 layout to the side, I used the same colors for the jelly beans that were used for the eggs - and the same effect down the side.  In this one, I did not choose to trim the edges, instead keeping them like it is.  I also added a simple place for journaling, and another place for a jelly bean embellishment to finish it all off.  This is up to page 9 of the album, and back cover!  I hope you enjoy!   
      Now, next up in line is Gill - so make sure you go and check out what she's been up to!  Whether you have a fun type of Easter, or one filled with thoughts of the Savior... and what He did for us - I hope you enjoy your day, make something to document the time spent, and make sure you share with me what you did!  Now follow the links below for all the Easter Hop FUN...  Your next stop is....  GILL!! 
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Memories in Tyme