Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Challenge Monday results -

     If you haven't seen the Monday challenge post this is connected to - make sure you go here to see it!  I love the original idea, but of course I have to put a spin on the idea to make it into my own type of creations!  I am so excited to go and get frames for the initials I made for the challenge, some are for gifts - and some I am adding to something else to make a one of a kind gift!
Supplies needed:
Scraps left over from other projects
Alphabet template or die cut letters
Embellishments of your choice
Ruler and pencil from your toolbox

     I used what I have at home, I can't spend money right now.  With planning a move, I would rather use up all the stuff I can before I move it!!!  With the set of initials to the right - I started with the colors first from the scrap pile I have.  I used my CTMH alpha template to create the initials and added a bit of embellishments... When I get the frame (have you seen some of them at the Dollar Store), it will have a small bow and flower on the frame itself, or a decoration of some sort - as in the pictures above!   
     I love how each of the examples above are different and have a different look to them and how they can coordinate depending on the room they are placed in.  I am sure I will do something different with some of the ones I am doing - like add a picture or a charm to make it special and specific for the person receiving it!  
     Look at your scraps at what you have that is perfect for what you want to create!  Since I don't have any type of a die cut machine, I have to use what I have available to me.  That is on my list of things I need and want, but not able to get at the moment!  Don't worry about spending money - just look at what you have right now!  It's the thought and the idea that makes it all worth while, not the money you spend on the item!  I hope you have fun making a few of these...I know I am enjoying them, and can't wait to go get the frames I need to put them in!  What a great gift, personalized to the person receiving the gift in the first place!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme